Non-Stop Infinite Climax - April 23, Austin TX

Dec 1, 2008
Austin, TX

1: Wobbles ($232.00)
2: Axe ($112.00)
3: Xelic ($40.00)
4: DoH ($16.00)
5: Tai
5: Jake13
7: Tirno
7: Kal
9: Mojo
9: SOS
9: MT
9: Falcoty
13: TSC
13: Reqy
13: JOS
13: Gar
17: Rage
17: Foof
17: Sybawave
17: Tarzan
17: EmperorCesar
17: JR5
17: King Mosquito
17: GlibbyGlobby
25: OPDM
25: Perfect Engrish
25: Jason
25: YCM
25: Brown Link
25: Velox
25: Mousse
25: JF
33: Isaac
33: Noctournez
33: Yes
33: Tree
33: Jordi
33: Obso1337
33: Noc
33: Asphidel


1: Lightsaber (Axe + Tai) ($156.00)
2: Wtf, Xelic is teaming with Tirno? (Tirno + Xelic) ($78.00)
3: We Camp (Sybawave + TSC) ($26.00)
4: Adam Won't Let us Pick Samus (Kal + Reqy)
5: Socially Awkward Penguin (Gar + Foof)
5: Pup 'n Suds (Jake13 + Mojo)
7: Sexy ***** (Brandon + Jos)
7: The *****, the Ho and the Eskimo (DoH + Wobbles)
9: Pikachu Can Eat a **** (Noctournez + Falcoty)
9: Team Name (SOS + JF)
9: Cumrocket
13: Green Team
13: Attack of the Clones (Jo5 + Noc)
13: Team Magnolia (Velox + EmperorCesar)

Thank you everybody for coming, especially AZ.

Video thread:


Smash Ace
Feb 11, 2004
San Antonio/Austin, Texas
omg FIRST! And now it's time for some shouts:

Landon, we finally got more Peach dittos. And not just us! The whole world can now experience our joy!

Rob, congrats on winning. Your single IC is now megabeast, and it's sick. I will have to play a lot more to be able to **** you like the good old days. ;)

Jake, nice seeing you and hanging out with you again. I'm glad to have someone to low tier ditto me.

Oscar, your Falcon got totally ***** but your Marth is very good. I think you should just play Marth or something, even though he isn't as manly and cool as Falcon.

Nice to meet you, Sybawave and TSC.

SOS, it's always great to hang out with you and play you. I'm glad that you came, but you should not leave the scene. You should always come out to any nearby tourney. You were at my first tourney, so I just can't go on without you.

Losers, all of you.

Tai, ROFLZ. That's really all I have to say to you. <3

Axe, you are a very cool guy, and it was good seeing you again. I last saw you at Pound 4, but I don't think you knew me (I was sitting next to you when you ***** Scar LOOOOOOOOLZ). Good **** on being a gat damn pro.

Smash Club:
Thanks for hosting and taping the tournament. I'm glad that I was finally able to attend another of your tournies, and you should keep hosting them till the world ends.

<3 to all else.
Jul 18, 2007
San Antonio, TX
omg second!

Badass event. The UT smash club needed more than just Kal trying to run things. I helped with brackets a bit to keep things moving. Otherwise, plenty of room, setups, pizza was win.

Played good people, new people (so many fresh faces! I love it) saw old faces, had some good games, wish these kind of tournaments would happen more often. I wish san antonio wasn't so dead, but at least me SOS and Jesse carry the torch. There's a few people trying to learn, but it'll be some time before they can make it to OOC stuff.


