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New Pikachu Smashboards Style MU Chart


Smash Rookie
Mar 13, 2020
Hi Guys,
New to Smashboards here, I've joined with specifically one purpose. To learn how to create a wiki styled MU chart.
I'm a Pikachu main and have been one since the end of 2016, Originally from Tennessee ranked number 3/4 respectively in the last two seasons(the most previous one due to attendance since my personal career began to pick up). I'm interested in creating a revised MU chart for pikachu as well as clearing the air about much of the disinformation surrounding pikachu from matchups to opponent CG percents to the not true 0-death CG on Falcon on FD (slight DI behind gets him out in the 60s range depending on port priority and you must utilt to late nair in order to extend and possibly finish with dair to end said combo).

As for my skill level, the Wiki says I'm the second best Pikachu in the world but a personal opinion of mine is that I'm the third in melee after Tyler Swift when factoring in Attendance to large tourneys, local activity, region and skill level of practice partners. My resume does include a N0ne and prime Smashbob win and the extent of my practice in real life includes Hunybear(second best US link who is actually ranked over me BUT still very negative to me in TN currently) Grab (current number 1 in TN) and Iori the infamous dinosaur peach man who won HOP over squid. I play many people as a brown belt on netplay as well who are all great practice including Jflex (sheik), Palika(Doc), Every Marth in existence on that site and am very active in Pikachu discord.

Before anyone asks, yes Pika loses to puff, no its not as awful as you think, I pride myself on the MU and have 2 losses of the many sets i've played vs puff in the last two years 1 of which was to michael 41. Here is my most recent large tourney bracket if it says anything about my infrequent major attendance. Having a child has destroyed any chance of truly competing consistently so 1-2 tourneys a year is the best I can do https://smash.gg/tournament/we-need.../events/melee-singles/brackets/607691/1006200.

Again Hi guys, thanks for reading and I hope I get the answer I was looking for.
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