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Number XIV: Xion Vectors to Twilight! (Sora Echo Fighter)


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Apr 8, 2018
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)

"Who am I? What am I... here for?"—Xion
Debut: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (2009)
Under the guise of Organization XIII’s “Number XIV”, Xion was a replica of Roxas created by Organization XIII. Her purpose was to absorb Sora’s memories in case he and Roxas proved useless in collecting hearts. During her time in the Organization, she befriends Roxas and Axel, another member of the Organization, by way of going to the top of the Twilight Town Train Station for sea salt ice cream bars. However, later in the game’s events, she discovers her true purpose-to become a comeplete copy of Sora through Roxas and Sora’s memories-and tries to flee the Organization, but is forcibly brought back and reprogrammed to better serve for intended purpose. Sometime around the end of the game, she and Roxas have their final battle as Xion takes a monstrous form, warping from world to world to world until hopping back in Twilight Town. Xion is defeated then, and Roxas mourns her death as he absorbs her.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Xion is brought back as a member of Xehanort’s second Organization XIII, but is won back over during the fight that happens in the Keyblade Graveyard. She appears at the ending of KH3 in a new outfit; a sleeveless double-buttoned, collared shirt and a black belt, with a short white skirt under the shirt and black boots that reach halfway to her knees with beige color to the upper fifth.
Given that she was meant to be a copy of Sora, I felt like she made the most since to be his Echo. Her fighting style is somewhat like Sora’s, but the moveset I had in mind for her had the aim to make her the Ken to Sora’s Ryu. As in, an Echo Fighter that strikes the balance between being a clone of one fighter and being their own completely.

Just for a compare-contrast setup, I’m going to post my hypothetical Sora moveset first, and then the one I made for Xion.
Intro: Sora appeared from a save point and gets into his fighting stance.

Stance/Idle 1: Sora holds his Keyblade near his right hip and looks around.

Idle 2: Sora rests his Keyblade on his right shoulder for a few seconds.

Idle 3: Sora bares his teeth in the direction he's facing.

Notable Palette Swaps: KH3 outfit, KH2 outfit, KH3 Guardian Form, KH2 Valor Form, KH3 Element Form, KH2 Final Form, KH3 Second Form, KH2 Limit Form

Walk: His walk from the games.

Dash: His run from the games.

Damage: His damage animation from the games.

Jump: High Jump and Doubleflight.

Crouch: Crouches with his Keyblade's end on the ground, holding it.

Weapon of Choice: The Kingdom Key, the Keyblade Sora starts his journey with.

A,A,A: Slapshot; Sora slashes twice, then follows up with an uppercut (14%, OK knockback)
Forward+A: Speed Slash; Sora slashes twice (4% each hit, small knockback), and then does a quick dual slash (13%, OK knockback)
Down+A: Sliding Dash; Sora performs a slide across the ground, slightly faster than that of Cloud (12%, OK knockback)
Up+A: Upper Slash; Sora swings his Keyblade upwards with both hands (10%, OK knockback)

Air+A: Magnet Burst; Sora briefly surrounds himself with an array of magnetic orbs (13%, OK knockback). Pressing A again, if necessary, sends these orbs flying out (11%, medium knockback)
Air Forward+A: Aerial Finish; Sora slashes forward three times (9%, small knockback), and then finishes with a strong slash (8%, OK knockback)
Air Back + A: Aerial Sweep; Sora slashes behind himself three times (11%, OK knockback)
Air Up+A: Hurricane Blast; Sora vertically swings around four times with his Keyblade (14%, OK knockback)
Air Down+A: Diving Strike; Sora dives down and strikes the ground with his Keyblade (15%, OK knockback)

Dash Attack: Prism Windmill; Sora spins Keyblade in front of him, protected by a shield of light (15%, OK knockback)
Edge Attack: Magic Flash; Sora lifts himself up and uses a flash of light that affects the area around him (11%, OK knockback)

Smash Moves
Forward+A: Strike Raid; Sora throws his Keyblade forward as it spins (15%, OK knockback). In Second Form, Sora throws his Keyblade three times (4% each, small knockback), and then the last throw is slightly stronger (18%, medium knockback)
Up+A: Ripple Drive; Sora swings upwards and summons a barrier of light with rectangular patterns (21%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Explosion; three orbs of light surround Sora as he thrusts his Keyblade down to the ground (22%, medium knockback)

