NGC<Biohazard 4 Us-InvisibleSniper Ultimate>Modified Edition


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May 1, 2020
hello every,
rencently I hacked a NGC game Re4,and want to share it.
but I dont konw where to upload for the sake of sharing ,
hope someone give me a advice for chosing a net-disk .

==========as follows===============
NGC<Biohazard 4 Us-InvisibleSniper Ultimate>Modified Edition
Work on NGC or Wii
A Hacked Piece By YunYan

1 all hidden factors will be unlocked when the system-save have been created in the first time

game running ,and after rebooting the title image become Spanish countryside.
if you move the memory card from GC, (or there is no system-save in the mc),the title will restore

the image of Leon and Ashely!
caution:system-save is not a Game-save!

2 weapon initial Level modified
A all weapon initial power is level 3
B all weapon initial fire-speed is level 1 (Fire frequency ???)
C all weapon initial reload is level 2
D all weapon initial capacity is level 2

3 when get a new weapon, it has initial ammos 20-100
and when level up the capacity ability,the ammos also became full!

4 Weapn Capacity modified:
A 4 kinds of handgun have the capacity of 50 to 500, different level with diffirent amount
B 3 kinds of shotgun have the capacity of 20 to 200, different level with diffirent amount
C TMP has the capacity of 100 to 1200, different lv with diffirent amount.
D Broken butterfly has 50-200
E weapons of Kerusa and Hunk have 500

5 weapon's speciality modified:
A bomb launcher(Mine Thrower) Fire-Mode added:
A-1 Use GC JOYSTICK: R+X BUTTON to aim, fire with Homing-Ability!
A-2 Use GC JOYSTICK: R BUTTON to aim , nomal fire (without Homing)!
B Leon's original pistol has mute mode!(Yes! actually is from Wesker!! ^_^)
C balck tail has mute mode!

6 4 kinds of weapon's ammo-loading type modified:
A Bomb launcher without scope uses shotgun ammo.if with scope,uses its own ammo.(I dont know how

to call the name)
B old style-rifle without scope uses pistol ammo.if with scope,uses its own rifle-ammo.
C semi-auto rifle without scope uses pistol ammo.if with scope,uses its own rifle-ammo.
D Tmp without handle will use pistol-ammo.if with handle,uses its own tmp-ammo.

7 in the suitcase inventory-mode modified:
sorry I cant describe it in english,and even in my own launage chinese.
but I can tell you that Leon's suitcase can contain much more than before!

8 Leon's initial items modified:
A Leon has infrared scope in the suitcase at first!
B Leon has a gun of turbo-firing called "matilda" in the suitcase at first!
C Leon has middle size suitcase at first and will save you 3w dollars costs in the beginning

period !

9 Ada's initial items modified:
A Ada's all weapons are full of Levle ability!
B Ada's all weapons have 250 ammo sufficiently

10 mercenary mode modified
all roles have powerful weapons and sufficient ammo!

11 Leon's HP modified:
A leon has 1200HP at first , same with original edition.
B Leon's HP upper-bound has been changed to 4000 from original 2400.
C eating Yellow Grass will have 4 times effect than original edition,and so will Ashely!
D Green grass will have 2 times effect than original edition.

12 Ashely's HP modified:
A Ashely has 600HP at first ,same with original edition.
B Ashely's HP upper-bound has been changed to 4000 from original 1200.
C Eating Yellow Grass will have 4 time effect than original edition.
D Green Grass wil have 2 times effect.

13 two types of QTE modified:
A the type QTE of pressing at a high rate of speed mode will auto-executed!
B the type QTE of chosing between L+R or A+B will be auto-distinguished and auto-executed
C the stage of being chased by the big stone figure and the stage of laser must be executed by

manual operation! as is always L+R!

14 BOSS battles modified:
A in the lake where VS the big fish,Leon's fish spear has 3 times power than original edition.
B in the last boss battle,Sadaller expose his weakpoint all over his body, and in addition there

is 4 times more powerful than original if his eyes attacked!

15 BUG FIXED : CHICAGO TYPEWRITER lose Infinite ammo ability ,after second turn . has been fixed!

16 BUG FIXED :SOME WEAPONs CAN'T BE Leveled up . has been fixed!

17 BUG FIXED: ADA 's body changes into monster. has been fixed!

That's all at above!
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