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Nintendo Direct Announced for September 4th


Summer might be coming to a close, but the holiday season waits for no one. Maybe the wait for Banjo & Kazooie is almost done!

The latest Nintendo Direct was announced earlier this morning, and is set to air at 3pm PST / 6pm EST, September 4th, 2019. Revealed just over a day before broadcast, this Direct will run about forty minutes focusing on Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be scaring up a stir on Nintendo Switch by October 31st, while Pokémon Sword and Shield gets adventurous starting November 17th.

At first glance, Smash fans might be disappointed with no explicit mention of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate attached to this Direct announcement. However, the recent discovery of a particular ad display in Japan should certainly change their tune.

Sightings of a particular bear and bird combo have popped up on social media over the weekend, finding the daring duo plastered on advertisements at 7-Eleven shops in Japan. Alongside ads for Mario Maker 2 and Astral Chain, Banjo & Kazooie make an undeniable appearance with their Smash Ultimate renders front-and-center.

Back in July, 7-Eleven stores in Japan ran similar ads featuring Dragon Quest’s Hero just days before his release in Smash Ultimate. Fans are speculating that this should hold true for Banjo & Kazooie as well, and that these ads signal an upcoming release in the very near future.

Will this Direct reveal the release date for Banjo & Kazooie’s DLC debut? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

Author’s Note: With forty minutes to play with, Sakurai could give us a short gameplay demonstration for Banjo & Kazooie. I’d also love to see some Metroid news. Prime 4 isn’t coming out in 2020, so maybe Nintendo will bless us with a Metroid Prime Trilogy announcement?! One can only dream.
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Dakota “Rapture” Lasky


I predict that they will discuss Banjo in further detail within the Direct.

In addition, it is highly likely that they will also unveil the next challenger for Smash.
Fam, I was just hanging my banners today for my "SMASH BROS x SNK" party. Don't make me waste my resources. I paid for them in full!

For the Nintendo Store people with KirbyGCN17, make this one hype.
Props for the Grunty reference in the article front author.

Beyond standard Nintendo news I also hope clears up the Overwatch port rumors...and if true, confirms a Hearthstone port to(plz ActiBlizz help a fan out here)
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