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Official Genesis 2 Results thread


Smash Champion
May 4, 2005
walnut creek, CA
Apologies for taking so long after the tournament to update everyone on the results. We had to figure out exactly who was newly registered from thursday/friday and sort them out and make sure we had the money separated and accounted for before we decided we wanted to upload the results. And there was a few problems with the tio file/bracket that needed some fixing =)

Thanks for being patient!

Total Prizes = $22,070


MELEE SINGLES (32 Players)
228 total players entered (11 free entries)


Total Prizes: $5,425.00
Sabergaming: $2,000.00

1: Armada ($2,396.25) + ($1,000)
2: Mang0 ($1,198.13) + ($500)
3: Taj ($665.63) + ($250)
4: hungrybox ($426) + ($100)
5: M2K ($266.25) + ($50)
6: Shroomed ($159.75) + ($50)
7: Dr Peepee ($133.13) + ($25)
8: S2J ($79.88) + ($25)
9: SFAT ($25)
9: MacD ($25)
9: Hax ($25)
9: Wobbles ($25)
13: Atma
13: silentspectre
13: Fly Amanita
13: lovage
17: Lucien
17: Silent Wolf
17: Kage the Warrior
17: Leffen
17: Eddy Mexico
17: Fuzzyness
17: Larry Lurr
17: Axe
25: Bizzaro Flame
25: Shoyo
25: Dart
25: DoH
25: PewPewU
25: HomeMadeWaffles
25: Lucky
25: HugS

BRAWL SINGLES (48 Players)
197 total players entered (2 free entries)


Total Prizes: $4,875.00
Sabergaming: $2,000.00

1: M2K ($2,148.75) + ($1,000)
2: Ally ($1,074.38)) + ($500)
3: ADHD ($596.88) + ($250)
4: Gnes ($382.00) + ($100)
5: Tyrant ($238.75) + ($50)
6: zex ($143.25) + ($50)
7: Tearbear ($119.38) + ($25)
8: Rich Brown ($71.63) + ($25)
9: UltimateRazer ($$25)
9: ESAM ($$25)
9: Larry Lurr ($$25)
9: Atomsk ($$25)
13: Krystedez
13: SK92
13: Trela
17: FOW
17: Rain
17: Earth
17: Inui
17: Logic
17: Trevonte
17: Seibrik
17: HRnut
25: Shaky
25: GimR
25: KiraFlax
25: MVD
25: Anuar
25: Denti
25: MikeHaze
25: Choice
33: Adroscos
33: NickRiddle
33: FishBait73
33: JeepySol
33: Sky
33: The Nanerz
33: Filip
33: Poltergust
33: Zekey
33: falln
33: Biglou
33: X
33: weruop
33: Supersmashtwins
33: Nerd
33: kismet2



Total Prizes: $330.00

1: SupeRbOoMfAn ($198.00)
2: Isai ($99.00)
3: JaimeHR ($33.00)
4: Kefit
5: Tigerbombz
5: B-Rex
7: Bladewise
7: dookdigity
9: KnitePhox
9: Drunk-E-Ness
9: DarthRancorous
9: Meta
13: afloodedmind
13: Onski
13: ColtMaster
13: $heen
17: Jel
17: samsonites
17: Nathan
17: ThesaberGuy
17: HarryPonting
17: evil ducky


MELEE TEAMS (48 teams)
148 total players entered (74 teams) (3 free entries)


Prices shown are total amount per team.
2nd and 3rd place decided to split their prize money.

Total Prizes: $2,900.00
Sabergaming: $1,000.00

1: Lucky + Mango ($1,330.00) + ($500)
2: M2K + Dr. PP ($532.00) + ($200)
2: Hax + Hbox ($532.00) + ($200)
4: Armada + Aniolas ($266.00) + ($100)
5: Lovage + Silent Wolf ($80.00)
5: Axe + Taj ($80.00)
7: macd + g$ ($40.00)
7: Baka4moe + WestBallz ($40.00)
9: Tope + Cyrain
9: DoH + Wobbles
9: Alan + Shroomed
9: sfat + ppu
13: ajp_panton + Leffen
13: Phil + HMW
13: Tang + SS
13: Isai + S2J
17: Dark + Light
17: Inui + Silly Kyle
17: Joeplicate + Embracethe12
17: Kou + Shoyo
17: Falcomist + Connor
17: Hyuga + Darrell
17: scar + gishnak
17: Lucien + Zoap
25: Atma + GenoBlast
25: ciz + eggz
25: ThePrime + Dusl
25: VTS + Arby
25: bladewise + juce
25: stab + hyprid
25: J666 + Eddy Mexico
25: tai + jackie tran
33: GERM + King
33: mattdotzeb + tirno
33: Itakio + Yardo
33: Fuzzyness + Kage
33: Eikelmann + VirtualVoid
33: jake13 + mojo
33: Nizro + Jack
33: BobbySiege + Mafia
33: Bacon + jpeg
33: Bizzarro Flame + Little England
33: Dart + ORLY
33: Fribjits + vantage
33: BigC + Vicko
33: Sung + Hugq
33: Tahsis + Meta
33: Strong Bad + Vectorman

BRAWL TEAMS (32 teams)
128 players entered (1 free entry)

Prices shown are total amount per team.


