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Atlantic North [Nov 8, 2014] SypherPhoenix's Boosted Biweeklies! - Northern VA (Fairfax, VA, USA)


Smash Lord
Feb 12, 2007
Fairfax, VA
Sypher here, aka BowserMax, aka Max. I decided to start holding Melee biweeklies at my house because of the general sucess of my smashfests in the past. This is the thread!

(they're not really biweekly, biweekly just sounds nice!)

1 - Table of Contents!

1 - Table of Contents!
2 - Dates
3 - Organization & Rules
4 - General
5 - Location & Parking & Contact

Ctrl + F to search for a section if you need to jump to that information.

2 - Dates

Upcoming Tournaments & Dates, 2014:
January 3rd - Smashfest
January 10th - Smashfest

MDVA Event Listing Page

July 12th - Smashfest
July 26th - Tournament ($5)
August 9th - Smashfest
August 23rd - Tournament ($5)
November 29th - Tournament ($5)
December 27th - Smashfest
January 10th - Tournament ($5)
January 24th - Smashfest
February 21st - Tournament ($5)
March 7th - Smashfest
March 14th - Smashfest
March 28th - Smashfest
April 4th - Tournament ($5)
April 18th - Smashfest
June 20th - Tournament ($5)
July 11th - Smashfest
August 1st - Smashfest
August 8th - Tournament ($5)
September 5th - Smashfest
September 26th - Smashfest
November 14th - Smashfest
November 21st - Smashfest
March 13th - Tournament ($5)
April 17th - Tournament ($5)
June 5th - Tournament ($5)
June 12th - Tournament ($5)
June 19th - Tournament ($5)
July 24th - Tournament ($5)
July 31st - Smashfest
August 14th - Tournament ($5)
August 28th - Smashfest
October 2nd - Tournament ($5)
October 16th - Smashfest
November 13th - Tournament ($5)
November 27th - Tournament ($5)
December 11th - Smashfest
December 18th - Tournament ($5)
January 8th - Tournament ($5)
January 22nd - Tournament ($5)
January 29th - Tournament ($5)
February 12th - Tournament ($5)
March 12th - Tournament ($5)
March 19th - Smashfest
March 26th - Tournament ($5)
April 16th - Tournament ($5)
April 30th - MD/VA Circuit Tournament ($10 Singles/$20 Doubles)
June 4th - Tournament ($5) SMASHFEST
June 11th - Tournament ($5)
June 25th - Tournament ($5)
July 16th - Tournament (Free!)
July 23rd - Smashfest
July 30th - Tournament ($2)
August 13th - Smashfest
September 10th - **** YOU TOO, RAIN
March 31st - Smashfest
April 7th - Tournament ($5)
May 12th - Smashfest
May 26th - Smashfest
July 14th - Smashfest
July 28th - Smashfest
August 11th - Tournament ($5)
September 1st - Smashfest
September 22nd - Smashfest
October 6th - Smashfest
October 20th - Tournament ($5)
November 3rd - Tournament ($4)
November 10th - Smashfest
November 24th - Tournament ($5)
December 1st - Smashfest
December 8th - Smashfest
December 15th - Smashfest
December 29th - HYPERphoenix Regional Tournament
February 2nd - Tournament ($5)
March 2nd - Tournament ($5)
March 30th - Smashfest
April 6th - Tournament ($5)
April 27th - Tournament ($5)
May 11th - Tournament ($5)
May 25th - Tournament ($5)
June 8th - Tournament ($5)
July 6th - Tournament ($5)
July 27th - Smashfest
August 31st - Tournament ($5)
September 14th - Smashfest
September 28th - Smashfest
November 2nd - Tournament ($5)
December 7th - Smashfest
December 28th - Regional Tournament - HYPERphoenix 2
February 8th - Tournament ($5)
March 15th - Smashfest
May 17th - Tournament ($5)
June 14th - Smashfest
September 27th - Tournament ($5)
November 8th - Tournament ($5)

3 - Organization & Rules

The smashfest/tournament will be taking place on the given date from 12:00 noon to 11:00 PM.

