Observations on the Japanese Fanbase's Desires for Smash 4 (by Chronobound)

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This has been posted before, but there have been a lot of new faces that have joined and there is more talk about Smash Brothers. So, it may be a good time to share this information. Chronobound did some research on the Japanese fanbase and the following are his results. The information in this thread is from GameFAQ and includes some of his replies to other members about characters.

The following was made by Chronobound/Snakey and not by me. This is all his work, so if you are re-posting this information, please give him credit.

Here are my latest observations on what I have seen on Japanese forums, websites, and blogs when the topic of Smash 4 comes up.

Mario: Surprisingly, there is little demand for a Mario newcomer. Requests come up for nearly every Mario character, but each one of them does not have much requests.

Donkey Kong: K. Rool is amongst the most requested newcomers outside the cut Melee duo. Dixie Kong is also highly requested.

The Legend of Zelda: Its Ghirahim. After that its Toon Zelda. Tingle rarely comes up. Its important to note that Skyward Sword was by far the lowest selling 3D Zelda in Japan.

Metroid: Metroid requests rarely come up. However, I have seen posts mentioning Ridley's "overseas popularity".

Yoshi: Yoshi requests never come up.

Kirby: Waddle Dee (Bandanna). Before Return to Dream Land's release, it seemed that Gooey was the choice in regards to a fourth playable Kirby character.

Star Fox: Requests are uncommon, but when they do come up its usually Krystal, Leon, or Slippy. None of these characters have a notable amount of request volume.

Pokemon: Mewtwo is one of the two most requested characters. After him, its probably Zoroark for this series. Zoroark is definitely one of the names that comes up a lot, but how much of this is "expected" versus actually "wanted" is hard to determine. Requests also come up for B/W Trainer, Victini, and most recently Genesect. Genesect has a lot of potential to grow, imo.

F-Zero: Requests for a F-Zero newcomer usually go to Black Shadow. A lot of people want Black Shadow to be voiced by Norio Wakamoto.

Mother: Requests are uncommon, but when it does happen I usually see Kumatora.

Fire Emblem: Roy is one of the two most requested characters. After him, its Chrom for this series. Chrom is definitely one of the names that comes up a lot, but how much of this is "expected" versus actually "wanted" is hard to determine. A distant third is Lucina, who recently has taken up the mantle as the most wanted female Fire Emblem newcomer (that tiara last belonged to Micaiah over there). However, there is a debate amongst Lucina supporters whether her place would be better as a costume of Marth or a stand-alone character.

Kid Icarus: Palutena is the only character of this series that gets a large amount of requests. However, Palutena is definitely amongst the most wanted characters outside the cut Melee duo.

Pikmin: Pikmin requests never happen.

Wario: Wario requests never happen.

Retro: Retro requests are surprisingly uncommon. However, when it does happen its usually Takamaru.

Other: Shulk gets quite a lot of requests. Shulk is easily the most requested Nintendo character from a series not represented yet with a playable character in Smash Bros. A distant second would be Starfy. There are several Japanese Smash fans that mention Punch-Out and Little Mac's "overseas" popularity. Isaac (Robin in Japan) and Matthew get few requests. Saki and Isa also get few requests.

Third-party: Mega Man is by far the most requested third-party character, and the only one that comes up a lot. Mega Man is definitely amonst the most wanted characters outside the cut Melee duo. Aside from Mega Man, there is a lot of arguing and flame wars in regards to Namco. There is arguing not just about whether a Namco character should even be added, but amongst those who think one should be added there is no consensus. There are flame wars about which Tekken and Tales of character would be best for Smash Bros.

Here is a basic tier list amongst the characters that tend to get the most requests:


Mega Man
K. Rool

Dixie Kong

Waddle Dee

After that there is a large dropoff, and its quite difficult to group. However, most of the character requests are with these characters.

