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New Little Mac KO Set-Up, Maybe?


Smash Rookie
Jan 1, 2018
Hello! I was messing around with Little Mac a few days ago, just trying to see if I could connect some moves to practice my strings. I fool around a bit, and eventually found that the first two hits if Jab could connect to Jolt Haymaker/Side-B if activated it immediately. So I got to work, and this is the data I have compiled so far. But before that, I have a few warnings.

ALL of these percentages were found in Training Mode, only tested on CPU's. I also fully spaced the jabs, to make sure that every character was in range for Side-B to hit. Lastly, all of these characters were tested on Final Destination. I do not know if that means anything, but there ya go.

This is a rough draft, as I have only just discovered this. If there are any problems with this data, do not hesitate to point it out. I want to make this information as accurate as possible, so anyone may perform this in their matches.

Something I need to mention is that I own NO DLC characters. So, that means none of these characters will be accounted for:

- Lucas
- Mewtwo
- Roy
- Corrin
- Ryu
- Cloud
- Bayonetta

Another thing I can't do is check for all of Shulk's Monado Arts. This means that I can only account for Artless Shulk.

Mario: 97%
Luigi: 91%
Peach: 101%
Bowser: 113%
Yoshi: 105%
Rosalina & Luma: 94%
Bowser Jr.: 100%
Wario: 102%
Mr Game & Watch: 82%
Donkey Kong: 111%
Diddy Kong: 91%
Link: 99%
Zelda: 89%
Shiek: 82%
Ganondorf: 103%
Toon Link: 96%
Samus: 104%
Zero Suit Samus: 86%
Pit: 97%
Palutena: 94%
Marth: 91%
Ike: 101%
Robin: 95%
Kirby: 92%
King Dedede: 108%
Meta Knight: 82%
Little Mac: 86%
Fox: 78%
Falco: 86%
Pikachu: 91%
Charizard: 106%
Lucario: 99%
Jigglypuff: 90%
Greninja: 92%
Duck Hunt Duo: 93%
R.O.B: 104%
Ness: 96%
Captain Falcon: 98%
Villager: 97%
Olimar: 87%
Wii Fit Trainer: 96%
Dr. Mario: 95%
Dark Pit: 96%
Lucina: 91%
Shulk (Artless): 99%
Pac-Man: 97%
Mega Man: 100%
Sonic: 89%

This is a very risky set-up, if you haven't noticed. If you mess up and fail to land the Side-B, you lose your stock. If you land the hit, the enemy will die before you. But if you have only one stock and your opponent has two, you will still lose your stock after your opponent loses theirs. You have to be very careful when you use this set-up, but the reward is fairly worthwhile.

If anyone has taken interest in this set-up, I welcome and urge you to expand upon it. There are still 7 characters and 5 more forms of 1 character left unexplored. If not, I hope this helped with your endeavors with Little Mac in any way. Thank you.
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