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Need help getting Brawl wi-fi to work...


Smash Apprentice
Nov 18, 2014
I have a non-hacked wii, and a 8 gig SD card, if there are any ways for me to be able to set up brawl wifi with these components (2 gigs are not available in my area and most online shops don't ship them here.... so those are out of the question). sorry if there is already a thread like this, but thanks in advanced!

Rage NF

Smash Lord
Mar 11, 2014
Puerto Rico (Boricua de puro zeta)
Hello there Mangoh I think 8 GB SD card is too much for the Wii to handle the set up there is a high chance that your Wii might broke also it don't have to be 2 Gig exactly only it require less 2 Gig in the other word 1 GB or less might work and for question like this is better to ask the expert here the link friend: http://smashboards.com/threads/guid...ccasional-server-issues-are-temporary.355374/ in here they will help you out also you can ask them if there is another way that the set up work with 8GB.

Good Luck
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