Need tips on how to fight squirtle/ not getting bodied.

Dec 20, 2013
Dream Land
It looked like you were being a little too aggressive back there. Putting out attacks to threaten space is still good in moderation, however. Also just saw you try to edgeguard with Hammer, when he snuck under you and was easily in D-Air or B-Air range. Your DI and wavelands are pretty solid for the most part though, and that Fence of Pain you did in game 2 was hypeeeeeee. To be fair, it is worth noting that Dirtboy has played a lot against Tetra, the current best PM Kirby.

BTW Inhale is really good against Squirtle's approaches, and you should have abused more Dash Attack off of those YS platforms game 2. Try using those tactics a bit more and you'll be surprised. :3
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