Grab: Sora casts Magnet and binds the opponent.
Pummel: Sora crunches the opponent with Magnet (2.1%)
Forwards+Throw: Quick Blitz; Sora thrusts his Keyblade on the ground in a downward arc (14%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Fail-Safe; Sora spins once before tossing the opponent on the ground (13%, OK knockback)
Back+Throw: Merge; Sora spins around backwards before hurling the opponent in that direction (11%, OK knockback)
Up+Throw: Lunge n' Launch; Sora pushes the opponent forward and slashes upwards (13%, OK knockback)

Special Moves

B : Magic Selection; Sora can select a magic spell from his list (consisting of Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Aero). Once a spell is selected, it will stay on that spell until another is selected, which can be done on the fly.
B + Forwards : Sonic Blade; Sora thrusts forward four times, with consecutive button presses (6% each hit, small knockback)
B + Up : Airstep/Flowmotion; Sora travels in the pointed direction at the speed of light after releasing the button (holding it slows him down for six seconds). When he comes in contact with a wall, Flowmotion will activate.
B + Down : Ars Arcanum; Sora charges up and unleashes a flurry of nine slashes (19%, OK knockback)

Magic Spells:
-Fire: Sora shoots out a small fireball (9%, small knockback); this can upgrade to Fira, which surrounds Sora in a fiery barrier that cancels out projectiles (12%, OK knockback)
-Blizzard: Sora shoots three snowflakes (11%, OK knockback) that have a chance of freezing the opponent; this can be upgraded to Blizzara, which summons an icy wind that can freeze opponents (16%, OK knockback). Sora can tilt forward after pressing B to create an icy rail, which he can then jump on for a Rail Slide.
-Thunder: Sora summons a spark from his Keyblade that surrounds a fair amount of his surroundings (15%, OK knockback); this can be upgraded to Thundara, which shoots down lighting onto his Keyblade and forms a dome (18%, OK knockback)
-Aero: Sora surrounds himself in a windy barrier that halves damage taken, damages opponents upon a Prefect Shielding (7%, OK knockback) and reflects projectiles. The spell lasts for 18 seconds; this can be upgraded to Aerora, a mini tornado that Sora can use as an air boost, even in the air (20%, medium knockback)

Final Smash: Ultimate Union Ragnarok; Sora attempts to unleash Ultimate Form (Final Form in his KH2 outfit), and catches any opponents he successfully hits (8%). The trapped opponents are taken into a cutscene as Sora slashes them with hundreds of swords (32%), and finishes off with Union Ragnarok, with the Lux symbol showing as he fires it (16%) (56% total, far knockback).

Gimmick: Situation Commands; after pulling off successful combos, three arrows appear by Sora's HUD, one by one. Once a combo is successful with all three arrows, a command appears above Sora's icon, and pressing B will activate one of five attacks, four of which are Grand Magic. The -ra tier spells are obtained by using one spell consistently, and that spell will appear for a set amount of time. If your combos are purely physical, you will enter Second Form by pressing B. Second Form has slightly altered special moves, all of which eventually tire Sora out of Second Form.

-Fira is available from the start and its Grand version is Firaga, in which Sora summons a giant fireball that can travel offscreen when it doesn't hit any opponents (21%, medium knockback)
-Blizzara is available from the start and its Grand version is Blizzaga, Sora fires a giant icicle that freezes the first opponent it hits, and sends all others flying (22%, medium knockback)
-Thundara is available from the start and its Grand version is Thundaga, in which a pillar of electricity appears and combos any opponents above Sora (23%, medium knockback)
-Aerora is available from that start and its grand version is Aeroga, in which Sora summons two tornadoes that circle him, sending opponents flying (25%, far knockback)

-Stun Impact: Appearing for 17 seconds, Sora will briefly explode in a dome of light with a small electric effect, stunning anyone on the ground (23%, medium knockback)

Whenever you use a Grand Magic tier of a spell, that spell enters a 15 second cool down period.

Sonic Blade and Ars Arcanum receive a 5% attack boost, along with the following effects:

-Sonic Blade now has a final fifth thrust stronger than the previous four (18%, OK knockback)

-Ars Arcanum now slashes ten times, and then follows up with three final slashes (21%, medium knockback) followed by Ragnarok, which fires a cluster of energy shots (20%, medium knockback)

Only the -ra tier spells do not immediately cancel out Sora’s Second Form, as using either spell consecutively will activate a -ga tier spell as a Situation Command.