Total Prizes: $2,540.00
Sabergaming: $1,000.00

1: Ally + M2K ($1,150.00) + ($500)
2: Gnes + UltimateRazer ($575.00) + ($250)
3: ADHD + Seibrik ($345.00) + ($150)
4: ESAM + MVD ($230.00) + ($100)
5: Trela + Zori ($80.00)
5: Havok + Tearbear ($80.00)
7: Itakio + Valdens ($40.00)
7: Zex + Z ($40.00)
9: anti + dekar
9: MikeHAZE + Tyrant
9: Poltergust + GDX
9: FOW + SK92
13: NickRiddle + Shaky
13: GIMR + Mekos
13: Killock + Superboomfan
13: Inui + Rich Brown
17: sean + jeepy
17: Atomsk + DEHF
17: DLA + Arty
17: BigLou + Kismet
17: Denti + Infinity
17: Dakpo + Silly Kyle
17: Lada + X
17: Krystedez + Weruop
25: Earth + Rain
25: Choice + Trevonte
25: falln + cheese
25: Asadelta + Swift
25: Toobusytocare + Zekey
25: FishBait73 + Sade
25: t0mmy + izumi
25: Lycan + Zombe

Pools will be updated on aib soon

The checks have been submitted to the site (Wepay.com) and their staff will process them Monday morning. For those of you who do not accept checks in your country, we will be processing your payments via PayPal.

If you have any questions about your payment, or prizes please contact me via email at genesisdbr@gmail.com


Smash Master
Jul 1, 2011
Amaaaazing tournament. Thanks so much to everyone that put time into putting it together, sponsoring, donating money, driving, and flying from everywhere to make this such a great experience!


Smash Master
Nov 5, 2007

Boback: The effort you put into running a tournament of this scale is amazing. The entire time I saw you during Genesis, you were doing something important for the community. Much appreciated.

Other TOs and contributors (Sherdian, Pocky, Azn Lep, etc.): Thanks for putting in work behind the TO desk and helping run an awesome tournament.

Julian: (not the asian ones): You're always hella legit to hang around. Thanks for the lessons you gave me when we were chilling in my hotel room on Saturday night. Get amazing already, I'm tired of whooping your *** LOL.

Zac: **** you for not adapting to my advice sooner. You could have beaten Juangrybox.

KevinPewU: :reverse:

Alan: You were hella *****y this tournament.

Brandon: Brooo. Hella legit talking to you always. Good **** making it into bracket, I'm gonna make it out too one day!

Phil: Always a pleasure! :)

Dajuan: ****ing step it up god ****ing damn. Only 5th? Get that **** out of here, you're supposed to be NorCal's current best.

Lucien: Your insight on this game is amazing. Your insight period is just pretty ****.

Nick: **** you for not entering.

Brian: **** you too for not entering.

but really, why didn't you guys enter?

Mooninite Leader: I'm so sad you didn't get to enter dude, you would have represented NorCal so well!

Berto: Dude I haven't seen you in so long. It's so good seeing your Falco still be able to tap all the randoms still LOL.

HydroKageMiharuChris<3Eunjung: **** you. Naw. I <3 you.

shoutouts to the rest of norcal cuz we ****


The Greater Brendan: Meeting you was definitely a highlight of this

McCain: lol

Connor: A pleasure to see you again.

Stab: Good **** at this tournament.

Not Cali

The Irish Mafia: It was really good seeing you again hahaha.

Toph: Even though we didn't talk, it was awesome seeing you again!

Dr. PeePee: Playing you was probably the highlight of my weekend. I was looking forward to playing you the most out of almost anyone at the tournament. The only downside was that you were sick and I could tell you weren't playing as well as you usually do. I hope to play you in the future, whether it be a tournament set, friendlies, or a money match.

Leffen: At first when I was watching you on day 1 I wasn't really impressed. I got a very different vibe playing you though. You're definitely one of the most fun Falcos to play against.

Armada: Good **** at this tournament man. You deserved this win.

Taj: After beating Mango this tournament and falling to the ground by laughing, you've become one of those smashers I wanna pay attention to in the future hahaha.

Axe: You're really awesome in general! I'm kinda sad we didn't get to play at all this tournament, I hope we get to play some other time!

