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Official Melee Texture Hack Thread


Smash Journeyman
Mar 9, 2014
Gunsan-Si, South Korea
Welcome to the Official Melee Texture Hacks Thread! I have categorized all characters and stages into categories, and the different costumes into sub categories. Please read the FAQ if you have any questions. If the FAQ does not answer your question, PM me or ask on the thread (Bumping helps!). I hope that this well-organized thread will inspire you to create things for melee, as the modding scene isn't what anyone would call large.​
This site is hosted, managed, and created by an actual member in our community. Have confidence in using this site, and please share your thanks with
Michael Ashby Michael Ashby for creating this for our little humble community.

  • Q: How do I get my skin/costume/texture on the first post?
  • A: The first two posts here are no longer maintained; due to their size, the posts have become laggy and difficult to edit. However, with Modulous, these post repositories are no longer needed anyway, and so it is recommended that you upload your costume there. And be sure to give it proper tags so it can be easily found by those searching for costumes.
  • Q: How do I replace a costume in my game? What about a specific texture?
  • A: Download the costume, and download DAT Texture Wizard (DTW). Open your ISO in DTW and use the file descriptions to look for the file you want to replace (you can also click on the "Disc Shortcuts" to jump to a specific section). Import the new costume file you just downloaded over the original that's in your game (select the file, click Import), and select Save in the File menu (or press CTRL-S). This program can also replace individual textures in your disc or a DAT file, and other game files (stage/character/menu/etc). The program is pretty strait-forward, and comes with a ReadMe file to refer to if you want to know more.
  • Q: I'm trying to use a new Character Select Screen (CSS) that I downloaded, but it's not working. What's wrong?
  • A: CSS file designed to work with 20XXHP v4+ is not compatible with vanilla Melee, and vice versa. So if you want to use the textures, you'll need to export them from the new CSS file itself, and then import those textures into the CSS file for/in your game. (See the ReadMe file with DTW for directions on how to do that.)
  • Q: What if I want to import a character meant for a red alternate over a blue alternate (e.g. a red Falcon costume, PlCaRe, to replace one of his blue ones, PlCaBu)?
  • A: You can use the Character Color Converter (CCC) tab built into DTW to do this.
  • Q: How do I change the port/doors that close over the character images on the Character Select Screen?
  • A: Read this. (Particularly, the spoiler on "Creating CSS panels in GIMP".)
  • Q: This thing doesn't have a texture, how do I change its color? How do I change the light that reflects off of it, or remove the thing entirely?
  • A: Questions like these and other advanced costume hacking options may be answered/discussed here: Advanced Costume Hacks, and you may also have luck here: Changing Color Effects in Melee!
  • Q: Is this thread a good place to post questions?
  • A: Yes. Although if it's to ask about or report a potential bug with DTW, or it's a question on how to use the program (first, remember that it comes with a ReadMe file to help), please post in the thread for DTW. If you're having trouble importing a specific texture, please state what steps you're performing, and post the texture in question.
  • Q: Are there any other methods to hack textures? What if DTW doesn't show the texture I want to edit?
  • A: Although most textures are available through DTW, there are still some that aren't. For those, or if you just need to do something another way, you can read the guide created before DTW, which entirely covers the old method of hacking textures: How to Hack Any Texture
  • Q: Are there any guides for making CSPs?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: My images aren't showing up properly in posts. Why?
  • A: Please see this post.
Other potentially useful things:​

How to change Falco's "shimmer":​
Color Structs (Cool stuff, recommended read)​
How to change Pokemon Stadium Platform Colors:​
Modulous full backup: GoogleDrive or .torrent
Other Resources: See the Textures section of the Melee, Hacks, and You thread.​

Have a request for a certain costume/stage to be made? Ask one of these friendly fellows in a PM to give you a hand! (Requests may be denied/slowly fulfilled due to availability, work load, and laziness).​
    • ChillisMySkill

      Want to be on this list? PM Veggies a small portfolio of your work.

