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OUGA's Back to School Special Results! Athens, Ohio


Smash Champion
Mar 10, 2008
Worthington, Ohio
Reverse Tournament:
(NOTE: The characters listed where the ones the player's OPPONENTS had to play as)
1: Sago :samus: / :marth:
2: Shugo :sonic: / :falco:
3: Kel :metaknight: / :peach:
4: General Sangter (POPS) :wario: / :samus:
5: BBoy :diddy: / :luigi:
5: XtacyFalco :toonlink: / :jigglypuff:
7: Moose :shiek: / :marth:
7: T-800 :sonic: / :rob:
9: Crunch :wario: / :diddy:
9: KBRO :toonlink: / :zerosuitsamus:
9: Frame :jigglypuff: / :dk:
9: Overswarm :metaknight: / :rob:
13: Beegs :marth: / :falco:
13: FailproofFrank :wolf: / :pit:
13: TheKiest :kirby: / :dedede:
13: Jokey :rob: / :diddy:
17: Count :diddy: / :sonic:
17: Virt :olimar: / :ness:
17: Crum :lucario: / :pt:
17: Nova :lucas: / :ness:
17: Sole :zerosuitsamus: / :wario:
17: Wood? :ike: / :fox:
17: Sugartastic :gw: / :kirby:
17: ZED :diddy: / :lucas:
25: Mr. J :metaknight: / :falco:



1: Radio Disney Fun Time (Sago + Shugo) ($126.50)
2: Everybody Poops but Kiest (Kel + Infern) ($69.00)
3: Inui......lol (Fonz + Capem) ($34.50)
4: Scoundrels (Blue Rogue + ArgentStew)
5: Pops doesn't need a main, he has yours (Pops + Framerate)
5: Beets of Obesity (Champ + Xisin)
7: 937 We Big Business (Lou + Nope)
7: Bananas and Rocks (Y.b.M. + count)
9: The Death of the Divine Cowboys (OS + Quivo)
9: Wife Beaters (Xtacy + BBoy)
9: You can't race in this race, Speed (Tyr + Beegs)
9: I Diid It! (Mr. Eric + Metaflair)
13: I know now why you cry, Human (T-800 + Jokey)
13: Go Team Venture (Sole + Crum)
13: Sago and Shugo (ITT + Wood?)
13: Keep the Air Clean (Zozefup + SneakyTaco)
17: ****.............That's how it's done (Kiester + Wiehe)
17: Doctors (King Yoshi + Suyon)
17: Big Snake dingle dangling down my leg (Crunch + Moose)
17: Doctors of Speedy Sexiness (Cake + Wakka)
17: Chuckle****ers 4: What the ****? (SciDi + Mr. J)
17: Glass Bottom Boat Ride (Sugartastic + FailProofFrank)
17: Do I hafta put my hancuffs on your Mama? (Hilt + cr4sh)

Doubles Bracket

1: Shugo :sonic:
2: Infern :snake: / :ike:
3: Sago :metaknight: / :samus:
4: Capem :metaknight:
5: Overswarm :metaknight: / :rob:
5: Blue Rouge :wario:
7: Y.b.M. :kirby:
7: Argent :lucario:
9: Kel :metaknight:
9: BlazingKatakiri :sonic: / :kirby:
9: Count :diddy:
9: Nope :snake:
13: POPS :wario: / :snake:
13: Fonz :lucario: / :wolf:
13: Z :metaknight:
13: Wakka :diddy:
17: ITT :sonic:
17: Hilt :olimar:
17: Beegs :marth:
17: BBoy :diddy:
17: Suyon :pit:
17: Champ :falco: / :metaknight:
17: Lou :gw:
17: Crunch :wario:
25: Mister Eric :rob:
25: TYR :lucas:
25: Zozefup :metaknight:
25: Moose :shiek:
25: Jokey :rob: / :diddy:
25: Xisin :marth:
25: King :pikachu:
25: Warfie :diddy: / :dedede:
Rest drowned in pools :(

33: SneakyTaco
33: Nicolobe :yoshi:
33: Cr4sh :luigi:
33: JoshKip :sonic:
33: T-800 :sonic: / :rob:
33: Xtacyfalco
33: virt :olimar:
33: Sugartastic :gw:
41: Meta Flair :metaknight:
41: Sole :zerosuitsamus:
41: Crum :lucario: / :pt:
41: TheKiest :kirby: / :dedede:
41: Nova :lucas:
41: Frame :jigglypuff:
41: SciDiet :kirby:
41: Mr. J :metaknight:
49: Wood? :ike:
49: KBRO
49: FailproofFrank :wolf:

Single Bracket


1: Our milkshakes bring all the god kais to the yard
(Sago + Shugo + Count + Zozefup)
1: Smashfield
(Nope + Lou + Capem + Champ)
3: Gun Kais
(Overswarm + Kel + Infern + Y.b.M.)
4: Our B team is better than you
(Fonz + Warfie/Nicoolbe + Wakka + Z)
5: Gimme Moorehead and Hilt
(Xisin + Mister Eric + Hilt + MetaFlair)
(ITT + Argent + BlueRouge + Suyon)
7: Gang Chuckle
(Science Diet + Mr. J + KBRO/Frame + Virt)
7: God Pies
(Frame + Keist + POPS + Jokey)

NOTE: Due to time, the 2 finalists decided to split the winnings. Hence why there are two first placers.
Crew Bracket


I found a grey gamecube controller and a pair of shorts (Ewwww.... BBOY's?) I'll upload a pic of them later.

