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Ori & Sein Released for Rivals of Aether

Discussion in 'News' started by RedNova, Aug 23, 2017.

Alberto "RedNova" Vásquez, Aug 23, 2017 at 7:44 PM
  1. RedNova

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    Smash Apprentice

    Feb 12, 2015
    3DS FC:

    Patch 1.1.2 has dropped for Rivals of Aether, coming with some major changes, including the release of Ori & Sein, the game’s first DLC guest character. The patch arrived on both PC and Xbox One, and marks the full release of the Xbox One version.

    Although Ori & Sein must be purchased for use in normal play, their tutorial is available without purchasing them. The two are controlled in tandem in a somewhat similar manner to Rosalina & Luma, though in a much more limited capacity. Sein doesn’t follow Ori nearly as closely as Luma follows Rosalina, and Sein only attacks through the duo’s neutral special, Spirit Flame, though Ori’s Strong attacks gain a strength increase when the two are in close proximity.

    Alongside the release of Ori, this update comes with balance changes for the rest of the cast, as well as the addition of a community news section on the main menu. The Xbox One version has also gained many features that were previously PC-exclusive, including Story and Abyss game modes, new music tracks, and player icons during online play.

    Among the balance changes, invincibility on respawn has been reduced across the board, and many characters have received small hitbox and animation tweaks. Zetterburn in particular gained new recovery options out of his down-special, which can now be canceled into a double jump, air dodge, and his up-special. Many characters’ kill moves - such as Kragg and Orcane’s forward-aerials and Wrastor’s up-tilt - can no longer land reverse hits, guaranteeing that they’ll always launch opponents at the intended angle.

    This is the first of three major updates to add new DLC characters, with the next one coming later on in 2017.

    Rivals of Aether is available on Steam and on Xbox One through the Microsoft Store.
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Contributor/Mexico Correspondent
Nova is a Smash 4 player from the southern lands of Mexico, with the impressive ability to be immune to salt. Currently studying software engineering, he fights to get Kirby out of the low tiers and to keep growing his local scene.

Twitter: @RedNova94
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Discussion in 'News' started by RedNova, Aug 23, 2017.

    1. Kaze Arashi
      Kaze Arashi
      Is he busted?
    2. PaRa4041
      Nah he aint busted, his edge guard game makes me hurt but after afew frendlies you should be able to get around most of his crap
    3. xzx
      "Zetterburn in particular gained new recovery options out of his down-special, which can now be canceled into a double jump, air dodge, and his up-special."

      Wait, wasn't this nerfed? I think you have to look it up again. =^)
    4. Michele
      I-interesting... a new update f-for Rivals of Aether...

      T-though... I've never seen t-that game...
    5. Phoenix502
      not a problem, check it out when you get time to spare!

      gameplay has the most in common with Melee, but there is a tutorial mode that goes through everything on that front, so that can help get you started. there's even character tutorials so you can learn the attributes to each one. :D

      controller options are wide as well, so you can use GCN if you have an adapter.

      yeah, last i checked it got nerfed,

      Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
    6. Michele
      Is that game free? Or do I have to pay? I'm not really into paying online...
    7. Phoenix502
      the game itself is $15 normally. however, there's a Steam sale going on with a little more than 3 and a half hours remaining AS OF THIS POST RIGHT NOW where the game itself is only $5.09

      Ori and Sein is 4.99, so this sale plus the DLC is quite a steal

      online, however, is free on Steam... since PC players don't do this online access subscription service nonsense like XBL/PS+/Nintendo xD
      Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
    8. xzx
      You said that he got new recovery options out of his down b, but this is not true. He has always had these recovery options. With this new patch, he can't act out of down b as quickly as before. That was what I meant. =^)
    9. Red Ryu
      Red Ryu
      Welp time to open this up when I get home.
    10. Phoenix502
      I didn't write the article... what's this directed at me for?

      besides, I edited in my agreement earlier, with evidence from the patchnotes blogpost...
      Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
    11. BagrB0y
      nah, he has some things that seem like cheese, but you just gotta DI out.

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