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New to Charizard and PM: What I've Learned So Far

Digital Limit

Smash Cadet
Mar 12, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Charizard players! Hey.

I'm new to Project M and have been trying to decide on a main to dedicate some real research and practice time toward, and after seeing DiNGO absolutely wreck at Tipped Off 10 (see: http://www.reddit.com/r/SSBPM/comments/2hcj47/dingos_charizard_at_tipped_off_10_was_insane_31244/) I decided Charizard would be a fun character to dive into.

With that, I've been learning a few tools to help tighten up my game, so I figured I'd catalog those discoveries here, ultimately with the goal to play Smash in a tournament somewhere and do not-so terribly. This will be largely redundant information detailed in other threads, but I'm using this as a tool for myself to compartmentalize different attributes as I try to learn and retain them.

So here are some Charizard tips and tricks as I've discovered them:

Read this & watch every video posted.

  1. Nair is bread n' butter
    • Short hop + nair is great. Reverse aerial rush + nair is a bit better. I haven't figured out exactly when I want to do one or the other (or if it matters as long as I time it accordingly), I just know it starts behind and rolls over the top. It's a bit punishable at low percentages on landing; not sure if I can cancel it.
  2. Ftilt has some tasty range. And you can angle it up or down
  3. Dtilt is disgusting on the edge
    • The hitboxes on this move are crazy disjoint. Slap the edge and feel bad for your friends.
  4. Jab, Utilt and Up-Smash into Uair to Nair combo, closing with Up-B/Fair/Bair
    • You have three jumps so you can aerial chase pretty effectively.
    • Down-B (Fly) is a chargeable super jump perfect for chasing with an Uair, jump and Up-B. It eats one of your three jumps, remember that.
  5. Short hop + Down-B (Fly triggers Glide in the air) + Attack = Flare Blitz
    • This is a fantastic mix-up and approach off of the edge. DiNGO's control scheme change (attack on R) might help execute this move instantly.
  6. Down-B (Glide) is your recovery 90% of the time. Up-B is an out-of-shield option, KO out of aerial
    • You can sweet spot the edge grab, flare-blitz onto the stage or cancel the glide into an aerial to land.
  7. Side-B from edge hop to onstage and retreating Side-B are clutch
  8. Back-Throw can chain to Back-Throw, Down-Throw tech-chase to Down-Smash
  9. Up-Throw to kill. Forward-Throw to offstage, edge guard.
  10. I assume you can L-Cancel the glide landing... need to test.
  11. Need to learn: Wavedashing, Crouch Canceling (for defense, for canceling into jab/ftilt?) and SHFFLing for OOS Nair.

My controls are currently set to default, but that may change as I get more comfortable with the Zard. I saw that JOE! uses L as grab, Z as jump and turns off up-to-jump. That sounds pretty legit as I struggle to use Z effectively to grab and I tend to use L to shield more than I'd like (making spot dodges hard for me for some reason).

Just got my WIFI setup on my Wii. Time to find my friend code for Project M and start some training.


Smash Cadet
Mar 23, 2014
Hey, welcome to the Zard boards! It seems you've found everything that made us love the big lizard too :p If you want more Zard info, the video thread has a couple tournament sets for every character matchup. :3
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