None of What l'm About To Say Will Make Sense, But...

Chief Hotsuin

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Oct 11, 2015
Newark, California
l've got two brothers that l'll play Free-For-All 4-stock 8 minute matches with. One's the stereotypical Link camping runaway guy and the other's a hyper-aggressive, robotic Bowser/Charizard (although l handle Zard just fine, somehow) who targets me, the guy who'll actually try to L-cancel or wavedash consistently and think about spacing (Although obviously not enough). Either of them always end up killing me first and the Bowser gets beaten by the Link. Neither of them show any sign of changing style anytime soon, and advice won't do ****.

l understand that l should try to avoid Bowser and go for Link, or at least convince Bowser to go for him instead, but Link gets really upset when l do that (ntm when l chaingrab him with Ganon or up throw up air with Fox. Just trying to give you an idea of what l'm dealing with), so l figure l should get advice on beating Bowser mercilessly.

lt's hard to explain, but l'm just overwhelmed by Bowser in this game (although the majority thinks he's awful...), mostly because his frame data and (few) combos are so different. And don't get me started on the armor.

l'm thinking spacing him out with Marth or something, but then l'm trash at the Link-Marth match-up. l could use MK instead to leave Link with no space after a grab or something, but then l'll probably get killed by a semi-random fsmash on Bowser's side. Usually, we'll play on FD, Battlefield, or (believe it or not...) Saffron City.

Yeah, none of it makes sense. And this probably makes me sound like a far more inexperienced player than l am (not that l've been playing for long, but l'm sure you get the idea... Right?), but l'm kinda sick of ALWAYS DYING FIRST!

Tell me that this is an issue of pride and self-confidence all you want, l just want a little advice on Bowser, since l feel like decimating him first and going for the Link is going to be the most satisfying.
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Christopher Rodriguez

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Feb 5, 2008
You just need to play against him more, honestly

Find out the character weaknesses for yourself and exploit them dramatically. ie- camp bowser and bait commitment and then just combo him to death every single time.

Bowser is not great at zoning so just keep out of his bubble until he's laggy.