My Stage Builder journey

Feb 8, 2014
In the last two games, I've made a stage based on each character. But this time with a twist. Last time I included named alts (Alph/each Koopalings). This time I plan to do everyone with a fighter spirit. There 101 right now, Joker will probably add two more.

I'm going to share them all here. For some I'll put in brackets plans


My first stage, I was kinda tight for space so no fancy background or foreground, but I think the chosen background serves its purpose well enough. The whole stage slowly scrolls back and forth. It features landmarks common in Mario games. The 4 blocks, 5 pipes, Crossing a river, rotating blocks, spring off the side of the cliff. I wish we could change the colour of certain textures though.

B:ultmario:- (kaizo insanity)


the higher you are, the windier it gets.





I made this in the last game, but thanks to the layers, it's now much more usable. And visually accurate a flying starshroom and a shooting star are in the background. Very happy with this.






Really simple stage.





:ultkrool:- (Pirate ship of sorts)





:ultyounglink:- (Clock Town)



:ultdarksamus:- (Prime 2 light and dark world using portals)

















:ultpokemontrainer:- (Mt Silver)







:ultincineroar:- (battle royale)

:ultness:- (Thinking Saturn Valley inspired)





Functionally how I wanted it, but I really can't draw freehand















:ultsnake:- (Moving foreground platforms to "hide" behind




The one I'm most proud of







:ultlittlemac:- (either training room or bike path with background Liberty)

:ultpacman:- (Remake of my Pac Maze)





:ultcloud:- (Train)



:ultbayonetta1:- (I'm thinking maybe involving a missile)











Should be a fun jouney and I definitely plan on uploading all I can.

Definitely looking to some characters, while some like Ike has me drawing blanks. Can't wait to create and share my stages.
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Feb 8, 2014
Perhaps, though Tharja does follow him as a consistent stalker, so it’d be in line with the games for a stage based off her and fit the Robin theme.
Well I do have two Robin stages to make, But I'll probably do something more Robin centric. And Tharja off the top of my head doesn't really have anything for a stage (the chapter you meet her I'll probably make for Chrom, very emotional time for him)

In Smash Wii U. I had two Robin stages. One I tried to replicate the tactical grid gameplay of Fire Emblem, it was terrible. I deleted it and replaced it with a stage based on when he meets Morgan. A stage I was quite happy with and am tempted to remake with new details.

Maybe something Validar related for one I'll use like the dragon table, or another confrontation with Validar. I find him way more integral to Robin then Tharja. (who I killed in my first play through because I didn't know how to recruit characters.)