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netplay/online in nintendon't


Smash Rookie
Feb 4, 2019
i've wanted to start playing melee since a long time, and couldn't find a melee disc on my country (brazil) so i went to nintendon't and now i wonder: it is possible to run netplay on nintendont? if you know how to do it (or if its impossible) please tell me in the comments.

NOTE: my pc CANT run dolphin, so thats a no-go to me.


Smash Ace
Feb 22, 2014
North-west England (near Manchester/Liverpool)
You can't do netplay on a Wii. Maybe at some point in the future someone will make a crazy hack that lets you do it, since the Wii does have the ability to connect to the internet, but that's basically fantasy for the foreseeable future, and may just be completely impossible. Plus Dolphin with Faster Melee would still be a better option.

If you're able to upgrade your PC, the specs required aren't that high. You mostly just need a half-decent CPU; you don't need a good graphics card or much memory.
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