Also, its important noting that Toad is very popular in Japan, though this does not translate to Smash Bros. requests since these is a deep pessimism that his permanent role in the Smash Bros. series is as Peach's special. If such pessimism did not exist, Toad would definitely be amongst the most wanted newcomers for Smash 4 in Japan (possibly in the A-tier range).

That is pretty much what I saw. Sakurai has probably already decided most of the spots on the roster.


Black Shadow

After that it gets too hazy to do any ranks.

For a C-tier for requests in Japan, its:

Like in a topic or blog comments section, an A or S character gets more than 10 requests in it. If a character gets lots of requests at one site, but gets barely any requests at another it throws down their rank.

An extreme example of this is Toon Zelda. She was the most requested Zelda character at one site I looked at (getting 5-10 requests), but barely requested anywhere else.

For example, look at this site where you have Lucina/Anna get a decent amount of requests, yet outside this site they are practically unknowns.

Its not a single board. A collection of websites, the comments to a blog, comments to an article, message boards, 2ch, etc.

2ch is probably the worst in terms of comments because it quickly derails into flame wars.

A lot of the sites also got NSFW ads on them.
Probably around 10 sites. As for requests, some sites had like only 50 posts for their "who would like to see in Smash 4 thread" while others literally had thousands (those were a nightmare to look at because sometimes there would be dozens of posts where it was nothing but posters flaming each other).
Its a whole bunch of websites, blogs, and message boards. Not just 2ch. 2ch is full of idiots though.
[collapse=everything else]

Toon Zelda only got a lot of requests at one site I looked at. Elsewhere, she was barely requested. That is why I did not include her in that C-tier I posted. Its basically only Ghirahim that has a consistent showing for requests among Zelda newcomers.

Mewtwo and Roy were the top picks at nearly every site I looked at though, and Dixie Kong always came up quite a bit. Those are the only three of the Forbidden 7 that come up a lot.

I have seen a few mentions of Black Shadow getting Ganondorf's Melee/Brawl moveset. However, their does seem to be more genuine support there for the character than for the West, which mostly stems from the F-Zero anime and Norio Wakamoto's performance as the character.

As for the Mario characters, the ones that come up are Waluigi, Bowser Jr., Toad, Daisy, Dr. Mario, Geno, Rosalina, Paper Mario, and Boo. Its hard to group them in terms of who got the most requests since they all don't get much at all, but I would say that Waluigi and Bowser Jr. come up more than the others. Lots of people want Dr. Mario back at least as a costume.

I have never seen Tingle get a lot of requests in Japan, even during pre-Brawl. Toon Link (called "Cat Eyes Link" in Japan during pre-Brawl, was the Zelda character that had the most requests during pre-Brawl).

The second Tingle RPG did not sell in Japan. The Zelda series in general has been selling less and less in Japan outside of the DS titles (maybe that's why Toon Zelda is the runner-up for the Zelda series?).

I don't think I have seen Impa come up once.

Also, I think its important to note that Skyward Sword was the lowest selling 3D Zelda in Japan. Kirby's Return to Dream Land sold much more than it even

New moveset for Ganondorf

Yes. Though there are people resistant to such a change as well
Toon Link

They really like Toon Link. Toon Link was one of their most wanted newcomers for Brawl.

They are worried that he might be cut due to his similarities to regular Link.

Tetra does not come up, its Toon Zelda that does. Also, both Ghirahim and Toon Zelda get less requests than Waddle Dee, and are definitely outside the B-tier in terms of request.

Only Kirby characters that come up are Waddle Dee and Gooey. Waddle Dee gets far more requests than any other Kirby character.
"what do they Japanese say exactly about Mewtwo"

That it was a travesty that he was cut to begin with.
Yarn Kirby

I did not see any mention for yarn Kirby.
Lucario vs Zoroark

Its much less bitter. Lucario has a lot of fans in Japan, and I have not seen any fervent Zoroark fans. Zoroark fans think he will replace Lucario primarily because he has a canine anthropomorphic design like Lucario did and because he was the first Pokemon of his respective generation to get a movie (like Lucario did). I have not seen much arguing between Lucario and Zoroark fans, though I wonder if its because Lucario fans have resigned themselves that he is likely going to be cut.

