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New Idea for Cargo Up-Throw DI Mix-Up


Smash Rookie
Dec 15, 2014
Sometimes while practicing i notice that i have some trouble with cargo up-throw f-air (I know the methods but practicing still) and i found an easy way for a mix-up on the up-throw itself. If you grab them, and you know they DI behind you, you can cargo into a quick-pivot up-throw before they can react and now you have them DI-ing forward and that is too easy to punish.It may not be new news but i wouldn't know. Just trying to help my fellow gorillas hit your opponent even harder.
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Smash Rookie
Jun 20, 2007
One of the best things about DK's throw combos is definitely his ability to move around before he actually throws the opponent. DI mixups like this can be super useful if you notice patterns in the opponent's DI.
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