Flowmotion: Sora's answer to acrobatic platforming. Activated when he comes in contact with a wall after Airstep, Sora can use two types of Flowmotion attacks:

-Shock Dive: An AOE slam attack Sora uses when he uses Superjump (19%, medium knockback)

-Kick Dive: Sora attacks immediately after shooting off a wall, pointing his feet at the enemy as the Keyblade spins around him (21%, OK knockback)

Flowmotion's startup is indicated by a blue aura, while its fizzling out in a second is indicated by a pink aura. When Sora is using Superjump to recover, he will be left in free fall once Flowmotion goes away.

Lock-On: By shielding and pressing B, Sora can lock on to foes to better aim his magic. The yellow variant that appears on random foes is there when Sora doesn’t lock on, and the blue variant for when Sora DOES lock on is there as well.

Counter Kick: When Sora Perfect Shields, press A immediately after to slide on the ground and attack opponents multiple times.

1: Sora wipes his nose and smiles.
2: "Yeah!" Sora raises his Keyblade high in the air.
1+2: Sora performs Break Time, where he spins around for a bit and says "ta-da!" as he puts his right hand on his hip and puts up his left hand.

1: "That's the power of the Keyblade!" Sora's victory animation from KH1, whenever he wins a tournament in Olympus Coliseum.
2: Sora spins his Keyblade and sticks it firmly in the ground, smiling (based on one of his renders based on KH1 artwork of him).
3: Sora opens a treasure chest as he does in the games, and a Meow Wow comes out to cuddle-tackle him.

Icon: The heart in KH series logo.

Boxing Ring Title: The Key to Many Hearts

Victory Music: Sora’s theme

Kirby Hat: Sora's hair and necklace.
Intro: Xion enters from a Corridor of Darkness, and gets into fighting stance.

Stance/Idle 1: Sora’s signature fighting stance.

Idle 2: Xion bares her teeth, trying to make a serious face.

Idle 3: Xion disappears her Keyblade, and clinches both her hands behind her back.

Notable Palette Swaps:
-KH3 outfit (default)
-Roxas (Red/White)
-BBS Lea (Red)
-BBS Isa (Blue)
-Kairi (Purple/White)
-Naminé (White)
-Hooded with Black Coat (Alternate costume)
-Twilight Xemnas (Alternate white)

Walk: Same as Sora’s, but more lady-like.

Jog: Same as Sora’s.

Dash: Same as Sora’s.

Damage: Same as Sora’s,

Jump: The first one is a normal jump, then a High Jump with Xion rolling forwards as she jumps.

Crouch: Xion puts both her knees on the ground, putting her left hand alongside them.

Weapon of Choice: The Kingdom Key, Sora’s Keyblade.

Jab: Same as Sora’s (12%, OK knockback)
Forward+A: Guard Break; Xion performs a powerful forward slash that acts as weaker version of Marth’s Shield Breaker (14%, OK knockback)
Down+A: Same as Sora’s (9%, OK knockback)
Up+A: Same as Sora’s (11%, OK knockback)

Air+A: Aerial Sweep; Sora’s B-Air, but it hits all around Xion (12%, OK knockback)
Air Forward+A: Horizontal Slash; Xion slashes left and right in midair (11%, OK knockback)
Air Back + A: Circle Raid; Xion spins her Keyblade behind herself (13%, OK knockback)
Air Up+A: Same as Sora’s (12%, OK knockback)
Air Down+A: Finishing Leap; Xion pierces her Keyblade downwards, affecting an area around her (15% with a meteor effect, OK knockback)

Dash Attack: Dodge Rush; Xion knocks intro enemies while performing a Dodge Roll (8%, OK knockback)
Edge Attack: Same as Sora’s (12%, OK knockback)
Get-Up Attack: Counter Blast; Xion shatters a barrier around herself, nullifying any attacks that would get near her (14%, OK knockback)

Smash Moves
Forward+A: Same as Sora’s (16%, OK knockback)
Up+A: Same as Sora’s (19%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Vicinity Break; Xion sweeps the floor in a full circle (21%, medium)

Grab: Same as Sora’s, but with brackets of light instead of Magnet.
Pummel: Same as Sora’s (1%-2%)
Forwards+Throw: Same as Sora’s (14%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Same as Sora’s (12%, OK knockback)
Back+Throw: Xion zips around the target and slashes them (15%, OK knockback)
Up+Throw: Holy; Xion summons a pillar of light from below the target (13%, OK knockback)