...As for Genesect, I really did not see any discussion on him. When he did come up, it was usually posts along the lines of "here are characters I want for Smash 4 *makes a list".

Sometimes talk about Jigglypuff being cut does come up, but the consensus seems to be that she is now a staple to the Smash Bros. series.

Samurai Goroh comes up sometimes. However, its usually just Black Shadow due to his prominent role in the F-Zero anime and the fact that Black Shadow was voiced by Norio Wakamoto, a popular voice actor. I have seen the idea of Black Shadow getting Ganondorf's Melee/Brawl moveset thrown around as well.
Actually, I did see on one site there were complaints about how F-Zero got shafted in Brawl in terms of content. Just saying that in comparison to other series, F-Zero got less and that it was unfair.

I did not see anything particular though.

You are right though that Black Shadow's performance is impressive though, especially considering the last F-Zero game was in 2004. Really, I don't think Black Shadow has fallen so much as a few characters have risen above him. This was due to new releases such as Kid Icarus Uprising (Palutena), Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Waddle Dee), and Fire Emblem Awakening (Chrom).
Black Shadow

The idea of Black Shadow-dorf comes up, but it seems they really do like Black Shadow over there for different reasons than here (mostly as a replacement for Ganondorf's current moveset).

It seems the reason why they like him is due to his prominent role in the F-Zero anime (which I believe was still being aired on re-runs recently). Also, as you said, it helps a lot that Black Shadow was voiced by a popular voice actor (Norio Wakamoto).

During pre-Brawl, Norio Wakamoto said he would love to reprise his role as Black Shadow for Smash Bros., though mentioned he had not been contacted by Sakurai or Nintendo.

I have never seen Flint come up.
Ike vs Chrom

In Japan there are fights between Ike and Chrom supporters. They believe only one of the two is going to get in. Chrom supporters like to say Ike is old news and that he can do both Aether and Quick Draw. Ike supporters counter this by saying that Ike does Aether differently from Chrom and that Chrom having mostly the same abilities as Ike means he is not even worth putting in the first place since he would be a retread of already a popular existing character.

Chrom and Ike both got the mercenary-lord vibe going for them, so that complicates things further.

That re-design was pretty much very well received everywhere. I would be very surprised if that is not the design Sakurai uses for Roy if he comes back.
Dark Pit

Dark Pit's fanbase over there is smart enough to understand he would only work as an alternate costume.

"What are the general views on Sonic and Snake? Do they think they should stay or should they leave after 1 game like 3rd party reps in other games?"

I don't know. I know they think those two are the most likely to be cut, likely for the reason you stated.

Lots of people like using Snake and Sonic though. In that poll that Sakurai linked to on twitter, Snake is within the Top 12 most popular characters in Brawl.

I would assume there is a lot people that want both of them to stay. As I said earlier, much of the fanbase does not want to see any character from Brawl cut.
Villager/Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing comes up sometimes, but its usually the "Animal Crossing boy/girl". Sakurai pretty much destroyed the hope of a playable Animal Crossing character by labeling it a series too peaceful to have a fighter.
Other Xenoblade characters

Other Xenoblade characters probably do get mentioned (I am not really familiar with the other characters from that game), but honestly whenever Xenoblade comes up, most of the time its attached to Shulk.
Retro characters

Unfortunately, as I mentioned retro requests are uncommon from what I have seen. Lip and Panel de Pon does not come up much. Lip comes up slightly more than Sukapon and Prince Sabure, but still does not come up much at all. Panel de Pon still has a cult following in Japan, however, Intelligent Systems doing nothing with the series since 2007 might be the main culprit behind the lack of interest for Lip this time.

Takamaru is the most requested retro character, but as I said, retro characters usually don't come up.