Atma: It was fun seeing you again hahaha. I'm kinda sad we didn't get to play =/

I might edit this later since I probably forgot some people

Tee ay eye

Smash Hero
Jun 1, 2008

TAJ: Oh dear.... I love you, dad. That's all. Good stuff on doing so well at this tournament. You have made me, Axe, Wobbles, and the rest of AZ so proud! My voice is finally starting to heal up, since I absolutely lost my **** cheering for you <3 Thanks for supporting me in my matches, and I hope I returned the favor adequately. Thanks for letting me stay in your hotel room too. I could write so much more, but I don't feel like writing a wall of text, and it would take a long time to materialize what I want to say in words. I can't wait to play with you this school year.

Axe: Thanks for not losing to any other Marths, bro <3 Don't let this tournament get to you. You're so good at this game already, and you have so much drive/dedication for this game, that it's inevitable that you'll be suckin' that **** at the next big tourney :) Also, did you enjoy the "suck that ****" chant that I got going during your crews match with Hax? ;)

Wobbles: You made me feel ****ty every time you ragequit and threw your controller in fury. Needless to say, you never made me feel ****ty ;) I had fun rooting for you in crews, and I really enjoyed watching you get off in your good bracket matches. I can't wait until you're finally back in Arizona for good, and I look forward to playing with you. We (Tony included) shall become monsters together <3 p.s. Teach me to fight Ice Climbers ^_^

Jackie: Thanks for driving and teaming with me. You were quite interesting and educating company to be around, and I enjoyed your presence.

Light: Good stuff in R2 pools. Don't let haters get to you; just do your thing, and ignore everyone and everything. You're a really good player, but you let outside influences get to you too easily. Learn to tune that out and show the world what you're made of!

OkamiBW: Thanks for housing us. Sucks you didn't make it out of R1 pools. Your pool was SOOO STUPID. I know you're better than that! Also, it was nice playing friendlies with you for the first time ever in the time we've known each other. Let's try to continue that in AZ.

Vectorman, Silly Kyle, Rubyiris, Bryce, Jar'd, KiraFlax, Yamer, Dark: It was nice seeing you.

Other people

Dr. PeePee: I never got to play your Falco. Oh well, I don't want to see your sick Falco anyway LOL. You owe me games next time we're at the same tournament and you're not sick. I know you'll start taking names as usual in the near future once you're feeling better since you're... well.... really ****ing good. Anyway, aside from your performance, you were really fun to hang out with at the hotel. Thanks for making me laugh in light of Kage's warrior ****, and thanks for being around to chill for hours when I was being an insomniac.

Darkatma: <3 you so much, twin. You should've sat with AZ at Denny's! Anyway, you're a super nice guy, and I enjoyed talking to you. Congratulations on doing so well at this tourney. Looking forward to our next hug and our rematch. I'm out for blood :) Also I demand another scalp massage next time we see each other.

PewPewU: Sorry for cheering my heart out against you against Axe. Actually, I'm not sorry about that, but you know what I mean. It was pretty cool talking to you at the tournament, despite us never getting to play for whatever reason. I'll put up a better challenge for high placing Marths next time, I promise ^_^

Twin A: Your Sheik has gotten better. GGs, hopefully we see each other again sometime soon. Take care of Light, but try to give him back to us whenever you can.

Tw1n: Never played you, but you were good company as usual.

Lucien: <3333 thank you so much for being so supportive when I ask you questions about smash. It's helped me get a lot better in the past few months, and it'll probably last me a while in terms of me having a direction to develop in regarding smash. Hopefully I'll be able to make you proud in that regard sometime soon :p I wanted to see you finish as one of the high placers at this tourney :( Sucks you ran into Sheik dittos so early. Oh well, you've got this next time. If there is a next time for you :/

Bob$: NICE CHEST, BRAH LOLL. Much <3333, Bobby! Anyway, to you, I'd like to direct a bunch of the same things I said to Lucien. You're an amazing oasis of advice and Smash knowledge, and you've helped me out so much. I wish we got to play.

Dart: Good stuff. Your Marth is pretty good. I'll put up a better challenge for high placing Marths next time.

Violence: I don't know what you look like.

Shoyo: I enjoyed our friendlies and pools matches. You're pretty good; I wish you did a little better in bracket. Also, I had fun cheering for you in pools ^_^

DoH: :( Good games, dude.

Kage: Dat warrior ****..... btw GGs in pools and friendlies. I'll **** you up next time we run into each other in tourney.

Phil: GGs, it was fun seeing you. You're always really nice and really fun to talk to.

Meta: GGs. Our R2 pool was so ********. You should've at least made it out of R2, but whatever.

Brandon: You're welcome for finding your controller. I shoulda done that after our pools match LOLLLL. I'm looking forward to our rematch. I promise it'll be way harder next time. Also, thanks for being hilarious and a really cool guy, as usual.

SFAT: We never played :( I'm still salty about DGDTJ hahaha

Fuzzyness: We never got to play :(

S2J: Good stuff in tourney. Your Falcon is super good. Contender for best Falcon now IMO, even though I doubt you'd admit it. Also, I'm coming for dat *** whenever we finally play in tournament. Thanks for the tips and Falcon practice a few days before G2, also. It sorta helped me piece a few things together mentally, and hopefully it'll help me bring home that bread :p

Eggz: GGs. We should play friendlies at the next tourney we're at.