Also if you grabbed a WHITE controller with a METAKNIGHT STICKER. Please PM me or Capemkills. That controller belongs to Capem.

Videos will eventually be posted at

Shoutouts later!

Exceladon City

Smash Hero
Dec 2, 2008
The Lonesome Crowded Midwest

Good shizz everyone! Go Shugo! There was so much Sonic it's ridiculous! Wish I could've been there. Also, I'd like to thank Smashfield for fulfilling my wishes and teaching Louisville a lesson. lol

Also, Keist Wood plays Ike and Failproof Frank plays Wolf.


Smash Lord
Jan 17, 2008
Reston, VA
OUGA knows how to host a good tourney... I had a lot of fun... I think you guys tried to fit in a little to much though... :/ I don't know... Anyway, first shoutouts...

I'd also like to point out two northeast teams in top 4 doubles and three northeast players in top 8 singles... :chuckle: We're on the rise...

1: Shugo - Good stuff on 1st, sir... You seem to wreck every tourney I see you go to... That is, until the day we meet in brackets... A good counter that knows the matchup should be scary... :laugh:

2: Infern - I owe you a MM... Sonic v Ike finals were great... Next time we play, it'll be when I'm more awake and not on a stage I would ban against Snake... :laugh:

3: Sago - Nice to meet you... We should have had you guys in doubles... Stupid double MK...

4: Capem - Until next time, Capem... >:D

5: Overswarm - I don't think I gave ya my best game in pools though you probably didn't either... I do need to work on my MK matchup despite how I did against the other MKs... By the way, what was with the weird grin in crews? Almost made me laugh... You need to give me a chance to sign your shirt sometime... :laugh:

5: Blue Rogue - Great stuff in teams... We have to wreck people again sometime... Losing just barely to the top two teams says something IMO... See ya at Panera's...

7: Y.b.M. - I only argued for a second NEOH panelist... I let my gameplay do the talking for my case on the PR list... Remember when we played at TYM II? Things haven't changed too much in our games...

7: Argent - I surprised myself again... I guess I really am improving...

9: Kel - Close doubles match... I should have played for the wall cling...

9: BlazingKatakiri - You used Kirby in the last game against OS? Does that really count as steaking him? :laugh:

9: Count - Good games... That was so close... SV gave me quite a shock...

9: Nope - I avoided ya this time... :laugh: I need some Snake practice...

13: POPS - VILLAIN! Figures you'd choose OS over Kiest in TMNT... :laugh:

13: Fonz - You didn't use Lucario against ITT? Interesting... Keep doing what you're doing... You gotta help me with some matchups... You probably know more about Luc than I do...

13: Z - I'm getting better at the matchup... Fun talking to you... I owe you a MM...

13: Wakka - That first game was so stupid of me... I don't play smart against Diddy... :( I do need to work on my Diddy matchup despite how I did against Count...

17: ITT - C'mon! Step it up, ITT! I'm gonna get better with MK so you can get some more practice and beat OS... :laugh:

17: Hilt - ...Olimar... I will learn that matchup...

17: Beegs - You need to step it up too, Beegs! How did you manage to sneak out instead of choosing sides between NEOH and Smashfield? How ambiguous... Typical Marth user... :laugh:

17: BBoy - I know I can beat Diddy... I just have to figure out how not to make it so close so I can avoid another TYM fiasco... :laugh:

17: Suyon - Did I mention that I used to main Pit? You and I need more confidence...

17: Champ - If you play MK, I'll wreck it just like your Falco... I'm no slouch against MK anymore...

17: Lou - I feel bad I had to play that way on Japes... I feel bad every time I camp for a win... I told myself I needed to be more patient... G&W is too good...

17: Crunch - I need to play you sometime... I need Wario practice...

25: Mister Eric - I think I gimped ROB... :laugh:

25: TYR - I owe you a MM (is that like the 4th time I said that?)

25: Zozefup - Good games in doubles...

25: Moose - Your Sheik is improving... You did a lot better than when I played ya at WaB...

25: Jokey - Were you trying to drag out the brackets, sir? :laugh:

25: Xisin - Double gimp on Japes was epic! I've got a lot of confidence against Marth despite the supposed bad matchup...

25: King - Thanks for your support... I really do need more confidence... You and ITT keep telling me I can win these matches and most of the time, I do...

25: Warfie - Going back to Diddy or are you maining both now?

33: SneakyTaco - Good games in doubles...

33: Nicolobe - Have you ever played Airborne?

33: Cr4sh - I never get to talk to you KY guys... My crew had no MKs btw...

33: JoshKip - Never met ya... KY, right?

33: T-800 - I don't remember... Did you play Sonic against me?