Duck Hunt Dog

I have never seen Duck Hunt Dog come up once.

Miis are uncommon in requests, which is surprising considering how much Wii Sports, Wii Play, Friends Collection, and Wii Fit sold in Japan. I guess the people who buy the Mii games in Japan are different from those who play Smash Bros., or perhaps they feel Miis would not work well in Smash Bros. since they are not defined characters?

Its difficult to rank where Starfy is, but he is definitely outside the Top 10, and he is definitely the most wanted "new series" Nintendo character outside of Shulk (Shulk probably being in the Top 5).
Last Story

Last Story characters definitely do come up. Probably behind Starfy in terms of the "other series", but Last Story discussion happens more often than Golden Sun or Sin & Punishment discussion or characters.
Pandoa's Tower

I have seen Ende get mentioned a few times.
Final Fantasy

No, the only Final Fantasy character I see brought up is Cloud unfortunately.
Dragon Quest

Slime comes up. However, other Dragon Quest characters come up more often (Hero or Terry from Dragon Question Monsters). Overall, its really just Mega Man who gets a lot of requests of the third-party characters.
Zangeki no Reginleiv

Yes, I have seen them get mentioned. Very few requests though.

I have never seen StarTropics mentioned once. The games were not even released in Japan, and had no content in Brawl. Its weird considering that the games were developed in Japan too.

Another example of this was Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. That game never got released in Japan either, despite being developed by Intelligent Systems.
Advance Wars

No, I have never seen anything Advance/Famicom Wars come up.

I already mentioned that Last Story characters get mentions (and that they are more frequent than any characters from Golden Sun or Sin & Punishment).

Requests for Sora actually happen quite a bit, with requests for Cloud happening even more often than Sora. However, as I keep saying the only third-party character that gets a lot of requests is Mega Man.

A lot of the stuff on Tekken and Tales is intelligible because there is a lot of personal insults and flame wars involved. A lot of Japanese forum memes that I don't get understand gets thrown around and a lot of childishness.

Reminds me a lot about GameFAQs.

Pac-Man I don't see come up much. When he does, its basically, "Pac-Man seems to be the most appropriate Namco character they could use for Smash Bros., don't you think?"

Lots of Tales characters names get thrown around, but there is no character they can agree on, and they all flame war each other for supporting a certain character or not having an opinion regarding a certain Tales game.
At least four Tales characters came up. Lloyd, Cless, Yuri, and Asbel.

With Tekken, I know I saw Heihachi and Jin come up.

I did not see any, though I assume a few Bayonetta mentions probably have happened as a result of the announcement of the sequel being Wii U exclusive.
There is a lot of fear amongst the Japanese Smash Bros. fanbase that Sakurai is going to take a chainsaw to Brawl's roster.

The characters that the Japanese fanbase are worried about being cut are Snake, Sonic, Lucario, Ike, Lucas, Wolf, Toon Link, and Pokemon Trainer.

Keep in mind much of the Japanese Smash Bros. fans don't want anybody to be cut and for Mewtwo and Roy to be brought back.

Heck, there is a sizable minority that pretty much says their hopes for Smash 4 in regards to the roster are for everyone from Brawl to be brought back as well as Mewtwo and Roy, and wants the roster to be balanced extensively and characters to be overhauled, and to call it a day from there.

I already said that Toon Link they are worried about being cut. However, outside of Snake and Sonic, they believe Ike and Lucario are in the most danger of being cut.
I already said that Toon Link they are worried about being cut. However, outside of Snake and Sonic, they believe Ike and Lucario are in the most danger of being cut.
ROB is mentioned as a possible candidate for being cut (though seen as less likely to be cut than the third-party characters and Lucario and Ike).

The third-party characters they think stand a chance at being cut are:
Toon Link
Pokemon Trainer

However, in general, most of them don't want to see any cuts, though they are expecting them.
Do the Japanese think there will be different rosters

I have not seen anything that would suggest they would think the two versions would have different rosters.

