New game - TetraDefense!


Smash Apprentice
Nov 29, 2007
Hi everyone,

One of my friends recently launched a new web-based game called TetraDefense (that I composed the music for :)) - it's a sweet combination of Tetris and "tower defense" that will blow your mind. The game looks simple, but watch out...although the first couple levels are easy, they get harder in a hurry! In fact, I still haven't beaten all the levels
, but I bet some of you guys will do better than I did:

FYI, the music changes every 3 levels, so you don't get bored of listening to the same track. And if you get stuck, the "How To Play" link at the bottom left will probably help you (of course you should read that first, but who has time for that?)

Let me know what you think - and by all means, let me know if you manage to beat all the levels!