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NTSC-U/J With Anyone (Basic Brawl/Team Battle) works on Wiimmfi now!


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May 28, 2012
Hey, I wanted to make a thread to let you all know that one of the Wiimmfi devs apparently did some server tweaking to enable the With Anyone modes for NTSC-U/J regions (since before, they only worked on PAL consoles). It's pretty buggy at the moment (lots of random disconnects and mid-match desyncing), but the fact stands that NTSC matchmaking is now functional. I recommend keeping an eye on this thread for future updates: http://forum.wii-homebrew.com/board...nglish/51979-super-smash-bros-brawl-analysis/

If you still haven't gotten Wiimmfi: smashboards.com/threads/355374

Important! If you're unable to find ANYONE in BB and are experiencing chronic disconnects, confirm that you followed step 4 in pidgezero_one's aforementioned thread:
On your Wii, set your primary DNS to, and the secondary DNS to the IP address of your router (you can find this in Windows by running CMD and typing "ipconfig /all", it is the value for "Default gateway") - This step may not be necessary, but if you end up not being able to connect, try it.
In my experience, I've only been able to find players after having entered the above information in my Wii's Internet settings.
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