Does Japan think about us?

I have seen the Japanese fanbase refer to the Western fanbase in regards to Ridley, Little Mac, and Punch-Out being popular outside their country.
As I said in my opening post, there are Japanese Smash Bros. fans that mention that Ridley and Little Mac are extremely popular outside their country. If regular fans recognize this, I am sure Sakurai is aware as well, especially considering the higher-ups at Nintendo know that Metroid and Punch-Out mostly have a Western fanbase.
On character hate

I have not seen much character hate for anyone.

However, there are some people who are like "just bring back everyone from Brawl plus Mewtwo and Roy, then I'm good as Smash 4's roster is concerned."

There are much less characters that get a lot of support in Japan than there are in the West.

I think this may have been a factor in Sakurai thinking that a "bigger roster" should not be the focus this time
The last poll

Last time I did this Palutena, Chrom, and Waddle Dee had barely any support, so things do change when there is a major new release.
I have not seen talk about DLC. However, if character DLC does happen (and that is a big if), I would expect any characters cut from Melee or Brawl to be at the top of the list for DLC. However, I am not sure how feasible character DLC for Smash 4 is considering how much limited space there is for the 3DS.

I think its worth noting that notched-ear Pichu was basically the mascot for the HeartGold/SoulSilver games.
Anime Characters
Doraemon, Goku (and other DBZ characters), Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo from Bleach, Gundam characters, and one site there were a lot of people talking about "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho"?

I think that was most of them. I am very unfamiliar with anime so, any names that were not of game characters, I kind of just glossed over.

Some other findings, Cutousy of Groose
I've been getting into Japanese Smash speculation recently. I found an interesting "wiki" dedicated to the game; it's very brief and not particularly detailed, but it does have an interesting "participation chance" section. I suspect that it hasn't been edited by a large community; this could be just a single, random Japanese person. Still, that's better than nothing, eh? Here's the link, but if you don't know any Japanese, here's my helpful summary:

Their likely suspects:
Chrom: Awakening popularity and stage make him very likely.

Dixie Kong: The one-two punch of Tropical Freeze and Forbidden Seven makes her a likely suspect, in blogger's eyes.

Mewtwo: They say that he's basically confirmed... and then hopes that this is more than wishful thinking.

Zoroark: Oddly enough, they don't even give him his own paragraph like all of the other characters... his name is just sitting there by itself. Huh.

Kid Icarus Newcomer: This section is difficult for me to read... they mention the series has exploded and may be in line for someone, but that's really all I can make out. They seem to be saying that the franchise may be a bit unknown, or perhaps they're saying they don't really know the franchise. I think it's the latter. Sorry, limited Japanese at work.

Little Mac: Cites stage and assist trophy status. Oddly doesn't mention Western popularity, but this could be an oversight.

Takamaru: They're really high on this guy in chance and want. Nintendoland Music cited, Nintendoland cited, 1986 group cited. They say he's the "most obvious" Retro character.

The other mentioned, but dismissed characters:
Toad and Bowser Jr. They have pretty solid popularity, but aren't likely. No real reasons for their unlikely status are given.

Geno. They state that his copyright issues strike him down cold.

King K. Rool. They note he's really the last major villain left outside of maybe Ridley or Porky and would make for great cutscenes (which it mentions in an edit aren't going to be included), but just is outclassed by Dixie's Forbidden 7 status and Tropical Freeze appearence.

Dark Samus. They just straight out use the Japanese word for "unnecessary."

Ridley: They don't give him his own paragraph like the others; he is mentioned in K.Rool's paragraph, however, as being a major, unrepresented villain. However, they also mention that Metroid is a low-profile franchise.

Krystal: Whoever wrote it has a dislike for Krystal and seems to ask Sakurai not to put her in addition to predicting he won't do so because she doesn't compare to the others. My limited Japanese admittedly may be interfering with my translation here.

Leon is also given a mention, but is dismissed.

