NSA Results Thread - 108 entrants - Boston, MA


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Sep 12, 2004
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Crazy turnout last night (108 entrants!) I want to thank everyone for coming out to NSA and making this a great start to this tournament series! A huge thanks to MattDotZeb for all his help with the pools and brackets, as well as everyone else that arrived early to help set up!

We have already made changes to improve the next event(eg. holding it on a Saturday, bracket pools so that we finish before 3am, etc) but any other feedback is welcome to make this even better. The results will be posted along with the players' school affiliation so find out who else goes to your school and play together (sorry, I don't have the schools listed for the late entrants) Also, throw around the idea of forming a university crew and enter in the next NSA!!

Here are the results for the bracket:

1: UMB| KoreanDJ $234
2: NYCCT| The Moon $130
3: Zoso $78
4: Sai $42
5: MIT| YCZ6 $18
5: QC| MattDotZeb $18
7: Sora
7: UML| Nuro
9: Baruch| Vino
9: DC| Stratford
9: Mofo
9: Darkcloud
13: MIT| Skip
13: MIT| Oza
13: Relax
13: FSU| Mr Lemon
17: UMB| Sing
17: UMB| St Viers
17: Becker| Dahlia
17: UMB| Stan
17: UMA| Capt Salty Johns
17: Tichinde925
17: WeaponX
17: MIT| Trogdor
25: NEU| RoyMaster
25: UMA| Kile
25: Wentworth/BU| Fatal
25: MIT| X-Pilot
25: NEU| Inky
25: UMB| Vudoo
25: UMA| Haus
25: HU| Clue
33: UMB| Dimi
33: NEU| Phenoz
33: UMB| Corvus
33: BU| BeatUpStuff
33: TU| Wards
33: Hack
33: Becker| Jazz Dynamik
33: SecretSauce
33: UMB| Rai
33: BC| Mags
33: URI| Termina Bay
33: MIT| And
33: UMA| Batistabus
33: Zao
33: NEU| Jorg
33: BU| Wej
49: UMB| Crow
49: UMA | Gord
49: Ellis
49: UMA| Slag
49: UMB| Kaiju
49: UMB| Saki
49: NEU| Rick Rockmann
49: NEU| Beanz
49: Firebro
49: MIT| Two Steps
49: TU| Blubbers
49: NEU| akc12
49: EU| BigVegetaBluntz
49: Chelmsford| Harmak
49: UMB| Memory
49: NEU| The Artist

Stay on alert for NSA II.


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Oct 4, 2005
Marlborough, MA
Great tournament. Big thanks to roymaster2 and everyone who helped run it fairly smoothly despite the huge turnout. I'm glad I attended, I definitely want to give Melee another shot now. Ironic, since my very first tournament I attended was the first NSA a loooong time ago.


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Sep 12, 2004
Sorry for the late response(I'm not on the boards too often.) As of right now, nothing has been uploaded onto youtube, but you can still rewatch the stream videos on twitch.tv/nemelee in its past broadcasts. I'm currently still waiting on the video of the venue as well.

Also, the only videos that were recorded were those played on the live stream TV.
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