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Official Apex 2010 Full Results

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Alex Strife

Smash Hero
Apr 24, 2006
Results are going to be posted here with full information on Brackets but I need to compile it all into one Tio file. For now here are the results.




1: Scorpion Master + Lucky ()
2: Mew2King + Jman ()
3: Armada + Aniolas ()
4: Hax + HungryBox ()
5: Dr.PeePee + Everlasting ()
5: Raynex + Unknown522 ()
7: Dashizwiz + Lee Martin ()
7: Axe + Taj ()
9: Colbol+ Chopz ()
9: G$ + Alukard ()
9: DoH + Wobbles ()
9: Darc + Th0rn ()
13: Diakonos+ Kage the Warrior ()
13: Tag$ + Cactuar ()
13: Tope + Cyrain ()
13: Vanz + Zhu ()
17: Hyuga + MacD ()
17: FullMetal + S0FT ()
17: Eggm + Plank ()
17: Eggz + SilentWolf ()
17: Blunted_object10 + Vanity Angel ()
17: ChillinDude829 + ChuDat ()
17: Doyoung + Spam ()
17: Hazz + HBK ()
25: Mofo + Pc Chris ()
25: Afro_Chris + I.B ()
25: Doll + Ether ()
25: Animal + Prog ()
25: Tec0 + Magus ()
25: G-Regulate + SavEdge ()
25: Fear + Poekhat ()
25: Ben-Teezy + WK ()
33: Winston + Wenbo ()
33: Diesel + Mafia ()
33: Darksyde + Lord Karn ()
33: Inui + Vex Kasrani ()
33: Sauce + SF ()
33: d1 + Nando ()
33: Idea + Sanuzi ()
33: Laijin + chival ()
33: CopyCat + Pakman ()
33: Nintendude1189 + SwiftBass ()

Doubles Teams were not played out for full 1-8 placing.



1: hungrybox:039:
2: Armada:peach:
3: mew2king:shiek::fox::marth:
4: Dr. Peepee
5: Axe:025::falco:
6: Wobbles:popo:
7: Jman:fox:
7: Zhu:falco:
9: Dashizwiz:falco:
9: Eggm:fox:
9: Vanz:fox::peach::jigglypuff::popo:
9: Hax:falcon:
13: Cyrain:fox:
13: I. B:marth:
13: Darc:jigglypuff:
13: ChuDat:popo:
17: Eggz:fox:
17: Raynex:fox:
17: Chopz:falco:
17: Kage the Warrior:ganondorf:
17: Taj:mewtwo:
17: Chillindude829:fox:
17: Lucky - CA:fox:
17: Silent Wolf:fox:
25: Scorpion Master:mario2::falcon:
25: Unknown522:fox:
25: Cactuar:fox:
25: Diakonos
25: Tec0:shiek:
25: MacD:peach:
25: Blunted_Object10
25: Th0rn:falco:
33: Colbol:fox:
33: Smashmac
33: D1:fox:
33: Enz0 kf
33: Tag$:fox:
33: stabbedbyanipple
33: G$:falco:
33: PC Chris:fox:
33: Plank:shiek:
33: everlating yayuhzz
33: Ether
33: Banks:shiek:
33: Alukard
33: VisT:luigi2:
33: Mr. F
33: WarriorKnight

64 Singles


1: Sensei (¤66.00)
2: Nintendude (¤33.00)
3: Megavolt (¤11.00)
4: Jerry
5: Jband
5: Hamburglar
7: PC Chris
7: Vudugin
9: Scorpion Master
9: Wenbo
9: gunblade
9: Sharky
13: Mister E
13: Silver
13: ChuDat
13: Lefty
17: M@V
17: Jtails
17: Xivk
17: Fino
17: Sanuzi
17: smelly cat