Silent Wolf: GGs to you too. I'd also like to play friendlies with you haha.

Lovage: Uhhhh... sup? Thanks for housing me and playing with me pre-Genesis. It helped prepare me for some stuff. Hopefully I helped you too, but I guess you didn't have enough time to fine-tune yourself towards other Marth styles. Good **** vs Hbox, too.

Dajuan: GOOD STUFF, dude. Even though you took out my friends, you deserved those wins. You've always been a really cool guy when I talked to you, and you're stupidly good at Melee. I don't know why hella people still sleep on you. You're obviously super good. Don't let this shoutout get to your head, though!

Leffen: GGs in friendlies (oh, and teams). Before I saw you, I expected you to be garbage, but it turns out you're actually mad good LOL. Your style is also fun to play against. Keep holding it down in Sweden. Show CalleW and IVP what Leffen is made of!!! lol take care, I can't wait to play you again

Fly: You better hope you never run into me again once I start playing with Wobbles on at least a weekly basis.... half kidding <3 You're an extremely solid player, and I know you'd put up a good fight even if ICs became my best matchup. Keep ******; people outside of the WC still seem to sleep on you for whatever reason.

Emily: Thanks for helping me get places in Socal and thanks for the Twilight Sparkle doll. You're an unbelievably kind person. Stay that way.

Jesson: Miguel just admitted to us that he's gay LOLLLLLL thanks for hanging out with me in Socal. Chilling with you guys was really cool. I had fun making people rage on MK9 online and trolling Alfredo. Also, thanks for the sweater :)

C: DUDE! YOU ARE SO AWESOME. I'm so glad you came over to 214 to hang out with me and Taj. You were a really nice guy with a great attitude, and I think at some point you made me feel better about not making it out of pools. Thanks for that! I hope to see you back in the states soon. If/when you do come back, I'll definitely hunt you down so we can shoot the breeze again.

DBR, Sheridan, Azn Lep: Thank you guys so much for working your ***** off to host this tournament. G1 and G2 were easily the funnest tournaments ever. I hope you guys decide to host a 3rd one in a year or two. I have so much respect for you guys and your love/dedication to the smash community, especially keeping your cool and doing everything necessary to make sure the event ran smoothly in light of the unfortunate happenings regarding Zelgadis.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 9, 2009
the best tournye ever... **** that i didn't go 'cause no money for me xD
lolshotouts to mango for being the best fox evar


Smash Master
Feb 12, 2006

didn't know 7th got paid more than 8th

peice of ****

shoutouts in a bit

t3h Icy

Smash Master
Jun 12, 2009
Melee GFs were for $1698.125
M2K made $4658
Armada made $3579.25



Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Consolations were played out? How come i never seen Tyrant vs Zex| Rich Brown vs Tearbear etc?


Smash Journeyman
Apr 17, 2011
Auckland, NZ
Really, really awesome!

Great job Armada! Finally winning a US tournament - and I'm glad to see Peach win it big! Looking at last years Genesis, pretty ironic huh? And dang, first time I'm cheering for Mango, he doesn't win!

Also great job to Taj (finally a Marth in top 4 that's not M2K) and all you other amazing players and TOs who made this event possible. :D

And is that Isai in Melee singles!? The Isai!?

Anyways, can't wait for the videos! ^_^

Fantastic stuff!


Smash Lord
Feb 21, 2007
St. Louis, MO
Incredible tournament! I am so glad I went; sad that not too many girls signed up though :\


My pool: Glad to have won some games but wish I could have won more....All in all it was ggs.
DEHF: Wow, I hope I get to play you again sometime and not get *****.
MogX and QK: Go Kirbies! Fun dittos!

Logic and Aposl: I enjoyed our scary, long-*** walk to Jack in the Box. Good bonding moment. Hopefully didnt nerd out too much. *snapsnap*

Fun playing all those friendlies!! Greyfox, Deborah, Chill?, Ninja the Sage Link, Mr. Winkyface, Brandon and many more. =_= sorry I am so bad with names but put yourself on a line up and I will remember!

Mafia was fun! Thanks to GIMR, Aposl, Pane, Logic, Genoblast, Biglou, Cheese, Hylian, Roller, Gunblade? and other guy for playing!

It was fun tossing the frisbee around! Joshua, Esam, Geno, good frisbee guy, and others!

It was fun playing cards: Rich Brown, Pane, Nick Riddle, Hungrybox, Virtualvoid?, guy that played mafia with me, Aposl...

Sorry for forgetting names....

Nice seeing you all again! Atomsk, Gnes, Razor, StealthRaptor, Tyrant, and zomg too many to name :( I hope to see you all again! Maybe apex???

Cheese: Sorry Hylian and I didnt party like we promise....