33: Xtacyfalco
33: virt
33: Sugartastic

41: Meta Flair - I didn't drop the ball...unless you count that match against Capem...

41: Sole
41: Crum
(Go Team Venture!)

41: TheKiest - Again, great tourney... The cap and gown was kinda funny... I'll have to send you my custom stages...

41: Nova - Didn't know you were part of Cinci...

41: Frame - Good stuff beating Lou... I understand how you feel how pools...

41: SciDiet
41: Mr. J
49: Wood?
49: KBRO
49: FailproofFrank
Jan 11, 2006
Ohio / Michigan
Argent - I had a bad time in singles. Clap Trap had me twice when going against Fonz. I was in the lead also...So yea, you can fill in the blanks how I felt.

Q - We need to MM again good sir.

I'll do shout outs later.


Smash Lord
Oct 8, 2008
Thanks for believing in me Quivo <3. I Wanted to see you for more than an hour though... :/


Smash Journeyman
Nov 3, 2008
Louisville, Ky
before i post my shoutouts i would like to say to oreo that he needs to stop being such a ****ing prick on us not taking him to this ****ed tourney, get over it you werent gonna enter anyways and also we didnt have enough room in mufasa! (my car)

1: Shugo - **** YEAH! STEAK!!!!!!! A1 and all!

2: Infern - good try infern but the steak was mightier than the steak knife.

3: Sago - killer samus man <3 it

4: Capem - .......didnt fight you that much but you're mk was pretty good

5: Overswarm - great job man and its always good to see you.

5: Blue Rogue - idk :confused:

7: Y.b.M. - nice job beating the crap out of me in pools ybm lol lets do that again sometime

7: Argent - yes i am kentucky and we should fight sometime you can help me with the whole fighting lucario thing

9: Kel - welcome back and great placing

9: BlazingKatakiri - never met you before, you're a sonic main right? maybe we could friendlies sometime on wifi if thats cool with you?

9: Count - hey count! fantastic diddy

9: Nope - ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm steak?

13: POPS - best C.Faclon in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

13: Fonz - also congrats on ****** me in pools also lol

13: Z - ................stay calm next time and have fun.

13: Wakka - love watching your diddy

17: ITT - good job itt i will get up to your rank one day i will make sure of that.

17: Hilt - is gay ;) jaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy kaaaayyyyyyyyyy <3

17: Beegs - beegs man i love you and everything but you still back stabbed one of my sonic brothers lol but still


17: BBoy - ?????

17: Suyon - i liked your pit very good, i second him

17: Champ - PEW PEW!!

17: Lou - ????

17: Crunch - ?????

25: Mister Eric - BEEP BEEP MUFKA!!!!!!

25: TYR - ?????

25: Zozefup - ??????

25: Moose - dude where were you?! i wanted to watch cause i love watching shieks fight

25: Jokey - why the **** do you hate mister eric?

25: Xisin - YOU'RE TOO SLOW!!! (still)

25: King - ?????

25: Warfie - ???????

33: SneakyTaco - stay away from the middles schools i hang around and we will still be cool.

33: Nicolobe - ??????

33: Cr4sh - SHORYUKEN!!!!!!!

33: JoshKip - is a sexy mofo god ****it he suprises me every tourney for showing up and being sexy

33: T-800 - i dont know you......ummm sonic main?

33: Xtacyfalco - ummm?????

33: virt - ????

33: Sugartastic - ??????


41: Sole
41: Crum
(Go Team Venture!)

41: TheKiest - hey that was my first time meeting you and stuff nice games

41: Nova - MISSSS NOVA IS THE BEST LUCAS IN OHIO FACT!!!!!! also we should team when sai isnt at the tourney pedo dream team go!!! also also, i can make you a custom controller if you want :D

41: Frame - nice jiggz man!

41: SciDiet - dont know
41: Mr. J - dont know
49: Wood?- dont know
49: KBRO - dont know
49: FailproofFrank - dont know

everyone should make it a mission to talk to me if you dont know me lol

but finally i have decided that oreo you are no longer my ally......i am just plain sick of it oreo you get pissed whenever you loose to someone, and you even told an entire area to show us up :/ not cool


LV 20
Dec 20, 2007
I loved this tourney.
When the finals include Ike, let alone Ike vs Sonic, you know sh*t was going down.

My streak of getting 9th in tourneys continues...

Hopefully I'll be less hesitant to use PT next time. He might have saved me in a few matches. I've only used him for a month so half the time I'm hovering above a PT stage & a Sonic/Kirby stage for a few minutes when I cp.

@Argent - My Kirby runs on steak. I play him like Sonic w/o a spin dash.


Y.B.M. -Your Kirby's too good, man. You had me playing like you were using ICs. I'll have to step-up my game to beat that.

OS - You had me mindgamed from the start. I was expecting this fast f***er of a MK that wouldn't let me do a thing to him. But wow was I wrong. You are patient. Like Buddha patient. I sorta felt like I shouldn't have won that last match because I always save jungleciding as a last resort. But, I knew Kirby wasn't winning w/o it.

