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Neutral Game?


Smash Cadet
Aug 18, 2014
I feel like neutral game is really where i struggle as a player. I rely too much on PKF and its really bringing me down as a whole. How are some ways i can improve my neutral game and stray away from the PKF based Lucas?


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May 21, 2014
Grand rapids, Michigan
work on your mixups and becoming less predictable while analyzing your opponents to see if they have any you can exploit.

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Oct 5, 2013
I wrote a thing in my guide about his neutral game (slightly paraphrased). It's essentially an even stage positioning where both characters attempt to use their advantages and concerti into a ledge guard / stock kill.


For Lucas, these advantages include:
  • High speeds that allow ease of mobility in and out of an enemy's zone
  • A projectile that creates openings by slightly popping up the opponent if not CC'd
  • Decent dash dance that is easy to start up and relatively easy to control
  • One of the longest wave dashes in the game
  • Fast aerials & PK Magnet that create combo opportunities if opponent is hit, else pressure can be created if contact is made on shield
  • Large zoning areas that your opponent should learn to respect
With a strong dash dance game, Lucas can bait opponents very well. Be sure to work on spacing in neutral most of all. Lucas has a short range, but a very strong punish game. Never go auto-pilot in neutral, especially as Lucas. Despite PKF seeming like a great option all the time, it can be punished due to startup and end lag. Whiffed aerials leave Lucas vulnerable to a counter attack, so be sure to know if / when your attacks will land. Be sure to jump cancel ALL your grabs, a dash grab leaves Lucas begging to be punished. The same goes for random DACUS in neutral. Above all, read and adapt to your opponent's reactions. A pro Lucas player will consistently win more games by having a solid neutral over those that can ledge guard and combo for days. Lucas is a top notch character when played correctly and the best place get there is through a strong neutral game.

As for specifics on playing Lucas w/o PKF, watch Fox players in Meles. His tools have the same range and he moves approximately the same relative to the cast. In particular, I've been watching Leffen, especially after he takes and opponent's stock. Look how he navigates the stage and avoids the opponent. Learn how he approaches and forced bad approaches then converts into a punish. He doesn't use too much Nair similar to Lucas' Fair. Magnet approaches are similar to shine approaches and how Leffen plays safe with these. He rarely throws out a mis-spaced attack or does something stupid in neutral.
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