1: DEHF:falco:
2: Brood:olimar:
3: mew2king:metaknight:
4: Lee Martin:lucario::metaknight:
5: Ally:snake:
5: lain:popo:
7: Rain:falco::metaknight:
7: Atomsk:dedede::popo::wario:
9: Anti:metaknight::snake:
9: Shadow:metaknight:
9: san:ike:
9: Shugo:sonic::falco:
13: Inui:metaknight:
13: Sweet Pea:metaknight::lucario:
13: Gnes:diddy:
13: Malcolm:warioc:
17: Bizkit:snake:
17: Doom:metaknight:
17: Earth:pit::shiek::zelda:
17: NinjaLink:random:
17: UltimateRazer:snake:
17: ChuDat:kirby2:
17: Jerm:toonlink:
17: Vex Kasrani:bowser2::popo::dedede:
25: Nairo:metaknight:
25: Swordgard:popo:
25: Jash:toonlink:
25: SK92:falco:
25: Blue Rogue:wario:
25: Logic:olimar:
25: HolyNightmare:metaknight::rob:
25: Patg:zerosuitsamus::lucario:
33: Eggz:metaknight:
33: Keitaro:falco:
33: Jtails:metaknight:
33: CO18:dedede:
33: Koolaid:pit:
33: Bill_
33: Cable:dk2:
33: Junebug:lucario::metaknight:
33: vVv Fino:olimar:
33: Bloodcross:falco::metaknight:
33: Vinnie:gw:
33: Squall:snake:
33: speed:sonic:
33: Kel:metaknight:
33: Snakeee:zerosuitsamus:
33: MintyFlesh:marth:
49: TUSM
49: Orion:metaknight:
49: Fujita:falco:
49: Will:dk2:
49: Zucco:lucario:
49: Coney:dedede:
49: Trela:lucario:
49: TeeVee:rob:
49: Dr. Grandpa:dk2:
49: Boss:luigi2:
49: suinoko:diddy:
49: jbandrew:metaknight::luigi2:
49: Big Lou:luigi2:
49: Deltacod:yoshi2:
49: Chaos Marth:metaknight:

Brawl Doubles


1: Lee Martin + Mew2King ()
2: ChuDat + JuneBug ()
3: Gnes + Ultimate Razer ()
4: Atomsk + Nairo ()
5: Ally + HolyNightmare ()
5: Zucco + Shadow ()
7: Boss + Logic ()
7: RAIN + Brood ()
9: Blackanese + T.O. Joe ()
9: Dazwa + Koolaid ()
9: Kel + Y.B.M ()
9: Inui + Snakeee ()
13: Co18 + Anti ()
13: Riot + PeachKid ()
13: Jash + Jtails ()
13: Malcolm + Ninjalink ()
17: Dapuffster + Vex Kasrani ()
17: Fury + Smurf ()
17: dmbrandon + ksizzle ()
17: GDX + Nicole ()
17: Trela + Meep ()
17: Jerm + Lain ()
17: NAKAT + Jbandrew ()
17: BigLou + Bill ()
25: Kingtoon + Squall ()
25: Ling-Ling + Teevee ()
25: Earth + Suinoko ()
25: MintyFlesh + Orion ()
25: Izumi + Vinnie ()
25: Fox16 + Vato_Break ()
25: Hinkage + Bloodcross ()
25: Kadaj + Sk92 ()
33: Bardull + PikaPika ()
33: Deven3000 + Dil ()
33: Guard + Techiyo ()
33: Chair + NikeNick ()
33: Will + KirinBlaze ()
33: Sweet Pea + Fujita ()
33: Helpr + Projo ()
33: Big M + Remix ()
33: Seph + Xionix ()
33: vVv ChiboSempai + vVv Fino ()
33: RJ + Pierce7d ()
33: King Kong + SwordGuard ()
33: ChaosMarth + Smasher89 ()
33: Cloudfox + Famous ()
33: DEHF + Praxis ()
33: Dr. Grandpa + San ()

Brawl - Singles


1: Nairo ($220.00)
2: Zucco ($110.00)
3: Ally ($66.00)
4: Ksizzle ($22.00)
5: Delta-cod ($11.00)
5: Coney ($11.00)
7: Nakat
7: dmbrandon
9: Emukiller
9: Doom
9: Lee Martin
9: Armada
13: KingKong
13: Snakeee
13: Inui
13: Bajisci
17: Speed
17: Kingtoon
17: YoshQ
17: Gunblade
17: Holy
17: Lobos
17: K-9
17: KiraFlax
25: Pierce
25: Vanz
25: Sassy
25: Inferno
25: Phillyrider
25: Vash
25: Van
25: ChuDat
33: Mechwarrior
33: Aposl
33: Kevin Magic Johnson
33: leaf
33: Woodman
33: Krickly
33: John12346
33: Kiwi
33: P.D.
33: Nuke
33: ShadoFiend
33: Gnes
33: GIMR
33: Jerm
33: Lain
33: Sil
49: Sharky