ITT - You brought that upon yourself. LAST STOCK! LAST! STOCK! I wouldn't even do that.....TO BOKU! But the Sonic dittos were pretty epic. If you didn't grab my recovery the second match, I would have cp'd Green Hill Zone (Pipes)

Shugo - I'm coming for you. Also, Good Sh*t.


Everyone That Banned Japes Against Me - OS picked Japes, not me. You're wasting a ban. I like PS2 & Lylat. *psyduck*

Again. IKE VS SONIC FINALS. Why are we worried about MK?

Infern Angelis

Smash Master
Feb 8, 2008
Dallas, TX
2: Infern - I owe you a MM... Sonic v Ike finals were great... Next time we play, it'll be when I'm more awake and not on a stage I would ban against Snake... :laugh:
We do need a MM and yeah we both will be more awake next time and good job on ur placings

Shoutouts when i get back from work


Smash Ace
Dec 21, 2008
Huber Heights, Ohio
Wish I coulda been there. :O

Ike vs Sonic in grand finals? Can't wait to see that video. >_> Way to go, switchin' back to your roots, Infern. :) Please do it more often. I need to leeeearn hoooow to plaaaaaay.


Smash Journeyman
Jan 26, 2007
1: Shugo - Gratz on first. That is one scary Sonic.
2: Infern - Always good to see ya bud, way to go on 2nd. I wanna play your Snake and see how it compares to Nope.
3: Sago - Congrats on 3rd. Didn't play you but your Samus was sick.
4: Capem - Ahhh... My favorite MK. Nice job in the tourney and clutch KO in crews.
5: Overswarm - Finally got to play you, even though it was in crews and you only had one stock.:laugh: Anyway it was fun and I wanna play against you again.
5: Blue Rouge - Didn't play you, but congrats on 5th.
7: Y.b.M. - Nice Kirby.
7: Argent - Didn't get to play you this time around. Can't say I'm upset, I hate Lucario fights.:) I've only played Airborne online, so no, I've never really played him.
9: Kel - You're B button broken yet? With all that whorenado spam I don't see how you don't go through 10 controllers each tournament.
9: BlazingKatakiri - Didn't play you.
9: Count - Nice Diddy. Since there are suddenly more Diddy Kongs than blades of grass in the world, I'm gonna have to learn how to deal with those **** bananas.
9: Nope - I hear Frame used to hack to break your shield. Some people;).
13: POPS - Didn't play you but I want to sometime.
13: Fonz - Lucario has gotten scary. Nice Ganon attempt in crews, always a fun time with low tiers.
13: Z - It took about 8 tries but we finally got a match in. Good MK, and good **** in crews.
13: Wakka - Very nice Diddy. And way to be on fire during crew battles.
17: ITT - You're trash talk game is scary good.
17: Hilt - Olimar has gotten a lot better since last time I played you. Good matches.
17: Beegs - Didn't play.
17: BBoy - Didn't play.
17: Suyon - Didn't play. Nice lookin Pit though.
17: Champ - I like watching your Falco in action. I don't know how you play him, I've never been able to use him.
17: Lou - Watch out, the best G&W in Vegas is coming to take you out!
17: Crunch - Didn't play you.
25: Mister Eric - Oh jeez.
25: TYR - Didn't play you, but Lucas is still looking good.
25: Zozefup - Didn't play.
25: Moose - Didn't play.
25: Jokey - Didn't play.
25: Xisin - Didn't you get 2nd not too long ago? Unlucky this time around?
25: King - Played you in friendlies, and it was fun.
25: Warfie - So you knock me out of pools and then you don't win in brackets? For shame...
Rest drowned in pools

33: SneakyTaco - Didn't play.
33: Nicolobe - Great try, keep up the work. Y'know what they say, "A little more effort and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success."
33: Cr4sh - Didn't play.
33: JoshKip - Didn't play.
33: T-800 - Didn't play.
33: Xtacyfalco - Didn't play.
33: virt - Didn't play.
33: Sugartastic - Didn't play.
41: Meta Flair - You are always a fun guy at the tournies. Good to see ya buddy.
41: Sole - More practice with ZSS and you'll be up there.
41: Crum - Didn't play.
41: TheKiest - You, sir, may be the best TO in all of Ohio. Very well run tournament, I had a blast.
41: Nova - Your Lucas is looking good. We'll have to do more Lucas/Ness matches, it was fun.
41: Frame - S-S-S-S-S-S-SHIELD BREAKER!!!!!!.
41: SciDiet - Didn't play.
41: Mr. J - Didn't play.
49: Wood? - Didn't play.
49: KBRO - Didn't play.
49: FailproofFrank - Played you in friendlies and you owned me. Nice wolf.


Smash Lord
Jul 6, 2005
1: Shugo- Awesome showing in every event! I'm glad I finally got to meet you and crew with you.

2: Infern- I'm surprised they didn't save you to play against me in crews. The pools match was fun but I wanted to
get more games in. I'll keep working on the Snake match up for the next tournament, I'll get it down eventually lol

3: Sago- Thanks for the MK ditto tips. I think I got 3 times better at that match up in those few games we played. Awesome showing in every event! I'll try to step up my G&W for that counter pick again lol.