Twins: Wish I could have seen more card tricks but the one I saw was definitely AMAZING. My mind = blown.

Good **** Darkatma! You were so close to making it to top 10!

And overall, thanks DBR for making my first WC tournament the best one so far! I hope there will be a third! >.<



Smash Journeyman
Jan 4, 2011
Tucson, AZ
Roughly chronological shoutouts:
Bizzaroflame: For some reason I expected a large black man. You're a super nice dude, I love your Ganon and will start practicing my own Ganon because you ***** me so hard on Dreamland. I honestly think that was the hardest I've been ***** since when I started playing melee with Falco dittos with Forward.
Kage: Foreshadow to my demise to Ganon throughout this tournament. Warrior dumps ftl. You were easy to take photos of since you make so many outrageous faces :troll:
Dr. PeePee: You seem like a cool dude, I wish you weren't sick so you
could have been more talkative.
Meta: Fun teaming with you versus PP and M2K. Double rests ftw.
M2K: I'm glad my Falcon only got 2 stocked by your Sheik. Your edgeguarding is so sexy, I can't help but be a fan even if I am the one getting slapped to death.
Baka: Solid Peach versus fast fallers, I wish I got to play you more.
G$: You look a lot grumpier in your pictures but you're a happy a** dude in person. We'll MM next time.
Twins: Kyle is the cat in the hat, oui? I still suck at telling which twin is which. I just now realized we still have never played, fffffuuuuuuuu
Armada and Aniolas: You guys looked so ****ing happy and in such a good when I met you. Makes me want to visit Sweden.
Anton: Friendly dude, you'll get vengeance next time!
Dylan: That talk you had with Rob sounded exactly like a couples break up, I had to hold in my laughter and awkwardly moonwalk my way out. Smash more!
Fly Amanita: I expected you to be a fat Asian for some reason. It was awesome talking strategy with you, your observations are interesting.
Bob$: You're a chill dude, I have more trouble with your Falco than your Marth for whatever reason.
Lucien: You're soooo much better in singles than doubles. Your Sheik ***** so hard without playing gay at all, I respect your talent.
Mimi: I don't remember who introduced us but I'm surprised you're not friends with AZ already. Hope you had fun with my lens.
Hbox: You're a friendly dude and not shy at all. In our little rotation of friendlies, I noticed that you like to have at least compliment for each person you played. I have no clue how much you sandbagged me but I enjoyed our matches.
Hugs: You seem chill, you also do all kinds of funky poses so you're photogenic in that sense too I guess jaja
Ihavespaceballs: Our matches were fun (which means something to me considering you play a floatie) and you're a cool dude to chat with. Thanks for being cool with me taking the set-up at the end.
Vish's roommate Ganon: Solid Ganon, I'm sorry I forgot your name (starts with an A?). I hope I see you **** tournaments soon.
Virtualvoid: You came here from so far? Ah! I had no idea, I would've wanted more matches.
Kaostar: You're friendly, I wish we got to play.
Leffen: I love your nairs and funky edgeguarding. I also find it hilarious how English isn't your first language but you still manage to yell "F***" every time you airdodge off. Training you was fun.
Little England: You seem like a cool guy, I'm sad I didn't get to play your Falco.
Silentwolf: Smooth *** fox. I had no clue I was playing you until I heard someone call you Otto.
Kou: Solid Falco edgeguards, I'm not sure why I wrote my name on your phone but I hope I see an epic project come from your collection.
Mexican: I didn't know DK could combo like that. I'm glad I lost to you so I could humble myself a bit with matchups.
Strongbad and Vectorman: Tai and I are a-holes and decided to go double Sheik for ****s and giggles.
Irish Mafia: You're the only Falcon that found me to MM. Kickass.
Dart: You kind of **** on my Falcon, I want a salty rematch next time.
Eggz: Ganon DK matches? Jajaja. Thanks for the pointer. I crack up whenever I see you do the Pantene Pro V hair flip.
S2J: Damn it we didn't get to play. I knew you'd be the highest placing Falcon.
Tope: Thanks for being the only guy who knew what a Bowser flame cancel is lol
Julian/sweetxignorance: You're the Asian Napoleon Dynamite.
Ally: The funniest part of the ride was hearing you sing "America, F*** YEAH".
Random other brawl players: I don't remember any of your names but I'm glad we all got along in peace even with our different games. Y'all was still fun to kick it with outside of smash.