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Mar 16, 2009
Austin, Texas
I guess I'll be the first to do shoutouts, if you don't get one, I either didn't play you, or play you all the time:

1: Wobbles - thanks for the friendlies dude, you may have invented Wobbling, but you're a force even without it, gj
2: Axe - what more can I say? you're a beast, wish I could've played you more, but thanks for the matches and for coming out here!
5: Tai - I guess its just destiny that you were my first match, lol, good ****, maybe one day my Marth will be somewhat as good as yours
9: Falcoty - thanks for the friendlies dude, and you know where that ATM is now haha
17: Sybawave - you're a ****, lulz, jk, lets play again sometime
17: EmperorCesar - I don't know what I was thinking Link-dittoing you, but thanks for the matches lol, you had the right idea spamming the bombs when I went Marth
17: King Mosquito - kudos for stepping up and helping Kal out
25: YCM - I hate Samus even more now, thanks
33: Noctournez - didn't play you much, but thanks for driving AZ out here!
33: Tree - thanks for the friendlies, try not to kill Yanis lol
33: Jordi - don't get discouraged, keep practicing, there aren't many female smashers and you do have a lot of potential

btw, I must be psychic, I actually predicted a turn-out of 40 lol


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Oct 7, 2005
Magnolia, TX
Haven't been to a smash tournament in forever. This one makes me want to get back into Melee. Loved the venue and the location.

Thanks for the matches everyone.


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Nov 8, 2009
Austin, TX
I just want to throw out a HUGE thanks to Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and ESPECIALLY Arizona for making it out to this tournament! I really hope it was worth your while and that you all had a great time. Individual shoutouts to be done later.

In the meantime, the videos that got recorded onto my laptop are going to be uploaded to the UTSmashClub's youtube channel. I think the videos on Tai's setup will be uploaded to his channel. I've already finished splitting all the videos and have started uploading a few matches. There are a few matches that I don't know who is playing so please help me out with that, and also correct any mistakes I make. There will be a video thread up shortly.

Smash Journeyman
Jul 24, 2008
Austin-UT/San Antonio
1: Wobbles ($232.00) - didn't wobble in friendlies =(
2: Axe ($112.00) - good ****. can't watch your falco's feet, they're too happy.
3: Xelic ($40.00) - good job coming outta nowhere and taking third.
4: DoH ($16.00) - good job making it and taking fourth. wobbles DoH semifinals shouldn't happen.
5: Tai - damn, you took out people I didn't expect. didn't want arizona first second and third.
5: Jake13 - beating kal this time around, I didn't expect. your skill fluctuates so much bro.
7: Tirno - taking oscar out is good times. next step: the world!
7: Kal - dang son, gotta keep swimming. thanks for hosting the tournament. you were very pivotal in making the tourney finish on time.
9: Mojo - I love your falcon.
9: SOS - tough bracket brah
9: MT - we make a great combo of officers! i'll wear my shoes all over your house if you take me out of tournament again.
9: Falcoty - dang dude. you're really good. tell me what to do against sheik for ultimate profit. I suppose I could channel my energy into my own matches instead of your team matches.
13: TSC - yo we need to play a million friendlies and seriouslies and money matches to see who's better.
13: Reqy - that's some tough cookies with the bracket. also, give your ****ing match results to the TO before keeping on your matches.
13: JOS - lucky bracket, bruv. good job!
13: Gar - dang bro. you really surprised me this time around. beating JF, gtfo.
17: Rage - you're purdy good bruv. more technically sound than me but don't rush down too much, especially with every character.
17: Foof - we should play falcon dittos and you should sandbag like last time.
17: Sybawave - yo wtf are you doing here. go up there to 13th or 9th. almost had you this time around. rainbow cruise, c'mon son. tried to rush you in that stage but it didn't work. gg. expect revenge ;)
17: Tarzan - should've played you but didn't get the chance. mm?
17: EmperorCesar - nice link bro. I was scared in our teams match because FD was going to be too **** for you if we didn't ban it. I almost had that comeback but I threw too many f-smashes
17: JR5 - yo you beat me with ganon. bruised ego. thanks for the fliers man. ganon ditto next time, what say you?
17: King Mosquito - argh, we should've played. then we should've talked about reviving the san antonio scene. fml.
17: GlibbyGlobby - yo you're probably better than me. change your name plz ****lob. sounds like hurling ****s.
25: OPDM - don't remember. sorry!
25: Perfect Engrish - love teaming with you if it wasn't ten dollars! we kill ourselves a ****ton. our smash life is lolz.
25: Jason - didn't play
25: YCM - yo were you really getting angry at mine zelda? that's the only reason I was winning bro. if you keep it calm, you will be succesful.
25: Brown Link - yeah, work on your marth's fluidity like von said. also, you f-smash too much and your edgeguard game is a little bit poop. instead of using f-smash as a cure-all, use less laggy attacks for pressure.
25: Velox - if you would've gone sheik, you would've taken the match bro. I suck at the mu. I wanted to tell you but I also wanted to place high. I'm a shameful man.
25: Mousse - oh you don't check smashboards do you. gtfi.
25: JF - you sometimes play with anger if something doesn't go your way. it makes your game sloppy later on. you're better than this.
33: Isaac - sorry
33: Noctournez - yo nice to meet you! you guys behaved well!
33: Yes - yo you're pretty good. keep it up bro. you understand the falco-marth matchup better than I. lame.
33: Tree - yo I hear you were pretty good. but i didn't play you for serious!
33: Jordi - sorry
33: Obso1337 - sorry
33: Noc - =(
33: Asphidel - hey thanks for coming. you're gonna get better!