From 20XX:
L Normal SNES Falcon​
R Gold and Black by Veggies (w/ gold shine added)​
L Gray Batman​
R Cyborg Ninja​
L Red Blood Falcon (Luddoj Recolor)​
R Lumberjack (model modded)​
L White Captain Fabulous (v2)​
R Hellcold (v2)​
L Green Green Ranger​
R 3DS Green Falcon​
L Blue WWII Capt. America​
R Glass Cannon​
L Normal Frost Kong​
R Steelia's HQ​
L Black King Kong​
R Jimmies the Gorilla​
R Blaze Kong​
L Blue Teal Kong​
R Sonic on Roids​
L Green Hulk​
R Shrek​
L Normal AoT – Trainee Corps.​
R Wolf (by Milun/Joakim)​
L Orange Goku Fox​
R ZeroVirus​
L Lavender Sly Cooper Fox​
R Maritime Blue​
L Green Ground Mission​
R James McCloud (by ???)​
//G&W (Unused)​
L Normal Pokeball​
R Cherry Kirby 2.0 (it's pink)​
L Yellow Minun​
R Plusle​
L Blue Purple Kirby​
R Gooey​
L Red Red Cream​
R Angry Kirby​
L Green Stitch Kirby​
R Lemon Lime​
L White 0/Zero​
R Spiritomb​
L Normal Giga Bowser​
(Green Team)​
R Mario & Luigi Bowser (detailed)​
L Red Hooktail​
R CSTAT Bowser​
L Blue Shadow Bowser​
R Blastoise​
L Black King Koopa​
R Dry Bowser​
L Normal Cartoon Link​
R TP Link​
L Red Pink Tunic​
R Fire Link​
L Blue Zora​
R Light Blue from the Link Color Pack​
L Black Dark Link​
R Byrne (Awesome Link)​
L White Fierce Deity​
R Purple Tunic​
L Normal Mr. L (GwaW Update)​
(Green Team)​
R NES Luigi​
L White Waluigi​
R Weegee​
L Blue Ice Luigi​
R Blue Falcon Luigi​
L Pink Luigi on Ic Fire​
R Mario​
L Normal 7 Granddad​
(Red Team)​
R Fire Mario​
L Yellow Wario​
R Leopard Print Mario​
L Black Dark Mario​
R Sea Captain Mario​
L Blue Shadow Mario (Textured with alpha)​
R Baby Blue​
L Green Leprechaun Mario​
R Luigi​
L Normal Shadow Dragon​
(Blue Team)​
R Raiden (hue shifted)​
L Red Zero Marth​
R Julius Ceasar​
L Green Hylian​
L Black Wesker (tiara-less version)​
R Marth Vader (updated ver.)​
L White Isaac​
R Jedi Marth​
L Normal Armored​
R Space G​
L Red Zoraork​
R U-Mos (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes)​
L Blue Lucario​
R Kyurem​
L Green Shiny Mewtwo (by ???)​
R Space Pirate​
L Normal Pokemon Trainer​
R Plaid​
L Yellow Lucas​
R Charlie Brown (without hair)​
L Blue Jazz Cup​
R Ness' Smash 4 Belch Alt Costume​
L Green Fixed Toon Ness​
R Green Redux​
L Normal Ahri​
(Red Team)​
R Smash Sisters​
L Yellow Black with Gold​
R Gold with Black​
L White Palutena​
R Agent Peach​
L Blue Rosalina​
R Sona​
L Green Brunette Earth Peach​
R Tinkerbell​
L Normal Pusheen​
R Vertex Pika​
L Red Definitely Not Ditto​
R Ocean Rose​
L Blue Shadow​
R Pikablu​
L Green Alienchu (without hat)​
R Soldier 2.0 (Green Helmet 2)​
L Normal Black & White Mages (FF)​
R High-tier Climbers​
L Green Camo​
R Zombie​
L Orange Mario Bros.​
R Brown & Tan​
L Red Evil Ice Climbers​
R Dreamland Climbers​
L Normal Pusheen v2​
R Awesome Face​
L Red Albino Jiggz (fixed eyes)​
R Crimson Star​
L Blue ShadowJiggs​
R Squirtle​
L Green Half-closed eyes​
R AlienPuff​
L Yellow King Boo​
R Pac Jiggs (Starlow)​
L Normal Iron Man (Movie)​
(Red Team)​
R Wooden Suit​
L Pink PED Suit​
R Classic Suit​
L Black Dark Samus Corruption​
R New Suit (a.k.a.Dark Suit)​
L Green Master Chief​
R Darker Green Samus​
L Lavendar Fusion-Suit (model hacked)​
R Megaman​
L Normal Wooly World Stitch​
L Red Yoob​
R Orange (by Mean Green)​
L Blue Blue-ish​
R [Light] Purple​
L Yellow Raphael the Raven-esque​
R Brown​
L Pink White​
R Magenta​
L Aqua Galaxy​
R Dry Yoshi​
L Normal Twilight Princess​
R Gray Fox (Milun's model hacked)​
L Red CSTAT Sheik​
R Spider-Man​
L Blue Imp Midna​
R Purple (by MagicScrumpy)​
L Green Sothe​
R Hyrule's Shadow​
L White Impa​
R Dark (Black and Red)​
L Normal Twilight Princess​
R White & Gold​
L Red Micaiah (a.k.a. Mystery Zelda)​
R Red Lotus​
L Blue Princess Midna​
R Sadboyz 2​
L Green Evening Gown​
R Flowered​
L White Classic (AlttP)​
R Dark (Black and Red)​
L Normal Pink Jacket 2.0​
R Bald Eagle​
L Red Wargle​
R Hokie Bird​
L Blue Mordecai​
R Jotaro Kujo​
L Green Zombie​
R Watermelon​
L Normal Toon Link II (modified shield)​
(Green Team)​
R Brawl Y. Link​
L Red A Young Link to the Past​
R Pink​
L Blue Raven Knight​
R Bed Time​
L White Fierce Deity​
R YuengLink II (normal equips)​
L Black Dark Young Link​
R Byrne (Awesome Y. Link)​
L Normal Cotton Candy​
R Professor Oak​
L Red Fire Dr. Mario​
R Akuma​
L Blue Dr. Sunshine​
R Phoenix Write​
L Green Riddler​
R Green Dr. Mario​
L Black Agent Doc​
R Cool Doc​
L Normal Black & Gold​
R Kawaii Anime Roy​
L Red Dark Roy 2​
L Blue Lance​
R Young Eliwood​
L Green Ike​
R Peasant Soldier​
L Yellow Isaac​
R Silver Roy​
L Normal Zorua​
R Mew​
L Red Plusle​
R Victini​
L Blue Minun​
R Manaphy​
L Green Celibi​
R Mimikyu​
L Normal Twilight Princess Ganon​
R God Ganon​
L Red OoT Ganon​
R CSTAT Ganon​
L Blue Great Wave Blue​
R Cloud9 debranded​
L Green Toon Ganondorf​
R Great Wave Green​
L Lavendar Black Shadow​
R Demise​

Characters A - L in this post, below.
Characters M - Z, Stages, and more in the following post....

Continued on next post....
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Smash Journeyman
Mar 9, 2014
Gunsan-Si, South Korea
Characters L - Z, Stages, and more....