4: Capem- You have the best MK I've ever seen off stage. I usually don't edge guard at all in MK dittos, but I think you've encouraged me to chase every character off stage as aggressively as possible lol. The games at Springfield were fun, and thanks for the snake tips.

5: Overswarm- We still need that MM lol.

7: Y.b.M.- I'm glad I finally got to meet you. I don't understand how you win any games with Kirby lol. I think I'm more personally impressed by a Kirby winning any games than a Sonic. I want to get some more games in sometime, maybe at IN. I think that MM was probably a fluke, but I don't know, Kirby is not good :p

7: Argent- Good stuff in teams and in beating Count.

9: Kel- I'm glad we gave up Melee. If you ever come to IL with your g/f hit me up. There is a lot more to do here than you would think. I mean SIU has 24,000 students. So people like it here. I've never drank, and I don't go to partys either. So yeah, its fun. Come to IL and play some smash lol. Fun games before the tournament and in crews.

9: Count- Thanks for the housing. I only have a few tricks against Diddy, and it's all about punishing their mistakes when they approach. By the time we got to that MM, you were baiting my tricks and just not approaching gr lol. I think you Diddy got a lot better at this tournament. I'll get some new stuff against Diddy for the next tournament XD. Hopefully we can team at your IN tournament.

9: Nope- Thanks for the housing and all the friendlies. You guys are way cooler than the God Kais :p

13: POPS- Our games were fun. I don't understand how your so good with Samus and Jigglypuff lol. Maining random will be so funny. I'm still not sure how effective it will be though lol.

13: Wakka- Your diddy is good. I'm not sure if I agree with count that playing defensively is the best way to play diddy. Just make sure your still playing smart; always pay attention to what your opponet is doing and look for patterns and expose bad habbits. Don't just focus on where the bananas are at like most diddys XD

17: Hilt- I want another MM lol. I didn't realize that you don't tilt your shield up when your being nado'd. Mk's nado will poke through a full olimar sheild if it's not tilted. So when you shield, smash up at same time and it will never shield poke you. But yeah, olimar VS MK really isn't that bad of a match up. I would keep working on it, or back up snake, mk, or wario. I think any MK would prefer to fighting a DDD over an olimar.

17: Beegs- I thought I had an auto win in bracket when you said you main Marth... I thought I do good against Marth. I guess I need to work on it some more. Good games though

17 Bboy- teach me how to break dance

17: Champ- thanks for the games and the falco tips. Your ICs are impressive most of the time too lol. Except that one game where you landed 9 grabs and you barely won XD. You got them most of the time though. I don't know how to not get grabed :(.

17: Lou- I think I'm more mad about our pools match than any other. I'm sure it wasn't fun for you either though. I guess I have to play more aggressive in that match up to win :*(. It makes me sad lol. I haven't lost to a G&W in tournament... ever. But then again, the only good G&W experience I have is Amazing Amphros. But he beat Affinity at Giga brawl.

17: Crunch- We went 50/50 last stock at wings and brew. I've improved a ton since then. I guess you have too though because we still go 50/50 last stock lol. I think I enjoy our games more than anyone else just because they're so close and you play so agressive lol.

25: TYR- Your lucas is insanely good. I don't understand lol. I'll have to get more MMs with you if you come to the IN tournament.

33: SneakyTaco- SNEAKY!! I think those were the most fun teams matches I've every played lol. We should team up more often. Our play styles clash so bad that it's hilarious lol. Everyone is fighting and we will both just randomly jump up and fly away together lol.

41: Frame- It was cool seeing you again and finally getting to play. I think you need to jump in the air and dodge more often. At least in our set, everytime you were in the air I knew you were going to come straight after me and attack, so I would just UpB. If you come at me and dodge, my SL will miss and you can punish :). Also, run away a little more often and make MK come to you. It sucks fighting MKs fair, but it's much better than trying to approach a standing MK.


Smash Apprentice
May 17, 2009
13: Z - ................stay calm next time and have fun.
Yeah, I do apologize for the way I was when we did our crews. I was pissed that whole tourney after SDing every f***ing match that I lost minus my crews versus OS and hilt, and I didn't need obnoxious little flair over there telling me I suck as I play hilt on what could be considered an Olimar CP to metaknight, so I just retaliated.

Backslash anger johns.