Ashley: They say she's clearly the most popular WarioWare character and say she's one of the most popular female characters.They also cite her overseas popularity and the ease it would take to create her compared to some others. The writer also expresses desire to see her... but just doesn't think a Wario character is likely, and does mention Jimmy T as another possible contender.

Black Shadow: They say that they think only Falcon will make it, but do mention Shadow has popularity.

Lip: They cite the item as a help, but say she's just too unknown, especially overseas.

Isaac: They cite his foreign popularity, but say that he's a relative unknown in Japan.

Miis: They bring up an interesting posssibility: Mii Masks will be available for Villager as they are in Animal Crossing. They say that Miis themselves kind of missed the boat in Brawl and their lack of arms could cause problems.

Balloon Fighter: They cite Villager in the same way we do.

Dragon Quest Character: They say there's no obvious choice, no overseas popularity, and seemingly no connection like with Snake.

Tails: They use the same "special case" argument that we do.

Zelda Newcomer: No obvious choice and the franchise is well enough represented.

Kirby Newcomer: "No other character is equal to Meta Knight and King Dedede." Sorry, Waddle Dee fans... his name didn't even come up.


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Jun 12, 2013
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Been thinking a lot lately that Black Shadow would be a great inclusion both as a solid second rep for F-Zero and as an ideal home for Ganondorf's old clone moveset should he be decloned. Glad to hear the Japanese agree, even though his popularity is based on the anime (I'm just an F-Zero fan who wishes we could get a new game already).

Thanks for posting, this is a chunky read!


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Jan 19, 2013
While I was here during my lurker days when this was posted (or was it while I was reading the archive? I forget), this is definitely something that I can appreciate. As I consider Chronobound to be the source for what is in Japan, having this is really helpful.

Maybe we should sticky this.


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It's worth noting that the data presented above is somewhat outdated, since this data was gathered last March. I've actually wanted to get an update on this information due to the reveal of the next Super Smash Bros. possibly shaking up information. Unfortunately, Chrono won't provide an update for a while due to his busy schedule.


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Speculation God, GOML
They are debating which Tekken or Tales of character will make it in? It is kind of funny that everyone here just assumes Pac-Man is the only possibility. I am digging the Lucina support though. I also wanted the return of Mewtwo. I guess I am content with the new Mewtwo though. I am surprised there isn't much demand for Ridley. I guess that is just here. I already knew about the Little Mac vs Takamaru thing. I guess here in Murica we like MMA and boxing... and in Japan they like Samurais? Seems legit. :p


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It's worth noting that the data presented above is somewhat outdated, since this data was gathered last March. I've actually wanted to get an update on this information due to the reveal of the next Super Smash Bros. possibly shaking up information. Unfortunately, Chrono won't provide an update for a while due to his busy schedule.
It's should be good. It was done in December, and Sakurai has said they aren't doing anymore research so this comes at a good point before that.

Chrono mentioned that the difference between his first and second run were Chrom, Waddle Dee and Palutena moving up due to new releases.


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Feb 25, 2013
Thanks for this, Chronobound. Glad to hear Palutena has that much support. Interesting to see that Little Mac has not much support in Japan, which I had suspected but had no real proof of. If he gets in, that will be a welcome sign that Sakurai is weighing the desires of the international fanbase more heavily this time around. Bodes well for Shulk that he is that popular over in Japan, as well.

Ironically, Takamaru is actually discussed less in Japan.
Makes sense. Part of his appeal is the whole samurai archetype, and they no doubt find that much less exotic and interesting.


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A lot of these don't surprise me, especially when it comes to the Fire Emblem series.

Seeing Shulk getting requested a lot though is kinda surprising, but he's also an excellent choice from an excellent game.


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Oct 10, 2007
This is proof that Sakurai does not to add many new characters in order to please most of the fans. Although by no means an exhaustive list, if Sakurai was using similar boards to base his initial pool of characters, then it is not surprising he is done with character selection for the most part. Funny how Ridley, Little Mac and Takamaru are mostly products of Western influence while everyone else is pretty much universal.