everybody (especially better players), give the results of your matches that way we won't bother mid-match asking if it is a tourney match. It takes 3 seconds, seriously.


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Jun 15, 2005
Austin, TX
awesome tourney. first melee tournament i've been to in a long, long time. looking to getting back into melee full force this summer and in the future. hoping to play everyone more!


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Apr 27, 2007
So I'm guessing the Melee Texas scene is like the best there is in terms of attendance? Everyone results thread I view has like 35 - 50+ people lol.
Jul 18, 2007
San Antonio, TX
So I'm guessing the Melee Texas scene is like the best there is in terms of attendance? Everyone results thread I view has like 35 - 50+ people lol.
Only when everyone travels. We need some major hype to get people on the road. most of the major cities are 2 to 3 hours apart. 15 people traveled from Houston alone.


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Nov 8, 2009
Austin, TX
So I'm guessing the Melee Texas scene is like the best there is in terms of attendance? Everyone results thread I view has like 35 - 50+ people lol.


Yeah that really isn't the case. The truth is we're constantly struggling to get turnouts like this, but we are definitely putting in the effort. The fact that the distance between cities is so ridiculously far makes out-of-city travel a pain the ***, which in turn makes high turnouts difficult to come by. Like King Mosquito said, it takes a lot of hype to generate a turnout like this because of that distance. Most tournaments in Texas usually have like 10-15 people show up, drawing from the player pool within that particular city.

I'm pretty sure this is the first Texas Melee tournament to break 35 in like 2-3 years or something lol.


Smash Ace
Mar 16, 2009
Austin, Texas
Not only that, I had to literally attack the Arizona Melee thread for a month to get them to come here, lol.

Also, we can *potentially* get high turn-out from Texas alone courtesy of Texas being so huge.


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Jan 4, 2006
Austin, TX
Thank you to everyone who came, especially those with ridiculously long drives.


