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New Kirby Discord Server


Smash Rookie
Feb 1, 2017
New York
My name is KaZ and I am a casual smash player who had a dream to make Kirby my main for a long time. I main both Charizard and Kirby. I recently learned about discord servers filled with dedication to specific mains, but when it came to finding a Kirby server I had no luck with finding it. Although I had found some channels there was really no certain channel that had help for those wanting to learn the meta for Kirby.

Because of this I have made this server open for those who Main Kirby to share their knowledge with those looking to pick up Kirby as their main or if someone is trying to have Kirby as their Secondary/Pocket Main. This server is also here for anyone who wishes to learn the match up for Kirby as match up knowledge is an important part of the game. Vise Versa Kirby mains can also get match up knowledge from other mains as well as we look to play friendlies with others in order to help better the play styles of others as well as building a community where we can all get along and enjoy playing the game we all love. With that said please read over our rules so you can be familiar with what we expect from you as a member of the community.



Invite Link: https://discord.gg/5sgNMDe
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