Brawl + Singles


1: Ally
2: Holy
3: Lee Martin
4: VaNz
5: ChuDat
5: Lord Karn
7: Snakeee
7: ChiboSempai
9: g-regulate
9: Gnes
9: Mew2King
13: KingKong
13: MdrnDayMercutio
13: YoshQ
13: PatG
17: Thunderhorse
17: Mechwarrior
17: Dapuffster
17: AvariceX
17: Atomsk
17: Squall
17: Veril
25: Naucitos

Thanks to VG bootcamp



Smash Master
Jul 31, 2008

Yo shoutouts to everyone who came and supported me for my birthday

love yall

/mad homo


Smash Master
May 29, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Could you possibly make a separate thread for Brawl and Melee.... So people don't get overlooked and things of that sort....


Smash Lord
Apr 22, 2009
Thanks for the post, Alex. Do you think you could change my tag so it's spelled properly? I don't want people to keep on spelling it "Diakanos", else they could be uploaded on youtube the wrong way etc. and I could never find the matches. It's just nice to have it spelled right, lol


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Anti's ***-OUTS

The melee community > brawl community in chillness dawg.

I had fun playing against Brood and **** in pools.

M2K vs Brood was the most hyped set of awl-tyme.

Idk what it was but Brood wasn't hard at all in pools for me, maybe had some of that angel dust for brackets.

Passin' around a bong in toasty's bathroom was awesome.

Me and Jman was sitting in the bath-tub talking about why he is gonna retire high as hell lmao

Walking around the hotel halls with TOJoe and Allied was hilarious *DITCH BOSS*

Me vs Nicole had mad hype and it was hilarious because i WASNT sandbagging lulz.
*She's also one of the chillest people i've met this weekend*

Shoutout to Hax$ for that you know what

Shoutout to my ***** DaShizWhiz + Lamchops + Hbox cool *** *****s

Shoutout to Inui for actually doing good in singles and taking out swordgard because he probably would of ***** me bahahaha.

Shoutout to Ally.... nah **** ALLY *salt*.

Shoutout to Rain for looking like Itatchi and ****.

Shouout to Fox16 for ****ing throwing up in the hotel room in the morning looooooooooooooooooooool.

Shoutout to Allied for having an amazing birthday pawty.

Shoutout to my ***** Lee Martin for telling me about that AMAAAZING subway sandwich and doing mad good in singles. Good ish my niggs.

Shoutout to Lain/Rofa/Nicole/Kira/Joe and others that was the parking lot smoking.

Shoutout to Texas for coming through and being chill niggs!
Shoutout to Toasty for being a chill dude too.

Shoutout to SmashMac/Prog/PbnJ/Warriorknight/G$/Alukard

Im done for now

Oh yeah, Shoutout to Prawn for supplying us with that good **** <3 you the best

Shoutout to ACE + Fatz + Koolaid + Sphere + Starlight <3 yall *****s funny.

EDIT : I might want to just go to nationals only because i have fun at every national i go to but Locals are BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG the money isn't worth it lmao.

And hopefully people won't ride my **** and say **** like how im godlike and w/e because i didn't even make top 8 *** bags

More shoutouts.

Shoutout to my ***** Lambchops for being a cool *** *****.

Shoutout to Japan for coming.


Fly *** attire.

Shoutout to all the melee heads i met this weekend <3 yall.


Smash Hero
Feb 8, 2008
Fox16: lmao u funny. **** wario
ToonySonic: fun meeting you! ill get the texture hacks to you later <3
Mew2King: really cool meeting you. thanks so much for helping me with the ditto! you are amazing
Orion: nice seeing you again. thanks for the tips!
Jash: your TL is sooooooo ****. nice to meet you
Zhu: we only talked for like a second but lololol
Tiger: nice seeing you again, fun marth! xD
EEVisu: i love playing u in friendlies! so fun
kingznightmare: nice to meet you man, you are a really cool dude.
TUSM: cool seeing you again! you are a really good player
RAIN: love ur falco omfg
Suinoko: japaaan<3 ur diddy kong is so fun to play
Big M: pleasure to meet you and ur bro
TheTantulus: nice seeing you again, thanks a lot for your help!
Diem: lol u name hater. really nice meeting u
Alex Strife: thanks for announcing that i needed a ride LOL
pane: thanks for the ride ahaha
Boss: this man is too good
Lee Martin: nice meeting u. lol @ ur "commentary" in the morning. thanks for the tips.
Speed: nice to see you again! ur sonic ***** :D
Blackanese: lol you are funny. teach me the GW MU sometime!
ChaosMarth: pleasure to meet you! our friendlies were really fun aisdhfasufdhas lolol
DotCom: omg your Olimar is so cool.
Will: **** DK what can I say
Meep: HAHAHAAHAH @ ICs wave dashing
KassandraNova: nice meeting you! that zss is so cute lmao
SnackAttack: nice meeting you man! i loved playing ur wario
Ally: nice to see that **** snake again. i forgot to give you 3 dollars :(
Lobos: man your daughter is so cute lmfao. nice seeing you again dude


