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New Mix ups


Smash Rookie
Jan 15, 2018
This might seem like kind of a **** post and maybe these techniques work on weaker opponents but I have found that these work more on the level to frustrate people and getting any mental edge with Sheik is very important. I'm posting this because I am tired of all the kids on netplay who say sheik is a cheap character and brainless, they deserve to be destroyed... All of these may seem obvious but with the surge of spacies and the new tech like CC these tend to be more prevalent.

Standing needles:
When Fox or Falco are recovering with Up-B it is very easy to hit them with a standing needle they then will Up-B again and the timing for another needle is usually really simple ( I usually charge 2 and throw them both) this can often lead to a loop were they are taking continual damage and often are very frustrated after words. It works from a very large range, in between needles there is enough time to close the gap and at any point you can run off stage with nair to some degree of success. However I will usually stand there and needle and actually quite often I find they will kill themselves on accident. There are very easy ways to break out of this loop but often they dont figure it out!

Rapid jabs:
Characters who love to CC for some reason cant figure how to DI out of rapid jabs they will literally sit there and take way more damage than necessary it sometimes works out to hilarious results.

Chain grab:
Against spacies often when starting a chain grab they are mashing then they are immediately trying to tech I have find if you want to take out the guess work or take a break from focusing on tech chasing mix in a forward throw and they will usually stand in there shield in-front of you because there is no knock down which is an easy follow up grab.

Dash Attack Grab:
This only works from 50-60% on spacies if they DI away but if you dash attack them and catch them out of the air while they are in hit stun it is one of my favorite looking things in this game its a true shinobi maneuver.

If any other sheiks want to let me know how they ruin all other characters lives I would love to hear it. Also as a sheik main community if we could start naming more sheik combos or mix-ups Id appreciate it. The KK is running up smash tech chase right ???
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