Tai: Thanks for housing and pho. It was fun driving with you, you had no weird demands and funny music. Poisssooooonnnnn. Thang map.
Taj: Congrats. Love your smash philosophy talk and musical humor. I wanna see some more real life mind games next time you're on that stage.
Axe: Your taste in music sucks. So does your Marth.
OkamiBW: Thanks for cheap housing and free housing.
Vectorman: Eat some ****ing vegetables and visit Tucson more.
Nicknyte: You suck. Seriously though, you're weird as **** but still one of my favorite people sometimes.
Xander: Play more. Once people realize how nice you can be, they'll want to play you more as well.
Light and Dark: Thanks for the support during matches, I didn't realize it was you guys until I turned around since I'm not used to your voices.
Bryce: Play more! I wanna see you **** pools by next tournament.
Silly Kyle: Good **** beating big names and outplacing me in doubles.
Tommy and Jar'd: Come back to melee.
Yamer: Now that you know AZ is melee active, come back.
Joey: I'm glad I talked you out of being a little cry baby ***** and had you play your pools. Play more so you can **** AZ when you get back.

DBR: Thanks so much, I truly appreciate all the effort and sacrifice you put into this tournament. Your videos helped start the smash community as we know it today and Genesis has helped solidify it. <3333333333333333333333333

Dr Peepee

Ancient Light
Sep 29, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina
Gonna be shorter than usual because

DBR- Pro tournament. You guys pulled out lots of stops for this thing and even recovered from a near catastrophe to keep it going. Respect. Thank you all so much for putting this together!

Room 203:

Hbox- Thanks. You know what for. =) That puff sucks thing I do is a joke btw LOL just havin a little fun. =p anyway south is bringing it back SOON. Also gs in teams and crews.

Twins- THANK YOU for babying me. guhhhhhh I felt so bad asking you guys so much AND getting one of you sick! =( Thanks for putting up with me and I hope I returned the favor by being decent company because I was trying really hard despite how tired I was haha. Thanks for letting me in the room and allowing me to hang out. Just....thanks lol.

Dekar- You're really chill. I feel kinda bad I never hyped one of your matches but I wasn't in good condition to /johns

Sorry I got you sick dude. =( Let's meet up again soon!

Jarrd(spelling?)- Great meeting and talking to you dude. =) Can't wait until next time brodawg.


Kage- MM my Roy at Apex. =)

Also shake that tourney match off dude. Keep the warrior training going bro. <3

Also keep the warrior dumps in Canada please USA has class

srsly we'll kick you out if you do it again not joking


Wobbles- Good getting to know you better this weekend man. Your mind works in a funny way but it's interesting. I definitely wouldn't mind talking to you about more solid things in the future haha. Great job this tourney btw.


Hax: Good shiz listening to me and keeping that head held high dude. That's how you gotta be in hostile waters haha. Next time we're gonna wreck even harder. =)

Cyrain- Nice Falco. =) Let's play more when I heal up lol. Also great job in the crew battle. I expect as many stocks as Tope now that you have experience though ;)

Danielle- You are so legit LOL. Talking to you was mad cool and knowing how you read up on all the top players and everything just had me buggin out hahaha. Cameron's a lucky dude haha. =)

Oh thanks for all the support too! Really helped make my days easier haha.

Tope- ROFL pools. XD Hey man sick job in the crew battle and shake that mess off in death pools. Get that warmup next time so east coast destroys bracket okay?

Sensei- Great talking to an OG. Hit me up if you ever feel like it. =)


also ROFLLLL you in all of the pics with the girls XD

ESAM- Good talkin to you man. You're a pretty cool guy. Sorry we didn't get to play though. =(

IHSB- Don't sweat the CB bro. You took some goooooooood stocks. Looked like a pole dancer(Samus was also the pole.....cause she's metallic and stuff. nevermind) while doing it too. We need to hang out more eventually haha. =p

M2K- Sorry I held you back in teams. =( Great playing this tournament though! And awesome job on first in Brawl! It was amazing to see happy M2K again. =)

If I forget any EC I'm sorry but there were like none of us here LOL so you guys are hard to find.


Armada: Good job. Can't wait for that rematch baybay

Kou: Hope you enjoyed our games. =) Japanese style is cool.

AJP: I'm the cuter twin, just btw. =p

C: I knew you were trolling first! XD

Leffen: Watch out for MacD. This is your fair warning.

Also tell the Jersey Shore folks I don't watch their show and never will.

Also nice Falco. =p

Zoler: Thanks for helping me learn more about Swedish/European culture. That was really interesting!

Shloka: Great talks dude. =) We started the whole Kage episode so let's pat ourselves on the back for being awesome. =p

JD: Great talking to you dude. Sorry we didn't get more games in but there'll be a next time, right? I mean after 400 years I assume there's another chance. =p

Qlex: Nice meeting you dude. Sorry we didn't get to play though. =(

Thanks for chillin with me in the line though. That was fun haha.

Shoyo: I'M REALLY SORRY!!!!! =( You asked me like FIVE THOUSAND times to play and we never did. If you come to something else though I totally got you dude. You're mad chill though and thanks for asking Kou that question for me LOL. =p

Meta: GGs dude.

West Coast:

Darrel: Sorrrrry dude. =( Gah dang it I need to play you so badly LOL XD You're in my phone though so next time!

