Smash Wii U Need help getting a good controller


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Nov 29, 2016
So my older brother (being the dumbass that he is) brought my controller to a friends house and lost it, so now i need to get a new gamecube controller. Problem is I live in canada and there are virtually no options i can find for a controller around at least $40 USD Can anyone help :)
Nov 16, 2016
May I suggest you try Amazon? There's lots of vendors there selling those. Last I checked, they were going for about $23.50 but they're imported from Japan. Should you want to take this option, it'll be roughly 2 weeks or so for shipment.

Other than that, these forums have a small Amazon Store where they've got what you're looking for.

Right... when you get your new controller, I'd suggest hiding it from your bro. Lock it up and hide that key discreetly. :rolleyes:
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