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Classic Near-Impossible Classic Mode achievements (Ultimate)


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Oct 18, 2021
Greetings to the Smash community. I'm the Tall Titan, and for my first topic post to enlist for this site, I'd like to present all of you who play Classic Mode to DEATH with a few challenges even I have yet to accomplish overtime. (This I am writing prior to making my CM score with the final DLC character Sora official, but let's move on) For challenges that have already been made, but very few have actually accomplished, there's the IRONMAN challenge for multiplayer. But I'd like to come up with my own challenge for solo players for Ultimate who love single player modes in the series as much as I do. Some of these challenges may SEEM impossible, but for those of you who are really devoted and are determined to achieve challenges like these (like me obviously), here are a few I have in mind. So be prepared to take these if ya really feel like it, because it will likely take you weeks, maybe MONTHS to accomplish these. But still, if you can accomplish all of these tasks for Smash Ultimate's Classic Mode, said mode in general might just be the challenge worthy of these awards. (Just don't be surprised if you accomplish these a lot of the time by shear luck, cause it's what I often need)

- Bronze Challenge (Easy) - Reach 9.9 intensity with EVERY character (DLC included).
This one may seem difficult, especially if you'd rather play VS matches than most single player modes for any game besides Smash, but once you get the hang of it, it shouldn't be that much for you to achieve this one.

- Silver Challenge (Moderate) - Get EVERY character's score up to at least 1,800,000. (DLC included)
The hardest to accomplish with this task is Steve, but doing things by calculation of how much you could score on a specific round or so, you should be able to achieve this with enough fortune luck. (I should mention the other two characters next to Steve that are impossible to reach the 1,900,000 scoring rate though are Mario & Jigglypuff; yeah, I tried my hardest with shear luck to score big with them... and I just barely got them within the 1,850,000 score rate)

- Gold Challenge (Hard) - Score 2,500,000 (aka an ENTIRE quarter of 10,000,000 points) with ANY character. (With or without DLC)
I can guarantee you're only gonna really accomplish this medal with Mega Man. (Yoshi and Piranha Plant can only likely reach the 2,300,000 range, but once again, with A LOT of shear luck) If you're curious what the secret is to increasing you're score with the blue bomber, you must spam your enemies WITH HIS PROJECTLE SPECIALS (his metal blade especially - and yes, I do say that this applies to facing his boss in the penultimate round; Galleom - just spam him with Mega Man's neutral special until he's at the smallest bit of his health and finish him off with a powerful hit), and make sure you get a few perfects because taking zero damage within a round certainly helps as well.

- Platinum Challenge (Impossible) - Rack up your total high score of all characters combined to 170,000,000! (DLC included)
This is going to take a TON OF LUCK. Farm as many points as you possibly can with every character. Trust me when I say "you're going to need A LOT of perfects for this one!!" The easy ones to score high with than others consist of Wario, Piranha Plant, Yoshi (my main), and most surprisingly (as I said) Mega Man. As for the lowest; AGAIN, Jigglypuff, Mario, and Steve especially. So, take all the time you need to accomplish THIS in the near future if you can. (You're gonna need that luck I wish for you).

Again, if you can get all four medals for the hardest of the hard challenges, scoring at the highest intensity with every character and scoring so big that even Sakurai would blush with envy might indeed be the challenges worthy of those awards. (Have fun!)
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