Ness as co-main/secondary?


Smash Cadet
Mar 23, 2019
Best Coast
I'm a Ness main but here's a possible chance to convert me. I know the differences between both Ness and Lucas and so no one needs to explain to me why I should main one or the other, but my main question is whether or not co-maining different yet similar-enough-to-throw-you-off characters is a good idea?

And if co-maining is fine with Ness and Lucas, then which one is better to have as a primary? On the one hand, I'm already a Ness main, but on the other, I could benefit from putting more time into Lucas than Ness as he is more technical.


May 3, 2019
Off the Radar
Well because you already know the difference between Ness and Lucas, it wouldn’t hurt to co-main the two characters. Co-maining characters that are similar but different is okay as long as you know the differences between said characters, and play styles. If you don’t have any problems between switching play styles from aggressive to more technical and slow, then co-maiming Ness and Lucas shouldn’t be a problem.

In my opinion, I say you should still keep Ness as your primary because he’s the character that you’ve played and spent more time with, as he is already your main. It’s better to keep that progress. With Lucas being your secondary, you can experiment until you have a full understanding of his move set and play style. By playing both characters, it will benefit how you play as you are more aware of how to approach, space, and read your opponents.
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