NAKAT Joins Counter Logic Gaming

Smash 4 has been seeing lots of major sponsorships recently. With ZeRo joining Team SoloMid and Nairo joining Team Liquid, it would only make sense for fan favorite NAKAT to join the ranks of Counter Logic Gaming. This is CLG's first venture in Smash 4 after welcoming PewPewU to the team earlier this year for Melee. Here is what CLG has to say from the official press release:

"CLG is proud to announce that Tyrell "NAKAT" Coleman is joining the team as it's first Smash 4 player! NAKAT has been an avid Smash player since Melee, and really stepped into the competitive scene with Brawl. He has won multiple tournaments in Brawl and Smash 4, and has consistently made top place finishes. He is widely considered one of the best Tristate players and can be seen playing his favorite characters such as Ness, Fox, and Pikachu. Don't get him started on the matchup between Ness and Rosalina!"

Be sure not to miss NAKAT playing this weekend at #SmashTheRecord 2015, one of Smash's biggest charity events that will take place in Orlando, Florida.

Finally, keep up with with NAKAT on his Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube, and see what he has to say about his new sponsorship in his iBUYPOWER Vlog.



Very nice!!! Nakat is such a chill dude, respectful, and always very helpful with players in the community. He deserves this. Congrats!!!
this is awesome, NAKAT is one of my favorite players easily. congrats man, you're very respectful and humble, which is why everyone loves you
No hate or anything, but why pick up NAKAT vs some of the other top players who, ya know, place well in tournies?
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