Smash Obsessed
Oct 21, 2006
Raleigh, NC
1st. Unexpected Winner
2nd. International Player
3rd. M2K
4th. Southern Player
6th. Ice Climbers Player


Smash Hero
Feb 23, 2006
San Francisco
I'm kinda confused about how I got last place in teams if I won a match in winners. Does that mean that I was the only non-bye first round or something?


Smash Champion
Mar 15, 2008
Western Mass
Apex was disgustingly good. Shout outs later this week, cause I'm disgustingly tired. Working at 5 in the morning after staying through GFs of Brawl and having a 4 hour drive was a bad call for my body that I'd make every single time. **** was too good.

One special shout out for TKO freaking me the **** out the first day I was there by knowing my scrubby ***.


Smash Master
Jan 24, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
Brood vs M2k with the crowd reaction is being uploaded right now.


Also, there are older videos of me playing gonta (another Japanese olimar) from a year ago if anyone is interested. There's also some 9B on there.

Fun tournament.

Pennsylvania is a jerk for those tolls...

Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTZdIoS4Asc


Smash Champion
Mar 15, 2008
Western Mass
Shoutout to ACE + Fatz + Koolaid + Sphere + Starlight <3 yall *****s funny.
And a Special shout out to Anti, for freaking me the **** out and practically being a New Englander. The worst part was I have no idea how long you were calling me Ace before I even ****ing noticed. lmao.

You really are Jama? aren't you.


Smash Champion
Jul 2, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
I don't know if Axe / Wobbles did a tie breaker, but Jman and I didn't so we technically both got 7th.

Great tournament, I actually loved watching Brawl, despite probably not understanding half of what was going on LOOOL.

Mega hype all around, shoutouts later!


Not even death can save you from me
Rankings Team
Sep 9, 2004
Switch FC
I don't know if Axe / Wobbles did a tie breaker, but Jman and I didn't so we technically both got 7th.

Great tournament, I actually loved watching Brawl, despite probably not understanding half of what was going on LOOOL.

Mega hype all around, shoutouts later!
A lot of good melee players I know seem to like watching high level brawl matches but hate playing it lol.


Smash Champion
Jul 2, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
A lot of good melee players I know seem to like watching high level brawl matches but hate playing it lol.
It's a different mindset, and overcoming the initial barriers is very frustrating / difficult, especially the tournament aspect. But yeah, 8 minutes of Brawl was extremely bearable / enjoyable to watch when it was M2K vs Brood live, that's for sure.

Shoutout to Anti for trolling the **** out of me months ago LOOOL.


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
It's a different mindset, and overcoming the initial barriers is very frustrating / difficult, especially the tournament aspect. But yeah, 8 minutes of Brawl was extremely bearable / enjoyable to watch when it was M2K vs Brood live, that's for sure.

Shoutout to Anti for trolling the **** out of me months ago LOOOL.

<3 Zhu


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Awesome tourney... organization of venue/setups was flawless, match calling/enforcement could have been way better but bottomline is the tourney finished, so it's all good. So many great moments, I gotta come back later to cap them all.


Smash Lord
Jun 8, 2009
Cincinnati OH
Amazing tournament, Brood vs M2K was indescribable. Wish I coulda played more friendlies/did better in pools. But Suinoko-sans reaction was priceless lol.


King of Evil
Jun 12, 2008
La Grande, Oregon
I cannot begin to describe how good this tourney was. Every second of it was a pure blast. It's almost surreal looking in retrospect. 5 months ago I was just a WiFi player; I had virtually no hope of ever making it offline. Next thing you know, I'm playing people I never thought I'd even speak to in person and meeting people/making friends from all over the ****ed world.

