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Nintendo Partners with CEO!

Nintendo has partnered with Community Effort Orlando (CEO), one of the biggest tournament series in Smash and the FGC! This year's event, CEO 2016, will be taking place in Orlando, Florida from June 24th-26th. Some notable names in attendance for Melee and Smash 4 include ZeRo, Hungrybox, Nairo, Dabuz, Plup, Mr. R, Abadango, and many more. Registration for CEO 2016 closes on June 12th, so be sure not to miss one of this year's premier tournaments!



I wonder what character nentendos gunna be scouting this time so they can give em a Nerf or maybe there checking there latest work
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How bout nintendo partner with the competitive smash scene in general and we start gettin bigger prize pools
Partners with CEO? So Tatsumi Kimishima? That already happened.
Oh boy something we totally needed.
Whatever. We'd be doing just fine without Nintendo, and they've yet to make a visible difference.
What do these partnerships mean again? Is it just for the ads? I know they'll run those, and probably help cover some of the cost for the venue and such. But I don't really remember what else.
The fact they said Melee in their official tweet surprises me. I expect Melee to grow along with Smash4's pace again. This is gonna be sweet.
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