Waffles: Great seeing you man! Wish we had hung out more but I wasn't up to it haha. Next time(soon)?

Phil: Hey man, great to see you again. Also keep yourself positive dude, you're a really good guy. SOON let's chill for real haha.

MacD: Behave for once UGH! Also thanks a million for driving my pathetic butt around for everything. VERY much appreciated man. Also stop avoiding me at restaurants LOL.

Lucky: Great job in teams dude. Shake singles off man, just practice up for the modern gayness lol.

TAI: Good stuff ****** me lol. So embarrassed to see those videos. XD Either way, it was nice to FINALLY meet you and see the new Marth talent for myself. I can't wait to properly test it. =) Thanks for keeping me company in the hotel, and for enjoying my messing with Hugo and the clerk LOLOL. See you on aim. =)

L: GJ in pools against me bro. Keep it up.

Bob$: GGs in pools dawg. Wish we could've played more.

Sfat: Fun pools matches dude. Fox is fast lol. More matches next time please.

Little England: GGs in pools dude.

Atma: Solid job in pools man. Hope my advice was helpful.

Shroomed: GGs. Let's play again real soon. =)

Alan: You're a troll LOL.

Tang: Nice dancing.

Lovage- Great seeing you dude! You're a cool guy with a fast Fox. We should play more though. No head hanging about singles though! That's my job only! =p

S2J: Please don't hate me. <.< I wasn't trying to disrespect you. I just didn't want to do work with Falco and that's the honest truth.

Fly: You beat me. Good job. Thanks so much for the kind words afterward too. It really made a difference on my mood so thanks again. I'd like legit games very soon. =)

Taj: You beat me fair and square. Congrats on third bro. Comin back for you though. =)


Sheridan/Azn Lep/etc- You guys are awesome for helping with the tournament! Thank you so much! =)

Milktea- Subway was fun lol. Did you figure out my mindgame yet btw?

D Disciple- You are so hype I loved it dude! Thanks for making all of the days so much fun hahaha. XD Can't wait to hang with you more next time man. =)

Red Bull Girls- Ayyyyy

Snack Bar Girls- ayyyyy

Zoreh- Thank you for the rides. =)

Everyone I didn't meet- Sorry I was sick rofl. Next time!

Everyone I forgot- I'm rushing this lol remind me and I'll add you in.

Mango- I'm mad at you. You also **** but I'm still mad. You're also kinda cute but I'm gonna be mad anyway.

Every single person I played- Rematch next place we're at.

See you guys at Apex!


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Apr 15, 2007
fuuuuuck still super salty about teams payout being so top heavy

looks like i gotta **** next time


Smash Master
Jan 24, 2009
New York, NY
Assistance, please...

BRAWL SINGLES (48 Players)

1: M2K :metaknight: ($3,148.75)
2: Ally :metaknight: :falco: :wario: :snake: ($1,574.38)
3: ADHD :diddy: ($846.88)
4: Gnes :diddy: ($482.00)
5: Tyrant :metaknight: ($288.75)
6: Zex :metaknight: :marth: ($193.25)
7: Tearbear :metaknight: ($144.38)
8: Rich Brown :olimar: ($96.63)
9: UltimateRazer :snake: ($25)
9: ESAM :pika: :popo: ($25)
9: Larry Lurr :falco: ($25)
9: Atomsk :dedede: :warioc: ($25)

13: Krystedez :wario:
13: SK92 :falco:
13: Trela :lucario:
13: HAVOK :metaknight:
17: FOW :ness2:
17: Rain :metaknight: :falco:
17: Earth :pit: :sheik:
17: Inui
17: Logic :olimar:
17: Trevonte :fox:
17: Seibrik :metaknight:
17: HRnut
25: Shaky :ness2:
25: GimR :falco: :gw:
25: KiraFlax
25: MVD :snake:
25: Anuar :olimar:
25: Denti :olimar:
25: MikeHaze :marth:
25: Choice :falco: :wolf:
33: Adroscos
33: NickRiddle
33: FishBait73
33: JeepySol
33: Sky
33: The Nanerz
33: Filip
33: Poltergust :yoshi2:
33: Zekey
33: falln
33: Biglou
33: X :sonic:
33: weruop
33: Supersmashtwins
33: Nerd
33: kismet2 :metaknight:


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Sep 18, 2007
PP gave me a shoutout? Ballin.

Anyway time for mine.

Room 203;

The Twins: Thanks so much for letting me stay in your guys room/helping me get to the hotel from the airport. I feel really bad tho cause I owe one of you guys (cant remember who was in control the money, I think it was David?) 10$ from the last night of the hotel. I was so focused on being told I didn't pay for the Bart that I forgot. Strangle me for the money next time I see you guys.

Dekar: Thanks a ton for kind of giving me the hookup with the twins for the room. We had hella fun crackin jokes all weekend. Sucks you played like you lived in NM (oh wait...) in 2nd round pools. Btw, DJ Qualls is your dad gg.

