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[Nov 22, 2014] ***VA's FIRST EVER -SMASH TILL THE END!-*** (Charlottesville, VA)


Smash Cadet
Apr 15, 2014
Alexandria, Virginia



Featuring: Junebug, Smash God, Milkman, Redd and more!

Venue Location:
The End Games Center

143 Zan Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901


11:00AM - Venue opens. Setup.

11:30pm - Registration opens / Friendlies (Registration for each event closes ~20 min prior to the event)

1:00 pm- Melee Doubles begins

3:00pm - Melee Singles begins

6:00pm - Project M 3.5 Singles begins

9:00pm onwards - Other events, Project M 3.5 Doubles, Smash 4 3DS, Money Matches
12:00 (latest) - Wrap-up

Tournament Format:
8+: Double Elimination Bracket
7 or fewer entrants: Round Robin (top 2 play in grand finals)

*Pool and round robin matches are all best of 3
*Bracket matches, with the exception of Loser's Finals, Winner's Finals, and Grand Finals, are best of 3
*Loser's Finals, Winner's Finals, and Grand Finals are all Best of 5 matches.

$10 Venue Fee
$10 Melee Singles
$10 Project M Singles
$10 per team, Melee Doubles
Side Events: $5 per entrant

See *IMPORTANT* below for info on how to half your venue fee

30+ Entrants
1st place - 50% of entry fee pot
2nd place - 25%
3rd place - 15%
4th place - 10%

8-29 Entrants
1st place - 60%
2nd place - 30%
3rd place - 10%

2-7 Entrants
1st place - 80%
2nd place - 20%

Food Locations:
Across from the the venue is a Burger King, which is the most convenient food location from here. Additionally, on the main road (Emmet Street) from which you turn into the venue plaza there is a Cookout within driving distance. Barracks shopping center is also along this road, but further, and contains many food options including McDonalds, Panera Bread, Chipotle, and more!

Anyone who brings a setup will be refunded some amount of their venue AT THE END OF THE EVENT. In order to gain this refund, setups must remain for the entire duration of the tournament.
A set-up including a CRT TV and a Wii capable of BOTH Melee and PM will receive a $5.00 discount.


Melee Ruleset (Apex 2014 Rulset) with the following change:
*Modified DSR - Player may not return to a stage if they LAST won on it, but may return to any stage otherwise.

Project M Ruleset (APEX 2014 Ruleset) with modification to stage picks:
Project M Stage Picking:
Bottom two rows on page 1 are legal except Pokemon Stadium 1 and Skyloft, instead, Norfair is legal.
*Modified DSR - Player may not return to a stage if they LAST won on it, but may return to any stage otherwise.

-Please do not split prize money at these tournaments and be sure to play out all sets to the fullest of your ability. Prizes are not final until the tournament has officially finished. If it comes to my attention that splitting has taken place, prize money must be forfeited to the next highest legitimately placing entrant. Repeat offenders are subject to exclusion from future Charlottesville VA events.

-Players MUST be physically at the venue in order to be entered into an event, no exceptions.
-We are are not responsible for any damaged/lost/stolen items (including tv/setups).

Contact Dan062889@gmail.com for more information.
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