1: Wobbles - You're too good. I have to hold on to that memory lest I lose all hope of ever not getting *****.
2: Axe - You're one badass dude. Our MM was really fun, your Falco's so scary but that Pikachu clearly needs some work =D. Good games in teams, too.
3: Xelic - Sorry, I failed at carrying us all the way to first, haha. But for serious, teaming with you was awesome, so I forgive you for beating me in singles. Also, come play me.
4: DoH - No forgiveness for you.
5: Tai - I had lots of fun playing your Marth, though I feel like we should have money matched. Imagine all the potential **** sucking.
5: Jake13 - We probably should have played too, but by the time you asked, I just felt pooped. Oh well, I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunity in the future.
7: Tirno - N/A
7: Kal - You're totally awesome for running the brackets and making sure we all didn't die of hunger and thirst.
9: Mojo - I know you want that rematch.
9: SOS - Fun friendlies, too bad we didn't get more.
9: MT - Great work uploading the videos and not sucking at this tournament. Sorry about ditching you in teams, but it was worth it, haha.
9: Falcoty - We didn't play much, but we little we did was fun.
13: TSC - Get wrecked in teams.
13: Reqy - Tough bracket man, but glad to hear you still had fun.
13: JOS - Best Imperial Intern ever.
13: Gar - Alief ftw.
17: Rage - Sorry I was half asleep when you left Sunday morning. Hope all went well, it was fun hanging out and playing.
17: Foof - N/A
17: Sybawave - See TSC.
17: Tarzan - Thanks for the Haiwaiian Punch, too good.
17: EmperorCesar - N/A
17: JR5 - I'm watching you.
17: King Mosquito - Thanks for coming. If you feel like something's lagging, just notify one of the officers, you don't have to worry about it.
17: GlibbyGlobby - Nice Falco. Also, hands off my bread/shower.
25: OPDM - Sucks to be Samus.
25: Perfect Engrish
25: Jason - N/A
25: YCM - Missles kill, man, haha.
25: Brown Link - Good job annoying AZ enough to get them to come. Don't know how that worked, but way to go.
25: Velox - N/A
25: Mousse - N/A
25: JF - Told you shine OOS doesn't always work, haha.
33: Isaac - Totally juked you into playing that set with me for no good reason, haha.
33: Noctournez - I don't think we played, but many thanks for coming all the way to Austin.
33: Yes - Trying to find someone named "Yes" is a horrible exercise in frustration.
33: Tree - N/A
33: Jordi - N/A
33: Obso1337 - I hope your hair somehow becomes permanently pink.
33: Noc - You're too **** for your own good.
33: Asphidel - Thanks for helping out with setups and the like.


Smash Ace
Nov 8, 2009
Austin, TX
Wobbles - Someday I'll play well enough that you won't be able to just toy with me and the only stocks I get on you are your own suicides. Thanks for coming, it's always great to see and play you!
Axe - I'm so glad I met you!!!!! You are possibly the coolest smasher ever. Super fun friendlies, MM, and everything. Thank you so much for coming all the way to Austin!!! I hope it was worth you while.
Xelic - ***ER STOLE MY TEAMS PARTNER but good **** for 2nd in teams and 3rd in singles.
DoH - Always a pleasure to see and play you! Hopefully you weren't disappointed with the tournament, the turnout, and the video uploading. **** me in friendlies more please.
Tai - Sick Marth man, I wish my Marth could look as cool as yours. Good **** beating Xelic (I don't care if you lost to him in losers!) and fun friendlies/****** me in our MM. I WISH THERE WERE MORE TOP LEVEL MARTHS TO WATCH! Thanks for coming all the way out to Austin; I really hope it was worth it.
Jake13 - **** me in singles more, haha. You got revenge for Dallas for sure. It was a super fun set and we had hella fun friendlies too. Good **** dawg. (I'm so proud of you for beating DoH & Wobbles haha)
Tirno - No words to traitors. You owe me $5 for Gordoughs. <3
Kal - Genius for getting that water and good job running the tournament.
Mojo - Always happy to see you and good **** all around. Fun friendlies.
SOS - Really fun friendlies of you ****** me (BUT I FINALLY GOT ONE) haha. We should play more next time.
Falcoty - Really intense/fun friendlies on Friday! And then the friendlies we played on Saturday you completely ***** me!!! I was thinking about asking you to a MM but got scared haha. Thanks for making it all the way to Austin, I hope it was worth it!
TSC - Good **** in teams lol. We didn't really play unfortunately but good to see you.
Reqy - Yeah for beating Sybawave! So good Reqy.
JOS - Get at me. You know you definitely have the potential to beat me but for some reason you seem less than motivated to actually get better and do so. Smash isn't for fun. It's SERIOUS BUSINESS. =)
Gar - GOOD **** for taking out JF!!! Oh mah gawd, I want to beat JF but I never can =(. TEACH ME!
Rage - Fun friendlies that we had! Hope to see you around next time.
Foof - We didn't play/talk much but we should next time!!
Sybawave - Good job in teams. I wish we could have had our epic random stage + items match but it seems fate has different plans in store for our epic match. Until next time! And stop sandbagging against me in friendlies >_>
Tarzan - GG in our match man. Good to see you as always. I hope 6th street was fun, haha.
EmperorCesar - Fun Link man! It was as pleasure playing you and definitely a GG.
Perfect Engrish - Looooooool you vs Axe friendlies is too good. HOW DO YOU TAKE STOCKS OFF OF HIS FALCO WTF
Brown Link - 9001 good ****s for getting Arizona here!!
Velox - Beating JF, too good. I still haven't met you in tournament, have I? If/when that happens I'll be prepared! (Hopefully)
JF - Stop letting your emotions play you! You are definitely a way better play than this.
Noctournez - I don't think I played you much (if at all), but I did meet you! Good stuff for making to Austin! I hope it was worth it for you =).
Tree - Fun friendlies man!! Tree too good.
Obso1337 - Fun friendlies! Hope to see you more in the future.
Noc - WE DIDN'T PLAY!! WHY?!!?

