Nintendo Direct on Thursday

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Sep 2, 2018
The next Nintendo Direct is scheduled for this Thursday, September 6 at 10:00 AM EST. The Direct has a run time of 27 minutes, 12 seconds, and is predominantly focused on Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online will launch on Friday, September 21 and a two-week free trial will be available to all users. Furthermore, free early access to Nintendo Switch Online will be given to those that purchased and registered their Nintendo Switch within the first two weeks of the console’s March 2017 launch, starting Tuesday, September 18.

Subscribers will receive an extra 30% off sale items and 10% off regularly priced items in the eShop. Nindies Together is a new program that lets Nintendo Switch Online users gain free early access to some of the hottest indie titles currently in development and allow them to give direct feedback straight to the developer, starting with Bullet Age later this month.

On top of that, Nindies Together offers two free indie titles to Nintendo Switch Online users every month to play for the duration of their subscription. The first titles, launching on September 21, will be Crossing Souls and Assault Gunners HD Edition.

Nintendo Switch Online users will be granted access to several alternate skins in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when the game launches, including Dry Bowser and Cloud’s costume from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Smash won’t be the only game subject to Nintendo Switch Online perks, however. Splatoon 2 will receive special Nintendo Switch Online-themed Inkling apparel and two new weapons, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be updated with two new tracks - Waluigi Pinball and Broken Pier.

FINAL FANTASY XV — Pocket Edition is coming to the eShop on October 26.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes receives a new gameplay trailer, revealing a new swamp stage. The game launches on January 19.

The Wonderful 101 is being ported to the Switch and coming very soon — on November 23.

Masuda-san appears with a new trailer for Pokémon Let’s Go! to reveal two new gyms and a new Pokémon called Gillybal, a Fire/Ghost dual-type with only one evolution: Gildragon.

Masuda-san has another trailer to present, this time for Smash. Little Mac and Bowser Jr. are squaring off in Boxing Ring, equally matching one another’s blows. A large silhouette is observing from the tunnel when Little Mac lands the final blow on Bowser Jr..

Little Mac celebrates to the roar of the crowd until the Koopalings jump him, easily defeating him and taking his place in the celebration. Behind them you can see a large figure quickly approaching and launching itself into the air. While Iggy still celebrates, the other Koopalings are body-slammed into the mat and Iggy reluctantly turns around to find the massive build of Incineroar looking down on him.

“Incineroar Rings the Bell!”

Incineroar has a wide range of attacks, including an uppercut, a lunge, two grapples, and a lariat.

His final smash buries the opponent into the ground, as he viciously pounds them deeper into the dirt, launching them at the end.

The trailer cuts back to the cinematic, as Little Mac gets back up ready to fight Incineroar.

Koizumi-san returns with another Smash character announcement.

Link, Shulk, and Marth are battling Rathalos in Coliseum. Marth is the first to be defeated, getting easily swiped away into a nearby column. Link fires arrows at Rathalos to no avail and Shulk meets the same fate as Marth after lunging at Rathalos.

Link launches a remote bomb into the mouth of Rathalos, who isn’t affected by the explosion. Rathalos returns fire to Link, but the flames are reflected — not by Link, but by Isaac from Golden Sun.

“Isaac Settles the Score!”

Isaac is not a typical Smash swordfighter as most of his moveset revolves around Psynergy, exhibited in the trailer. All four main elements of Psynergy are shown off, posing Isaac up against most of the Pokémon cast through the trailer.

The player can manually switch between Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury quickly in similar fashion to Shulk.

Isaac has four final smashes, dependent on which element of Psynergy you are in at the time of activation: Judgment, Meteor, Thor, and Boreas.

Instead of a final cinematic scene, it ends with “To Be Continued.”

This is not the end of the Direct. Koizumi-san reappears with “one last thing” — a new trailer for Bayonetta 3, revealing Bayonetta’s new sleek black and rose gold-plated outfit and a release window of April 2019.
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