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New 3.6 throw changes


(@'o')=@ t('o't)
Dec 11, 2013
Are they nerfs/buffs?

Pretty new to sheik in PM and wasnt sure how this differs from melee and if this is a nerf or buff from the 3.6 beta?

change log below for reference.

-Back Throw
--Frame data of throw reverted to 3.5.
--Is now based off 3.5, but with more growth.
---KBG: 55 -> 75

-Down Throw
--Frame data of throw reverted to 3.5.
--Based off 3.5, with slightly more growth.
---KBG: 55 -> 65


Smash Apprentice
May 21, 2015
They're buffs. It lets you do a throw mixup where if they DI for downthrow when you backthrow and vice versa you can follow up with a regrab or hit, but I'm not quite sure how long you can do it anymore given the increased kbg.


Smash Apprentice
Dec 27, 2008
They're buffs from the Beta, but SLIGHT nerfs from the previous 3.5 version.

With the increase in KBG, tipper u-smash is no longer guaranteed at kill % against a lot of the characters where this used to be the case.

However at low % the "mixup" is still there and the throws are basically just like they were before with no hitlag multiplier.
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