I just can't depict how amazing each and every one of you was. People I never began to imagine I'd get along with were some of the coolest folks.

Just being able to play everyone in and of itself was amazing. But then the hotel? That place was ridiculous. Classy as ****! Aside from the fact that the stupid ***** in NJ see no need for refrigeration, so all the cereal and oatmeal I brought to save money on food was for naught, due to being unable to have milk at hand unless I kept it at a perpetual boil in the coffee maker.

The day then passed. Apex: Day 1. At the end of the day, I found myself with Praxis, Dark Pch., Adumbrodeus and Ed (Ed59, top-tier Zelda/Sheik) wandering around New Brunswicks in desperate search of good. We finally stumbled upon a 711 where I, in my fiscal conservatism, bought bread, jelly and peanut butter and ate 3 fatass PB&J sandwiches before I died of starvation.

God, I can't even recant all the memorable moments there. Met so many cool Melee players, too. In particular Shiz, Hungry, Kage, the Twins and so many others. At the hotel, I showed Kage how to do a Ganon back roll to FAir IRL. Earlier that night I was mimicking Sheik moves (badly) to Tutu (Endymion) and attracted a bunch of people inadvertently lol. I then proceeded to arm wrestle Hungrybox, and from there, 80% of the **** venue crowded around the table and I arm wrestled Hungry, the Twins, Ed and SK92. I was so ****ing tired afterward. All of 'em were strong as hell.

I also was told my Diem that me playing that MK on the big projector screen was livestreamed. Is that true? If so, sick. xD

Anyway, before I have a post-tourney hype hissy fit, I'd best get to the shoutouts and pictures! >:U Long-*** list.

Ed - I gotta say, man. I only met you 2 days ago, but you've got such an amazing character to you that I feel like I've known you forever. I'd definitely consider you an IRL friend. Top-tier player, too, man.

FWK - I never in a million years thought we'd meet. Yet there I saw you and your hat, standing before me. So glad I finally met you, Flame.

Tutu - Same as Ed. You and Ed are funny as **** and I loved every second hanging with you guys. Such an awesome Sheik, too.

Diem - We may have givene each other hell online, but ****, man, you're a solid dude. Really nice to have met you, Diem.

Vex - Same as Diem. Really enjoyed talking with you, Vex!

Inui - Same as Vex and Diem. XD We didn't talk too much, but you were a good dude as far as I could see.

SK92 - Fun arm wrestling matches, man. XD You're another person I never ever thought I'd meet. But I'm glad I did. You're a great guy.

Praxis - I watched you play San. You were SOOOO good until you got nervous! But aside from that, you're also such a wickedly awesome guy. It was fun as hell hanging with you to say the least.

Dark Pch - Same goes for Praxis, man. I nearly dropped a load when I saw you playing Rain. So ****ing legit.

KirinBlaze - I've heard so much about your Link, and was so stoked to finally get to play it. I was not at all disappointed. Impressed the hell out of me! Getting near you was like... oefrgnbaeoitnhb!r,tn[]pm

Shado - We only played one game, but **** your Sonic is good, man. Hanging with you was so fun. Hope to see you again sometime soon!

Jbandrew - Took me a second to realize Jband = Jbandrew. XD We didn't play or talk much, but you were such a cool guy. I hope we see more of each other come the MLGs and other big tourneys.

san - You're as good as they say, man. Your executions are phenomenal. I'm so glad we got to play. Impressive as hell, san! 'Grats on 9th AT A FREAKING NATIONAL!

Seagull - Your MK actually impressed me. It legit impressed me. I watched you play and you used him with such a unique flair. Good stuff, man.

NinjaLink - Ganon dittos were so fun lol. XD Good job on your set with BC, man. I love BC, but since he takes the game to heart, I could tell you felt pretty bad after the set. But good stuff nonetheless, dude! Nice to see you again.


Cable - Saw you go vs. SK92. So **** good, man. XD Nice to meet you at long last.

Gunblade - I legit never thought we'd meet either. But we did, and it was magic. You're more legit than I expected. Not to say I didn't think that already though. XP

HolyNightmare - Nice meeting you, Holy. I wish we could've played though. D: I saw you play though and your ROB is definitely a beast. Also really cool, too. You impressed me, man!

