Need help beating my brother


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Nov 22, 2019
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Hello. I just needed some advice to beat my brother. It used to be a sort of even match between us, where I’d win one and he’d win the other. But it’s changed to him constantly winning ever since he started playing Charizard. He uses flare blitz a lot, and edge guards by using down air. And the worst thing is he’ll wait for my attack, shield it, and then smash attack. If I’m over 50% I’ll die, every time. It’s really annoying because there will be times when I’m playing really good with bombs and boomerangs hitting him left and right, and I’ll get him up to 150%+ and then he’ll just use a smash attack and I’m dead at 40.
Please help! It’s getting really annoying and I could use some help to start beating his Charizard more often.
I main Toon Link, Joker, Isabelle, and Bowser Jr. Thanks!
Mar 25, 2020
If you are being punished by smash attacks after your own attacks are shielded, then the moves you are using are not actually safe. The key to understanding how to play this game is to weigh one's options against the opposition's, and plan approaches (or lack thereof) appropriately. Why is it important to space attacks, for example? Some attacks, when properly spaced, cannot be punished after being shielded. Thus, consistently using properly spaced attacks is one way to apply pressure on your opponent. Safe, solid play should be the foundation, in order to force your opponent into errors which you can capitalize on. It seems you have been attacking without much thought, as well as using recovery tactics lacking in unpredictability, thus making you an easy opponent to exploit and punish.
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