But sorry tho' :(


Smash Ace
Oct 31, 2004
Cleveland, Ohio
shoutouts i guess

1: Shugo - Do the Shugo!
2: Infern - lol godkais
3: Sago - Stop playing metaknight. Keep playing Samus.
4: Capem -
5: Overswarm - Needs moar ROB.
5: Blue Rouge - how was pops's fox? lol
7: Y.b.M. - I need to stop using side-b on accident ._.
7: Argent - didn't play you this time
9: Kel - Jerk.
9: BlazingKatakiri - you're a person
9: Count - also a person
9: Nope - lol shields
13: POPS - stop picking random characters for no reason. keep with wario or snake or something. not fox.
13: Fonz - Your Lucario is good and whooped me. Your Ganondorf is not good and gets camped.
13: Z - You.
13: Wakka - More Bowser!
17: Hilt - umm... things
17: Beegs - Jerkswordjerk
17: BBoy - no
17: Suyon - We break the rules and play Falcon dittos and don't afraid of anything.
17: Champ - person guy man guy with lasers
17: Lou - Thanks for teaching me some Gdub tricks
17: Crunch - WAH WAH WAHHHHH
25: TYR - you whooped on me in doubles pretty good. i need lucas matchup experience
25: Zozefup - SAXAPHONE
25: Moose -
25: Xisin - grab release is dumb stop doing it to wario
25: King - why not King Yoshi anymore? I'm so confused.
25: Warfie - i think i saw you a few times lol

33: SneakyTaco - is it taco or tako? and if it is tako is it supposed to be a differently spelled taco or japanese for octopus?
33: Nicolobe - words
33: Cr4sh - i don't think i heard any shoryukens. i must have never been in the same room as you or something
33: JoshKip - what happened game 3? games 1 & 2 were really close but 3 was a whoopin'
33: T-800 - MANY ROBOTS
33: Xtacyfalco -
33: virt - WIEHE
33: Sugartastic -
41: Meta Flair - spam b moar
41: Sole - shush you face
41: Crum -
41: TheKiest - sorry i had to beat you in pools :( but you rock so it's k
41: Nova - dicktochat was pretty much the best part of the weekend. your ROB drawings are adorable. lucas's head is poop.
41: Mr. J - You.
49: Wood? -
49: KBRO - you rock
49: FailproofFrank - words


Smash Champion
Feb 29, 2008
Chi-town, come at me

1: Shugo- tottally unexpected lol jk, grats on ****** everything hopefully u can do the same at snes.
2: Infern- grats on second mah dood
3: Sago- another person who ***** everything. grats
4: Capem- ggs in pools, did better than i thought
5: Overswarm- fun as always, told you that u could still go far after losing first round.
5: Blue Rouge- good ish, hopefully u can make it to more tournies to **** with us. fun games in BB and GG
7: Y.b.M.- lol at our set, ggs though
7: Argent- told u could do it,next time dont get so antsy vs capem u coulda won that
9: Kel- fun as always
9: BlazingKatakiri- yet nother sonic to accomplish what itt has not lol
9: Nope- friendlies next time for sure
13: POPS- freakin captain falcon, who knew he was so evil
13: Wakka- fun as always
17: ITT- sup scrub, so uhh when u goin beat OS
17: Beegs- BEEGLE, we didnt get to play this week, hopefully u make it to my tourney
17: BBoy- why all u place 17th lol, fun talkin
17: Suyon - soon as u get u some match up exprience ull be placing much better
17: Lou- GGs, hopefully next time i feel like playing
25: TYR- fun serious friendlies lol
25: Jokey- double rob wtf
25: King- stop not caring
33: SneakyTaco- ggs in pools
33: Nicolobe- fun friendlies, yoshi is scary
33: T-800- double rob wtf
41: Meta Flair- that tour of your mansion was ruff, also u have the most amazing trash talk i have ever seen
41: Sole-keep working at it your getting better.
41: TheKiest- very nicely run, very nice indeed
41: Frame- shield break ftw eh, friendlies next time

Good job NEOH at this, lets keep getting better hehe

Mister Eric

Twitch.tv/MisterbeepEric Twitter: @MisterbeepEric
Nov 24, 2008
Louisville, KY
i just don't. some people just rub me the wrong way so to speak, and he's one of them.
Whatever I've done to you, I'm sorry. Especially if I've beeped you the wrong way. And I only give a beep because smash is the bestest community I've ever been around. I'd rather you point out what the beep I did to you, than for you to make subtle comments like "good, you deserve it."


fuq it.


Smash Apprentice
May 1, 2008
I'm a little bummed that there's any friction between ROB players. I've never met a ROB mainer that I didn't grow fond of.


Smash Champion
Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
Probably my favorite tourney thus far. Shoutouts!

1. Shugo-You're amazing. Thanks for all the friendlies, and crewing with me. And for being a really nice guy on top of all that. Congrats on all the cash you made.

2: Infern-Good stuff. You're way too smart! Can't wait until next time. No shame in losing to Shugo

3: Sago-crews were really fun, and it was awesome seeing you. Try to get the Wisconsin guys to my tourney in Indy on the 29th. I don't think you'll be disappointed. You're very good at this game, keep at it!

4: Capem-All those friendlies really helped on Sunday. I think my recovery is wayyyyy better now mainly thanks to your insane off stage game. Grats on fourth in singles, third in doubles, and dominating in crews. Too good.

5: Overswarm-Thanks for losing in the first round so I got to play a sonic instead of you! Seriously though great stuff beasting through losers bracket like that. GL picking up diddy for sonic but TBH ROB is just as good vs sonic as diddy =/.

5: Blue Rouge-Good stuff placing fifth and in teams!

7: Y.b.M.-We didn't hang enough and we were off in teams..you will bounce back from placing seventh, your kirby has more tricks every time I see it.