Ally - Your ICs are too good! Sorry we didn't get to play either as well, man. :/ NEXT TIME, THOUGH!

Stroumbert - Easily one of the toughest players I had to fight. You knew the Ganon MU in and out and were one of the smartest players I've faced. Impressive, impressive!

King Kong - When I played you, I felt bad for having such a tough time against you. Then Vex told me you're probably the best Bowser your skill level suddenly made sense. XD

Bizkit - Nice job beating Nairo, dude. Amazing final match. Your grenade placement is SOOO good.

Sphere - What do YOU want?

Fats - Getcha *** outta here.

GAY - Great to meet you, man. Amazing Peach.

Kiwi, Tempest and Bill - Endless <3s your you guys as usual. X3 I don't think I laughed harder than when I was with Bill and Tempest. You guys are the best.

BC - You're better than most peopel you know. But your anxiety brings you so far down. If you can overcome that, you'd be top-tier, easily.

Mike and Hink - o u guise lol

Papa Saucem - Why do you even bring Saucem along any more?

Saucem - Just kidding, Sauce. <3 We all love you. XD

YoshQ - Best Falcon and Luigi I played all **** day. Sorry I kept making you hurt yourself. XD

Japanese players - E. Honda

Doom - Sick MK, dude. Nice to meet you.

Shadow - You did so good in pools. I'm majorly impressed.

KSizzle - Didn't get to see you play, but you're a cool guy. Glad we met, man.

Anti - So legit in your matches against Brood. XD

Swordgard - Nice job trading 3-stocks with Inui. XD

Sherise and Deven - Nice meeting you two. Sorry we didn't talk more.

Nicole - Really good stuff with Peach. Every Peach main there had such a different style. You all impressed me a ton. Glad we got to play. Keep it up!

TKO - You're such a good dude, man. So glad we met. Thanks for all the help with the situation again, dude. And thanks for letting me use your body wash, too lolol. I was so unclean. D:

Shiz - Not only was the fact that you shaved your name onto the side of your head effing amazing, but you're a great dude. It was a total pleasure.

Eggz - Man, whatchu talkin' 'bout Nordic Viking man, getcha *** outta hee. >w< Really nice meeting you, man. Wicked cool, dude. Beast Melee player, too. I also saw you play someone on RC as MK. Didn't know you played Brawl.

Hungry - Thanks for turning me into a sideshow exhibit you *** >:I

Vato - Really great meeting and playing you, dude. Beast Mario. Stylin' on that Samus on the projector. XD

The Twins - Beasts. Nothing else to say. Beast Bros. I love you guys. XD

Allied - YOU ARE SUCH A ***

Kage - Our destinies are entwined. The cosmos would not allow the two different versions of the same person not unite.

DEHF - Really good job in the tourney, man. You functioned so well under all that pressure.

Chair - Beast Wario. I seriously have never had an issue with any other Wario. It is such a good MU for Ganon considering Wario's tier placement. You're awesome as a person, too. Funny as hell, man. XD

NikeNick - We didn't get to play, but I saw you plan San, and your decision making and quick reactions impressed me a lot. Really good stuff, Nick!


King of Evil
Jun 12, 2008
La Grande, Oregon
Also, did anyone find an extra wiimote + classic controller laying around? It was unmarked and had no strap on it. Can't imagine too many other people there had one. I think Shado was the only one who had a classic controller there besides me.

I'd be much obliged for any help. That's a good 60$ and it's my only controller.


Smash Ace
Jan 4, 2010
San Diego, CA
Lee Martin vs RAIN was also ****ing hyped, and intense for me personally (Just watching it on the livestream lol)

One of the best matches I've seen in a while.


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
So im gonna do shoutouts as i remember them slowly.

Shoutout to my ***** Eggz for being a ****ing boss <3


Smash Master
Mar 29, 2008
Posting videos at

Videos will be of
Atomsk vs Ninjalink
Coney vs Earth
Gnes vs Logic
Gnes vs San
Vex vs Patg
Vex vs Shugo
Ulitmate Razor vs Fugtia (Japanese player)
And my pool lol

All will be up within the week but since brackets are more important to upload b4 my pool I'll upload them first (Logic vs Gnes is up now)



Unity Ruleset Committee Member
Aug 25, 2003
Switch FC
5440 9697 6404
so who is the top 4 players in japan? its unreal that an OLIMAR beat m2k and molested ally. unreal
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