Special Moves

B : Magic Selection; Somewhat the same as Sora’s, but each spell can only be used once before a 6-second cooldown.
B + Forwards : Sonic Blade; Same as Sora’s (5% each hit, small to medium knockback)
B + Up : Magic Hour; Xion launches herself upwards in a huge, multi-hitting pillar of light (22%, medium knockback)
B + Down : Event Horizon; The first part of this is based off Sora’s base Ars Arcanum, and is then followed by Xion summoning a small pillar of light (24%, medium knockback)

Final Smash: Final Form; Xion transforms into her Final Form from 358/2 Days, appearing in the background. She then fires one laser at a time for 14 seconds (18% each, medium knockback).

Gimmick: Limit Break; unlike Cloud, a 1-use Limit Break occurs when her damage reaches 100% (or when her HP is reduced to ¼ in Stamina Battles). Xion’s Specials (aside from Magic Selection) are powers up:

-Sonic Blade works how it does with Sora in Second Form.
-Magic Hour has Xion summoning a powerful pillar of light above herself (27%, far knockback), but she never goes up.
-Event Horizon has Xion surround herself with pillars of light that circle around her (29%, far knockback)

In addition, Xion’s spells are different from Sora’s

-Fire floats for a bit, homing in on targets for a multi-hit explosion (13%, OK knockback)
-Blizzard has two floating ice mines that slowly float around the stage, instantly freezing targets upon contact (15%, OK knockback)
-Thunder has electric pillars striking down in front of Xion after slight delay (18%, medium knockback)
-Aero has Xion shooting a gust of wind in a multi-hit ball (14%, OK knockback)

1: Xion lightly flips her hair.
2: Xion points her Keyblade to her left.
1+2: Xion takes out a stick of sea salt ice cream and licks it.

1: Xion steps on a dark corridor, getting ready to RTC (return to the castle).
2: Xion puts a seashell to her right ear.
3: Xion has her sea-salt ice cream on a rock, with visions of Roxas and Axel sitting in the air next to her.

Applause: Xion claps with a slight smile on her face in her default outfit, but looks the other way while clapping in her hooded outfit.

Icon: The heart in the KH series logo

Boxing Ring Title:
-The Heartfelt Puppet (normal outfit)
-Number XIV (hooded outfit)

Victory Music: A note from Vector to the Heavens.

Kirby Hat: Xion’s hair

Classic Mode: Faceless Shroud (Fights characters who almost fully hide their faces, sometimes in a hood)
Round 1: :ultlittlemac:(hooded wireframe) on Boxing Ring (Tunnel Scene - X)
Round 2: :ultrobin::ultrobinf: on Arena Ferox (Battlefield (Brawl))
Round 3: :ultmetaknight::ultmetaknight::ultmetaknight: (Normal, Dark and Galacta; free-for-all) on Fountain of Dreams (CROWNED Ver. 2)
Round 4: :ultsheik: on Gerudo Valley (Gerudo Valley (Remix))
Round 5: :ultgnw:x14 (horde battle) on :battlefieldb: (Tension Rising)
Round 6: :ultsamus::ultdarksamus: (free-for-all) on :fdb: (Escape - Metroid)
Final Round: Master (and Crazy) Hand (Vector to the Heavens)
Credits: Vector to the Heavens

Join today! We have endless free sea salt ice cream!

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Jun 29, 2012
well i think we should get sora in before we worry about the others, but go on then i support.

i support her, riku, kairi, roxas, namine, lea, aqua and ven


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Mar 11, 2019
The Cale-Zone
Switch FC
Never enough KH support and i can see her getting in as an echo (even if i think that Roxas would be the one chosen to fill that role), i'm in !


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Feb 5, 2013
Thousand Sunny
Much as I like Xion, if Sora's getting an echo fighter (and I don't even see that happening), it has to be Roxas. Yes, I know he can use different moves, but that didn't stop other echoes (Ken especially).

Rather than include a walking spoiler (and a very obscure one at that), they would shoot for the obvious. Plus, I'd rather see a second unique fighter from the series (Riku, Aqua, or Roxas) before Xion, as not only are they more important to the narrative, they all have things that could make them unique.


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Nov 23, 2018
Nintendo Land Theme Parks, Incorporated
Apparently there's a March for Caprice event going on this weekend. Basically a Kingdom Hearts fan event.

Lots of art and music on the twitter.

Lots of KH Merch in the replies below.

There's also a playlist of fan videos.
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