AXE 09

Smash Master
Dec 3, 2006
Avondale, AZ
Shoutouts are gonna take me soooooo long lol. For now, I'll just say thank you everyone for such a good tournament :) I had a ton of fun! This trip was definitely worth it. Melee is amazing =D


Smash Cadet
Jan 15, 2007
GlibbyGlobby bringing the shoutouts:

Wobbles + Axe: You're both ridiculous.
3: Xelic - It was so awesome to just see you, lol. It was like..."Wow, it's Xelic. O__O". Your Peach is amazing and your powershielding is godlike. I wish we could've played more...
4: DoH - Thanks for bringing yourself and Wobbles up from Dallas. Was great to see you two play.
5: Tai - For some reason, I thought you'd be some really tall black guy. I'm completely serious...
5: Jake13 - Good job on getting fifth.
7: Tirno - Thanks for the housing, the hospitality, and the great set. Your Falco is awesome and I hope mine gets that good with a bit of time...would say sorry about using your shower, but I can't honestly say that I am, LOL. :p It felt pretty great. I brought my own soap if that matters to you at all. And I didn't pee in the drain like Tarzan said I did. :glare:
7: Kal - Fantastic job with the tourney and great job on spelling my name with such RIDICULOUS accuracy upon only hearing it once, LOL.
9: Mojo - Thanks for the handshake or fist bump or whenever it was when you left, it made me feel cool for some reason. XD
9: SOS - I think we played...good matches and nice job repping SA.
9: MT - Good **** on getting that donut even though you didn't want it, LMFAO. That made me laugh so hard...anyway, thanks for the games and for all the recording you did. You're good, but don't think I'm just going to let you go unchallenged...just give me some time... :cool:
13: TSC - Riding in the middle all the way back? We should've switched out at some point. Anyway, can't wait to play you more this summer. Your Falcon will make me think twice about teching the way I do. I suck at not teching predictably...
13: JOS - I'm sorry, but I can't remember who you are by gamertag. On the topic of MY gamertag, though, I am most certainly not going to change it. "GlibbyGlobby" sounds badass.
13: Gar - I can't even believe I let you take me out of the tournament. You're mad legit and all, but still...preeeeetty sad about losing. Especially because we went to FoD first game and I'm a Falco player. Just shows I can't use the stage and my counterpick wasn't much better. You gotta show up to the summer locals so we can play more. You're great, but I think I have something about losing to other Asian players, LOL. Good ****.
17: Rage - Good **** on showing up, but I don't think we played at all, lol. We should've. I watched you vs. Gar and you seem pretty time, next time.
17: Foof - Locals, dude. See you there. You're definitely good.
17: Sybawave - Thanks for driving, for making the ride so fun, for coming down to Galveston to play me every now and then, and everything in between, really. Let me show you that the time you invested in me wasn't a waste. I hope to be as skilless as you one day!!! :awesome: Oh, and good job on being a one-man hype machine as usual. Try to do that for grand finals next time instead of those ******* doubles friendlies you were playing RIGHT next to the grand's ridiculous how loud you are, LMAO.
17: Tarzan - You're ****ing hilarious, dude. Thanks for making the rides awesome. Let's do our best for Galveston. Hopefully we'll get more new players next year...
17: JR5 - I'm sold. You're a lot better than I thought. Good ****.
25: OPDM - Michael, Michael. You get better each and every time. I was not expecting the **** you brought on my Marth in those friendlies. Every aspect of your game improves whenever I see you. Keep it up for when summer kicks in. You're going to need it if we're gonna play more. :p
25: Perfect Engrish - I'm CERTAIN we played, but I just can't remember who you are. I remember the matches being good and you were plenty friendly, though, so let's meet again at a tournament.
25: YCM - You're a pretty funny guy. Keep it up for Kingwood, dude.
25: Velox - That lesson you gave me in Veloxian psychology was very valuable, LOL. Was nice to talk to you even though we barely talked. And we didn't play any friendlies either!!! Sucks since we're pretty even in skill level. Let's play more this summer.
25: Mousse - Same thing I said for Perfect Engrish.
33: Isaac - You want to get into the Austin Smash scene? Awesome. Show me how far you can go next time we meet. Same thing goes for the friend you came with...Jason, was it?
33: Noctournez - Fun talking and playing you for the short time we did. Thanks for letting me call you Mew2King, LOL. (Hope you're the person I'm thinking you are. >_>)
33: Yes - You're a pretty quirky guy who was entertaining to chill with. Your Falco had me scared in the set we played. Good **** and keep it up.
33: Tree - Quit Brawl. You have too much of a future in Melee.
33: Jordi - We got to play this time! You impressed me. With Gar, Foof, and the other Rice players, you seem like you're in good hands. Keep improving. And too bad you missed the one wobble opportunity you got on me in friendlies, lol. You would've been the first to ever wobble me!!!
33: Obso1337 - You're probably going to be terrible at this game forever, LMFAO. Just've gotten far enough in the past eight months to make me at least marginally proud of you. Keep playing or something like that.
33: Noc - Seriously? You're just going to let your evil twin place THAT much higher than you? I'm kind of insulted, actually.
33: Asphidel - You're gonna try to break into the Austin scene one day, right? You'd better...

