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May 31, 2018
As a veteran Smash and Fire Emblem player, Roy has always been one of my favorite characters in both series. SSBM was my very first video game ever and FE6 was my second FE game after the remastered Shadow Dragon so I know Roy's character pretty well. Most think he's a poorly written Marth clone and I can see why. Having come off of Shadow Dragon, Roy's dialogue in FE6 did severely disappoint me as it felt forced and dry but I was able to see past that. My question to you, fellow Emblemiers and veteran Smashers is thus, Roy has gone through a lot, A LOT of evolution and characterization since then. Now a debatable A-tier in SSB4 and with three well-written versions in FE Heroes, we can see what Roy is like at his best AND worst, so have your opinions on the Young Lion changed at all?
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