New upcoming event in the Netherlands!


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Jun 15, 2016
Gelderland, The Netherlands
Hey Smashers,

Smash has been a passion for me and my friends for a long time now, it made us realise we wanted to do something for the smash community. We are from the Netherlands. Hosting events is fairly new to us.
We already arranged the following things for our event:

Place to host the tournament (venue), it will be held in "Buurthuis Wijk aan Duin" in Beverwijk, the Netherlands.
A few tv's
A few consoles.

Things we're looking for:
Bracket captains.
Volunteers who are willing to ship hardware etc.
Streaming hardware.

I hope this is enough information given.
We appreciate all tips, advice and help!
i'm always available and willing to answer question at
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