7: Argent-Fun set in brackets, can't wait until next time.

9: Kel-GGs in pools and crews. Your MK is the least favorite type for me to face.

9: BlazingKatakiri-Why should I get a secondary? GGs in bracket your sonic is too good.
9: Nope-Thanks so much for letting me stay after the tourney. That day of playing you guys all day afterward helped just as much if not more than the tournament itself as far as improving goes. You're a great player-you'll bounce back from this tourney guaranteed.

13: POPS-We didn't get to play, gotta change that next time!

13: Fonz-GGs on Sunday keep me away from ganon though!

13: Z-Fun money match, sorry the projector was messed up for you :(

13: Wakka-Approaching is bad! Just kidding, your diddy is amazing. We really need to combine our games >.< You're right about aggro wario btw, you have to go aggro against it. Thanks for your help on random stuff, you're a big part of why I feel myself improving fairly quickly. I wish I could play aggro and be good like you but sadly I'm too terrible to do that.

17: ITT-Fun friendlies, and sorry that you hate diddy so much :(. I still love sonic!

17: Hilt-bracket screwed! It's too bad. I hate that the only reason you lose is mk.

17: Beegs-fun games the night before, impressive marth.

17: BBoy-Your pressure game is incredible, you just need to think a bit more imo. Fun friendlies, and keep repping diddy. If you keep that kinda pressure up with a few more mix ups you're going to be way too good.

17: Suyon-Glad I didn't have to play pit. *shudders*

17: Champ-tough games in bracket, you'll bounce back though. Fun friendlies on Saturday/Sunday. Wish we could've partied :(

17: Lou-It seemed to me like you weren't at your best at this tourney. No worry, you will bounce back. Amazing gnw we should MM or friendly again sometime.

25: TYR-Bracket screwed, we always have to play. GGs as usual I'm pretty worried because you don't completely know the matchup yet. We need to play some friendlies next tourney cause when we do they're always hilarious.

25: Zozefup-Thanks for coming and staying with me! The car ride was good too. You're a big part of the improvement I made from this tournament. Once your DI improves and you actually play brawl a bit you're going to be near impossible to beat. You're extremely smart, my head still hurts from our mm.

25: Xisin-Fun mm lol, just stay positive and happy and you will rarely lose. Don't let your mind overcome your insane amount of skill at this game.

25: Warfie-fun games in pools, your D3 is getting solid. Looking forward to seeing you again sometime.

33: Nicolobe-Easy matchup or not yoshi is stinking scary. You had a tough pool for your character :(. Best yoshi I've played.

33: Cr4sh-I'm an idiot for not showing you diddy stuff..

33: JoshKip-yeah sonic shoes!! Great seeing you.

33: T-800-fun games in reverse mains!

41: Sole-GGs in pools, i like seeing zss repped!

41: TheKiest-Amazing job running the tournament, I don't regret making the trip at all. I had loads of fun.

41: Nova-Good seeing you, I think I will request a diddy picture sometime :D

41: Frame-Fun friendlies, I'm really glad you stick to jiggs. Since my loss to thinkaman I've really studied that matchup.

<3 ohio extra thanks to shugo and sago for carrying our crew.


Smash Master
May 29, 2008
Dallas, Texas
I hate knowing Majority of every smasher here...It makes me do longer shout outs...So I'll try my best to keep this brief:

1: Shugo- Congrats on winning this tournament....I'd expect nothing less from a God Kai though....are matches were beyond close and I'll get you next time....

2: Infern- Good Job on getting 2nd in both Singles and Doubles...Great Job I see you moving up in the PR

3: Sago- Drop MK...Play more Samus...hehe Nice seeing you again

4: Capem- Great Job on your placing....you are to good

5: Overswarm- Thanks for giving Capem that victory....You play gay on me but gives him exactly what he needs to win...*sigh*....you're on pie punishment

5: Blue Rouge- You are a great player....You give the most evilest looks...but you seem way to cool....I hope to see you around more...Come to The Circuit events when they start up...

7: Y.b.M.- Mixtape is Complete...It's Called "From the Bottom of My Heart"...Visit www.myspace.com/ybm7 to download exclusive content that's not featured on the mixtape...

7: Argent- Great job....Good to see you play Lucario the way you do...Also...Great Comeback on Japes...

9: Kel- MK is Broken...Good job in Doubles....

9: BlazingKatakiri- Great job on your placing...I believe i played you on AiB before...not to sure though....but come around more

9: Count- My partner in crime...We could done better in doubles but it's All good....We did as best as we could...Hope to see ya soon

9: Nope- Always great hanging with you...Hope you can some how make it to future tournies regardless of your schedule

13: POPS- You are a good player....Great Job in defeating us in doubles...

13: Fonz- You have STEPPED YO GAME UP!!! Keep it up...Crazy scary Ganon...You inspire me to play him...hehe we'll see though

13: Z- nice seeing you....great person and MK as usual...

