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[PAL] Switching from icies to sheik. What should I know?


Smash Rookie
Mar 17, 2015
So I've been playing competetivly for about 2 years now and gained quite some success with Ice Climbers. I am however growing bored of them and the linear grab to win playstyle. I've been looking around and initially wamted to play Falco but after a few months I realized he is simply not for me. What threw me off about Sheik in Pal is her dthrow nerf since she doesn't have more reliable kill-setups on floaties. However I am willing to commit to her now as her kit fits my defensive playstyle.

So besides the reaction techchase, which I am already grinding atm, what are other things to learn to get a fundamentally good sheik in PAL regions?


Smash Ace
Jun 15, 2014
Your platform game and ledge game needs to be on point.
So grind your shield drop and getting to ledge asap, ledge stalling and ledge dash.
Frame perfect Nair OoS, spacing Fair and Bair and doing sh ff late Nairs.
Reacting with Ftilt to stufff certain approaches. Dashing forward and backwards into shield to mess with spacing.
Dash Rising Nair can also stuff approaches.
Practice your gimp setups off of backthrow and f-throw and even downthrow near the ledge.
Fast fallers will DI down+away on your grab so mix in upthrow to Ftilt on higher percentages.
Reverse Needle Cancels and general movement.

Then start looking at MU specific things
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