Hungrybox: Cool talking to you. Going to target and **** was fun We were some of the few smart ones to dodge that crazy black guy lol. Really sorry about hitting you in the face Sunday night lol. I would wake up and you were on a new side of me, I couldn't keep track and kept rolling over and hitting you lol.

PP: Fun talking to you, at the venue and at the hotel. I'm sad you stayed sick all weekend, but at least you still tried and did pretty good. I did what I could to protect your OJ, hopefully no one took any. ;D

Wobbles: I love you. I'm glad you're back in AZ. It was fun talking to you about workout techniques, definitely going to try stuff out when I get back to AZ. Good job molesting EC in crews. :)

Kage: Ganondorf saying "T ITS" when he jumps is 2good. Too bad we didn't get to talk more.

Fuzzy: sick gyroball brah.


Taj: **** yeah man. Seeing you rep AZ like that makes me want to play more melee. It makes me want to cry that I wasn't there to cheer for you until 5th match, and even then it was way out in the crowd. I was so happy when you won though. GS again. :)

Axe: I wish we could've talked more. You're too good.

Light: So sad about round 3 pools. It was good seeing you again though. Can't wait until you come back to AZ.

Kira: It was really fun seeing you again. I miss you bro, no matter how much I clown on you. I really hope you come back to AZ again.

Silly Kyle: Day 1 went great for you, but day 2 was meh. You'll do better next time. GS either way.

Tommy: You need to learn to protect your **** brah. I beandipped you an unhealthy amount. You're sick though.

Jackie: Thanks for the ride

Tai,Joey,Vman,Bryce,Stevo: Good seeing you.


Sade: Thanks for the sick badge. :)

D.Disciple: You're funny as hell. You couldn't figure out my name but it's all good.

Tyrant/Mikehaze/Laurel/Samuelson: Thursday night was fun. ;) Glad I could chill with you guys for a bit. Specialshoutouts to mike for finally learning my name.

Terry: It was sick seeing you again. We only got to talk a bit, but you're funny. Good job doing so well in bracket. Too bad you couldn't beat Zex, but GS regardless.

Europeans I talked to: I feel really bad that I can't remember your names. D: Arcy's the only one I can pull out right now, but either way it was sick seeing you guys. You're all pretty funny. Wish I could've talked to you guys more. Special shoutouts to the two French smashers that I met at SFO on Tuesday.

Choice,Trevonte: Playing you guys in doubles was fun. I'm telling you, Wolf's the best. Us winning 2nd game had nothing to do with you guys not trying, it was all because of my carry wolf. :) It should be obvious seeing as you guys won game 3 with Wolf.

X: You're so sick bro. I wish we could hang out more, but Utah is bootyhole I'm not going there lol. You're always so happy, it's sick as hell.

Dark Ryu: I'm glad I could see you before you went on your mission. You're too cool. Never got to do our random pullup match though. Lucky for you. ;D

Filip: It was interesting talking to you about the Japanese smash scene. Your English was actually decent, so conversations were easy. Hope you come back to the US with other Japanese players. :)

DookDigity: You're so cool man. I really hope you start playing smash again, I miss you too much. You're one of the nicest people I know. Good job doing well in 64 as well.

brex:rep dat az 64 scene brah

Valdens: We didn't get to talk much, but I hope you got a kick out of my badge.

Itakio: You look like Duffy! You really do!

KillLock: It was cool finally getting to meet you. Too bad we didn't go on our adventure.

Atomsk: No more homeless haircut lolol ;D I'm glad you liked my adjective.

t0mmy: Fun seeing you again and talking about stuff. I wish t1mmy could've made it, but whatever. I also wish you could've made some more southwest food. :D

To everyone I forgot to write a shoutout to: Maybe I'll remember

To everyone who I didn't get to meet: Maybe next time.

To all the killers: GG bros. Me and Dekar got you on lock LOL.

damn that was long.


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Mar 9, 2008
Kissimmee, FL (Poinciana)
Will pools results be posted for both games? Also, it only says 32 entrants for Melee and 48 for Brawl, I think you should also have the total amount of entrants listed in the OP.


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Apr 9, 2008
Van Nuys
this tournament was so effing awesome. dare i say it was equal to, if not better than the first Genesis? at any rate, a class act all around, and i'm only sad i spent more time filming and less time playing friendlies



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Jan 24, 2009
New York, NY
Last edited by Bionic; Today at 04:00 AM. Reason: it's actually appropriate to add a falco next to M2K's name since he won a round w/ him, but whatever works

Seriously? lol I'm pretty sure I can safely exclude that one... Thanks either way.

Also who did Atomsk use?


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Oct 1, 2008
Richmond, TX
holy ****

wes and i got our money back!? i thought it was only top 6 for doubles

****in LOL. rapee

shoutouts in a bit, goin to bed now..but in the meantime thanks for such an amazing experience DBR!
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