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Nedark's Brawl Minus Build!


Deleted member

This is my own custom build for Minus 4.0b. I haven't touched many stages, but suggestions would be nice.
I haven't, say, taken a 3.3 character and put it in 4.0b. This is mostly just an aesthetically pleasing build.
I've put in almost all the Smash 3 textures that there are, as well as Smash 3C textures and a few Melee Remastered textures. I've put some epic brstms on a few stages and messed around with BrawlEx to simulate cbliss, meaning you guys can go CRAZY! I plan to continue to upgrade this build until 4.0 FULL, where we will all promptly go even crazier with Stage Expansion. Give me feedback on this junk, tell me what you'd put in it, all that jazz. I aim to make this TEH GR8EST MYNUSS BILD EHVUR and need your help to make it happen. Give suggestions on what you want to see in the next build, and spread the word!

Download link for ver. 2.2:

Other stuff I've made:

Custom Falcon Skin:
Smash 3C-ish Melee Roy
Smash 3 Awakening Roy recolor:
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Mar 18, 2012
Could you add pics of costumes and stuff like that? For the whole cast.
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Got it. I also gotta patch it for a few mistakes I made.


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Nov 25, 2016
New york
yes nedark!! I am trying to add new costume slots to 4.0 BC but Mario keeps crashing and Peach :( ...-___-
anyway if you could have expanded costumes in 4.0 BC on MOST default characters, that would be so Limit-breaking
on top of the Pichu,Roy,Waluigi,and Mewtwo that 4.0 BC boasts!!!!!!
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