New Elwind's Ledge-guarding Possibilities

Jul 4, 2018
I was just watching some of SG Athena's gameplay on youtube, specifically this video:, and at this timestamp, she tries to hit an offstage Ness with Elwind and just barely misses.

This made me realize (and this should have been obvious) that being able to angle Elwind might allow for some better ledge-guarding options. Depending on how much you can angle it, this might be a pretty good ability to hit a low-recovering Fox or Ness, for example. My main concerns would be the knockback angles on each blade (I think they send opponents upwards right now if you don't spike with the first hit), as well as recovery lag afterwards.

What are your thoughts on the possibilities that this opens up?
Jan 11, 2008
Switch FC
Nothing is set in stone yet other than the Elwind blades being angled. For all we know they may not be controllable at all and we got a core Elwind 3 now!(Oh boy...the salt comes).

On that topic, I am more interested in Arcfire's likely buff in the trailer; it looks faster despite how close the target was. Arcfire's critical weakness was how slow the projectile was and set-ups are difficult if you were dealing with faster characters who would be able to run past the fireball.

If it is indeed faster, this will be helpful as an out-of-stage edgeguarding tool, imo.