13: Wakka- Good Diddy.....keep it up...you should have higher placings IMO....Cant wait to hang out again

17: ITT- Nice job...your Sonic is doing his thang

17: Hilt- Thanks for the Sour Patch Kids...and you better make it to our tournament...

17: Beegs- Marth has gotten better...I was hoping you played MK against me...hehehe....Keep it up though...

17: BBoy- HEY..nice hanging out

17: Champ- Nice seeing you again pimp...We need more Pizza....hehe

17: Lou- You should have placed higher...But it's always good hanging out with you...Can't wait to hang out with Stan....hehehe The Revival Shall come!!!

25: Mister Eric- My Brother from another Beep...cooler than the other side of the Pillow...Fresher than a Box of Peppermints...Smoother than a Babies bottom with Butter...My homey...Beep Out

25: TYR- Great kickin it...You should have placed Higher...But you had terrible luck...

25: Zozefup- Nice matches...Keep up the Good Stuff...You traveled quite far...I hope you had fun....and next time I'll play serious when we get the chance to play...

25: Jokey- Nice matches

25: Xisin- WTF? why are you all the way down here...I have High Expectations out of you...Step it up!!!

25: King- Pika has gotten to good...Go back to Metaknight...hahaha

25: Warfie- How did you make it out of pools..

33: SneakyTaco- Thanks for the Ride Pimp...You are one of the Greatest People I know...

33: Nicolobe- Great Yoshi...Keep it up
33: Cr4sh- Nice seeing you again...and fun friendlies...hope to kick it with you again Pimp

33: JoshKip- nice matches

41: Meta Flair- The most Stylish, Profiling, flashy, classy, outstanding, and dazzling player to touch a Gamecube Controller...The One...The Only..MetaFlair....WOOO!!!

41: TheKiest- UPLOAD THE SMASHFIELD VIDS....PLEASE..hehhe:chuckle:

41: Nova- Next time your getting put of pools

41: Frame- WTF? how didnt you make it out of pools...I am highly upset...

Nice seeing you again Quivo...If you would have stayed for Singles and crews things would have turned out much much different...But oh well hope to see you soon pimpin...

To the Guys I played 1st round in doubles...Keep it up and keep on practicing....You'll get it...

God Kais Got Top 2 in Singles and Doubles...Next time Smash 64 should be there....and it's a Wrap....See ya All Later....And Remember....TO BUST THAT A S S!!! GOD KAIS!!!


Smash Lord
Jul 2, 2008
In the Velvet Room
Still don't know the smash community well.

1: Shugo-Congrats on getting first in like everything, except on Reverse mains. I expected you to get first.
2: Infern-Nice placing as well.
3: Sago-Good job in doubles and singles and reverse mains and crews.
4: Capem-Ggs in singles and doubles
5: Overswarm-gg in crew and ggs in me playing horrible in melee.
5: Blue Rogue-Good job placing well in doubles and singles. You'll get them next time. And fun matches in GG, Melee, and BB. I'll probably get you some Bang tutorial or combos for you. Looking forward to seeing ya again.
7: Argent-Nice job in singles. Still can't take your Lucario down in high percentage. And no you did not tell me you use to main Pit. Thanks for the ride as well.
9: Kel-Gg in crews
9: Count-Dunno Pit seems like a fun match with Diddy.
9: Nope-Too bad about that shield break in doubles
13:pOPS-Gg in crews
13: Fonz-Ggs in doubles
17: ITT-You can do much better....maybe you should listen to Taokaka's theme while playing. And more BB matches next time. Maybe some crew battle or something. Also there's cat hair all over my couch when I got back...
17: Beegs-Nice friendlies in doubles. You can do much better in singles...maybe it was because of the ride I dunno. Didn't get to play BB with you maybe next time.
17: BBoy-Yeah maybe you could have done better as well in Singles but same thing with Beegs maybe it was the ride. Also BlazBlue...Arakune.......BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES
17: Suyon-Learn matchups or just quit or just do friendlies. Or just play BB
17: Champ-Expected you to pick Falco for crews. gg
17: Lou-Gg in crews
25: Mister Eric-Ggs in pools. Didn't expect to go to Halberd again.
25: TYR-Nice friendlies in doubles.
25: Jokey-We break the rules because we are just that awesome.
25: Xisin-I got lucky in pools but ggs still.
25: King-Start caring. And you could have switched around with MK and Pika. Also ggs in friendlies and we could have done soooo much better in doubles...but we just let it get away. Also ggs in GG, BB, and melee.
33: Nicolobe-Thanks.
33: JoshKip-Thanks.
33: T-800-Double Rob in doubles...seriously? That was so awful.
33: Xtacyfalco-You'll get them next time
33: Sugartastic-ggs in pools
41: Meta Flair-Awesome kid.
41: Sole-Relax and don't choke in brackets or pools. Also sucks you had to go early because of the girls wanting to arrive home by midnight. BB was fun thanks for bringing it.
41: Crum-BB yay
41: TheKiest-Good Job hosting a great tournament
41: Frame-Gg in crew. Also...your shield break in doubles...was just too epic. I demand moar shield breaks!
41: Mr. J-ggs in pools. sucks with all those SDs.
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