11:00 | Doors Open
02:00 | Doubles signups close, tournament begins
05:00 | Singles signups close, tournament begins

Full ruleset: http://www.smashboards.com/showpost.php?p=9704190

How to play a set: http://www.smashboards.com/showpost.php?p=14087898


FD, DL64, BF, YS, FoD neutral
PS, Brinstar counterpicks

FD, PS, DL64, BF, YS neutral
KJ64, Brinstar counterpicks

Stage striking for the first match with one ban after your first win.

The entire ruleset will be posted in the tournament room.

Taj Sullivan is banned from all of my events.

4 - General

Post if you're planning on coming, it really helps me when it comes to organization.

This is a Melee event, so I expect it to be focused on Melee.

I have a good sized basement, but due to space issues in the past, I'm going to have a 32-man cap on attendance.

I have 6 (!) TVs, all in perfect working order. If you're going to bring anything to the biweekly, be it a GC+Melee or a TV or some other thing that people will be using, just let me know by posting so I can help keep track of it and so I can plan accordingly.

If you bring a TV, you can dictate what goes on it. It can be anything from SSB64 to Tetris, I don't really care. This doesn't mean that you can steal setups from other TVs, though, so if you plan on bringing a TV bring your own setup as well.

5 - Location & Parking & Contact

My address is:
I'm in the larger white house on the very left where the road ends.

You might want to call me when you're close to my house because it can be hard to hear knocking on the door when we're in the basement and there is talking/smash/controller clicking going on.

Inside the court most parking spots are dedicated to the owners of the houses. This means DO NOT PARK IN A NORMAL PARKING SPACE! It's happened before, and I don't want to upset the neighbors. You can look around for a visitor spot, usually they're available. They are just like normal spaces except they have no numbers on the curb. If there are no available spaces I suggest parking on the road before you turn into Cambridge Ct, named Ranger Rd.

My cell number is Call me if you have problems finding the house or if you have any questions and can't reach me another way.

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Saki Zatoichi

Smash Ace
Jul 7, 2008
Laurel, MD
K, we got a ride. I'll call you tomorrow when we get into Fairfax. And is the set-up you mentioned above the same Brawl set-up as mine?


Smash Lord
Feb 12, 2007
Fairfax, VA
So far I have 8 people coming:

Saki Zatoichi + 2 friends
Ikagi + 1 friend

I have 4 TVs now, and Saki Zatoichi is bringing one so that means there are going to be 5.

I have one GC and a copy of Melee, and I believe Saki is bringing a Wii and Brawl. Ikagi's friend is also supposed to bring his Wii and a Melee disc.

3 full setups, and 5 TVs. I need people to bring cubes with Melee.


Smash Lord
Feb 12, 2007
Fairfax, VA
okay guys, i have 4 TVs with me and two game setups.

that leaves 2 TVs with no game.

i have a friend bringing his TV and GC a little bit later, but not in time for the tournament

i need people to step up and bring some cubes, we only need two more.

Thanks for stepping up guys, I really appreciate it. So, bringing games+systems:
krnred225, knightpraetor, SOJ, me, ikagi

Me, Me, Me, Me, krnred225


Smash Lord
Feb 12, 2007
Fairfax, VA
July 26 Tournament Results:

1: Korn
2: Boss
3: knightpraetor
4: thumbswayup
5: ChaosKnight
5: Blues
7: TheSage
7: Rei
9: SOJ
9: Henry (no gamertag)
9: krnred225
9: Ikagi
13: Tha L@wl
13: SypherPhoenix

Boss and Korn split. They did a set anyways, and Korn apparently came out on top.

1: Are You Afraid Of The Light? (Boss + Rei)
2: Vegetable Bird (Korn + SypherPhoenix)
3: More Koreans (knightpraetor + Henry)
4: Worst Team Here (TheSage + Tha L@wl)
5: /h/ (krnred225 + Ikagi)
5: Why So Serious? (thumbswayup + CK)

Good tournament everyone. I realize now that tournaments produce too much stress for me to play well...:(


Smash Lord
Jan 27, 2006
Muppetland 64
I did terrible in singles. It's cause I lost to Korn and then Thumbs :/. The other side of the losers bracket looked so much easier :/...
lol @ going to Onnett with 4 foxes for teams Sypher and Korn :3. Epic finish where one car finished both of you.

Are you afraid of the light?


Smash Champion
Oct 20, 2005
ya, teams were fun korn...good job on taking both my peach and my teammates concurrently.
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