Thanks to everybody who helped run the tournament. It was amazing for sure. Also, good **** to anybody I may have forgotten.


Smash Ace
Nov 8, 2009
Austin, TX
9: MT - Good **** on getting that donut even though you didn't want it, LMFAO. That made me laugh so hard...anyway, thanks for the games and for all the recording you did. You're good, but don't think I'm just going to let you go unchallenged...just give me some time... :cool:
LOL that Gordoughs was too good. Real fun friendlies even though I was mad tired at Tirno's on Friday. Sorry I forgot you in my original shoutouts, I forgot you were GlibbyGlobby! And you suck for not getting huge *** donuts with me/Tirno/Syba.


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Sep 11, 2010
25: YCM - yo were you really getting angry at mine zelda? that's the only reason I was winning bro. if you keep it calm, you will be succesful.
Nah bro I was getting really surprised at how often you got the sweetspot fairs/bairs. No johns though your zelda kicked my Samus :(


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Aug 7, 2001
Ocala, FL
33: Yes - yo you're pretty good. keep it up bro. you understand the falco-marth matchup better than I. lame.
Thanks! Which one were you? the dude orignally from San Antonyuh?
I'm super new to the whole Tx smash brigade so the face-smash tag association process has just begun.

blipglob said:
33: Yes - You're a pretty quirky guy who was entertaining to chill with. Your Falco had me scared in the set we played.
haha awesome. i could say the same about you!



Desert Eskimo
Oct 9, 2006
Gilbert, AZ
Hey, here's an idea: let's avoid cluttering up the results thread with useless posts bashing Brawl.
I dunno. I think I'm in favor of hating on people who play Brawl just because they think Melee is dead.

I'm okay with Brawl players who play it because they like Brawl though.