Personally speaking, I do enjoy seeing Starfy and Waddle Dee in discussion. Though both characters are not blazing the boards here I think both offer fantastic gameplay opportunities.


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I find it interesting that a couple of the characters people bring up here that are Japan-only or much more popular in Japan aren't actually that popular for Smash there.

Tingle, Takamaru and Lip being the two main ones along those lines. Makes me think they're quite unlikely, although at least Takamaru got a reference in Nintendo Land.

Star Tropics being not very well-known in the US and not even released in Japan makes him quite unlikely.

If Sakurai is concerned about how people will receive his character selections, it seems likely he's likely to pick from the characters popular both in the US and Japan. Within limits, of course. It seems unlikely that we'd see Marth, Roy, Ike and Chrom. But it does seriously help Mewtwo, K Rool, Palutena, Shulk, Dixie, Roy and Chrom. Combined with the fact that ones like Mewtwo, K Rool and Palutena would be obviously unique, and they seem to have pretty strong chances (not that the others can't be unique, they just require more thought).

As well as Black Shadow and Starfy, although they're still not high on the list.

Hopefully Sakurai considers desires of the West as well for Ridley and Little Mac. Fire Emblem initially, Lucas and Jigglypuff are in the game more because of Japan than the West, and there doesn't seem to be as much catering to the West (as in, inclusion of characters that wouldn't make the cut were it not for Western support/games not released in Japan). Is there any character in that wouldn't make the cut were it not for the West? I could see possibly saying that for Zero-Suit Samus, but that's about it...


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Feb 25, 2013
Didn't Tingle have some new game(s) releasing in Japan in the past year, or were those earlier? If he's had new material he may have become more popular.

If Sakurai is concerned about how people will receive his character selections, it seems likely he's likely to pick from the characters popular both in the US and Japan. Within limits, of course. It seems unlikely that we'd see Marth, Roy, Ike and Chrom. But it does seriously help Mewtwo, K Rool, Palutena, Shulk and Dixie.
That being said, it looks like we're on track to get at least one Western-centric pick, as Little Mac seems a likely newcomer right now. I personally would love to see some picks aimed at the massive international fanbase to balance out the Japan-only characters we've gotten.
Feb 2, 2013
Glad to see Shulk, Palutena, and K Rool rallying support across the globe. This bodes well for my personal requested characters. Now we just need the reveal trailers and I'll be waiting happily in peace. (Of course I know this doesn't really mean much, since Sakurai is unpredictable in his choices)


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Dec 14, 2009

I wonder if anyone in Japan did something like this for Western character desires. Would be interested to see their take on what we want over here.


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Nothing much that I didn't know in advance here, Black Shadow came off a bit as a surprise though, also Little Mac's low popularity compared to over here. The only real shocker is Kumatora getting more requests than Masked Man or Porky for a Mother rep. Masked Man just seemed to me like a sure hit for the Japanese audience, but I guess not.

Other than that this info is why I'm very confident in K. Rool. Ridley's overseas popularity can easily get him in regardless, so that's not what worries me too much either.

I wonder if they have a "Observations on the rest of the world's desires for Smash 4" thread too? :p Many are probably a bit shocked by Ridley's popularity I imagine.


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Feb 14, 2012
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kumatora? really?
I wonder what their reasons are. I can only imagine kumatora having a similar style (not move set) to ness/lucas, considering both ness and lucas bother get most of their special moves from their own respective female party memebers in the games they're from. if I had to choose from another character from mother 3, id have to choose Duster since he'd offer a different play-style with a complete absence of Psi abilities....
Nov 11, 2006
Didn't see black shadow coming.

Surprised Kumatora is more wanted than masked man, but I'm not surprised she's the most requested outside him. She was the most vocal character in the game.

Rest of it not really surprised at all by, but was interesting to know.


