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Apr 15, 2019
I have seen enough clips of zss dunking people into the bottom blast zone with flipkick at 50% it looks dope i wanna do it myself. Alas I am very bad at zss, likely my worst character in the entire game. Simply put, I CANNOT control her movement precisely. The combination of her jump heigh and dash speed make me really struggle to do anything but fly around and miss most of my attacks. I even struggle to land with aerials properly due to the jump height, i often aerial too late, too early or just down air by mistake. I also struggle to land with zair. If anyone has any advice on how to not suck at controlling zss and also could maybe show me to a good guide for beginners so I can know what I should focus on to begin with that would be great. Thank you in advance :))


Mar 16, 2007
I don't have any guides, but I can offer some advice. It will sound very boring.

Go into training mode, select pichu as your dummy, then just practice hitting it with fully spaced zairs and nairs. I'm not talking just try to do it a few times. I mean, try to hit it three times in a row. Then take a break, then try five times in a row, then take a break. Every day when you go to train, do this for like an hour before you even start to worry about combos or anything. Once you can do this consistently, work in movement options. Dash dance then sh zair. Back jump into zair. RAR away into zair. All the time, your success is measured by whether you hit. Generally, this mindset will help you with any character. But it's pretty important with ZSS, because her whole kit emphasizes precision.
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