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Ironically, Takamaru is actually discussed less in Japan.
I think that's because we generally discuss more than Japan. They also limit their views of characters I feel. Look at Shortie's poll and you'll see a larger variety of characters.

This surely would remind people to Add Starfy their rosters.
Starfy is not very high. The thing you can see from this is there are some universal request: Shulk, Palutena, K. Rool and Chrom. Starfy doesn't appear to much over here.

It should be noted that the C Tier was not in the original post. Chrono mentioned it latter on and there is a big gap between B and C if I understand correctly.

I wonder if anyone in Japan did something like this for Western character desires. Would be interested to see their take on what we want over here.
They know that Ridley and Little Mac (and the Punch-Out series) are very popular over here.
Jun 25, 2013
Hm. This is interesting to know I guess. It's nice to know that K. Rool is popular in Japan as well.

I understand from the post that Mewtwo is very heavily requested, but is there any discussion on the inclusion of his new Forme? Or do they just want him as he was in Melee?
Jun 24, 2012
Hm. This is interesting to know I guess. It's nice to know that K. Rool is popular in Japan as well.

I understand from the post that Mewtwo is very heavily requested, but is there any discussion on the inclusion of his new Forme? Or do they just want him as he was in Melee?

I think Sakurai said sometime recently that he is "Thinking about it" when talking about Mewtwo's new forme. Or something along those lines...
Jun 25, 2013
Do they ever talk about Geno? I don't care much about him myself, but with all his support over here it would be nice to know the Japanese fanbase's opinions on him
Dec 13, 2012
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Hm. This is interesting to know I guess. It's nice to know that K. Rool is popular in Japan as well.

I understand from the post that Mewtwo is very heavily requested, but is there any discussion on the inclusion of his new Forme? Or do they just want him as he was in Melee?
I would be cool with just mewtwo or mewtwo with new form as transformation or FS but i dont want them to just stick in new mewtwo....

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Jan 4, 2013
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Do they ever talk about Geno? I don't care much about him myself, but with all his support over here it would be nice to know the Japanese fanbase's opinions on him
Geno is talked about in the spoiler tag.

Apparently, he's about the same as other Mario characters.

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You really have to appreciate ChronoBound's work here (ToiseofChoice also did a little back in August, 2011). For someone who is so busy with life, the fact that he's done so much is really a great feat. It's the closest we have to what Japanese popularity is for now.


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Jun 6, 2006
Here I thought this might have been an older topic, but it was just one pushed down really fast in three hours. Just to clarify, it's Nanoha, though I honestly don't know what would make Japanese fans think she would be in Smash. Immensely popular or not, she hasn't had any video games as near as I'm aware just about, and the only ones I know of were both for the PSP, so it's not like she'd be a likely choice.

That out of the way (mostly was worried I'd forget that), I'd say this bodes very well for some characters I've been wanting to see in Smash, namely Mewtwo and Palutena. I'm not really sure who all we'll see, and who all will be cut, but overall I'd say it sounds pretty positive for the things I'd like to see. I'm just kind of surprised that they're so... popular, since I didn't expect Palutena to be nearly that wanted of a character. Even more of a pleasant surprise is Bandana Dee though. It is immensely funny to me that if he gets in Kirby will have completed the weapon triangle prior to Fire Emblem, when it's not one of the series I'd expect to complete it. Maybe a change here and there, but the top 10 characters would be an ultimately satisfactory roster, along with a presumable Namco choice (possibly someone else to balance the numbers added, but then I'm also being a bit silly to expect an even number).


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Oct 27, 2007
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^ I would think there's less discrepancy between the countries/continents due to arguably not having as much of a language barrier.

Plus we do have European and Australian members here, after all.

Fascinating read, Chrono.


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Jul 25, 2001
I'm not telling you psychos

Most of the Japan-loyal characters are already in, so it's mostly a game of what has universal appeal. There's still a chance of some surprises though, so I wonder what the JP fanbase feels now.
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