My Stage Builder journey

Feb 8, 2014
In the last two games, I've made a stage based on each character. But this time with a twist. Last time I included named alts (Alph/each Koopalings). This time I plan to do everyone with a fighter spirit. There 101 right now, Joker will probably add two more.

I'm going to share them all here. For some I'll put in brackets plans


My first stage, I was kinda tight for space so no fancy background or foreground, but I think the chosen background serves its purpose well enough. The whole stage slowly scrolls back and forth. It features landmarks common in Mario games. The 4 blocks, 5 pipes, Crossing a river, rotating blocks, spring off the side of the cliff. I wish we could change the colour of certain textures though.

B:ultmario:- (kaizo insanity)


the higher you are, the windier it gets.


Very nicely detailed and available in 8-player. Features loads of neat stuff, Sarasaland is in the background, the boat gently rocks and you can "swim"

Bowser's Castle. Not much to say. What you see is what you get. Definitely appreciating the different layers.

This stage is inspired by the connect 4 concept of getting rid of viruses. Didn't want to just make a poor recreation of the og game

I made this in the last game, but thanks to the layers, it's now much more usable. And visually accurate a flying starshroom and a shooting star are in the background. Very happy with this.






Really simple stage.





:ultkrool:- (Pirate ship of sorts)





:ultyounglink:- (Clock Town)




Dark Samus is based on Aether. Lacking a bit in detail to make room for 8 player. Still happy with it. The gap closes early on and an ice block rises up truly separating the stage.

















:ultpokemontrainer:- (Mt Silver)







:ultincineroar:- (battle royale)

:ultness:- (Thinking Saturn Valley inspired)





Functionally how I wanted it, but I really can't draw freehand















:ultsnake:- (Moving foreground platforms to "hide" behind




The one I'm most proud of







:ultlittlemac:- (either training room or bike path with background Liberty)

:ultpacman:- (Remake of my Pac Maze)





:ultcloud:- (Train)



:ultbayonetta1:- (I'm thinking maybe involving a missile)











Should be a fun jouney and I definitely plan on uploading all I can.

Definitely looking to some characters, while some like Ike has me drawing blanks. Can't wait to create and share my stages.
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Feb 8, 2014
Perhaps, though Tharja does follow him as a consistent stalker, so it’d be in line with the games for a stage based off her and fit the Robin theme.
Well I do have two Robin stages to make, But I'll probably do something more Robin centric. And Tharja off the top of my head doesn't really have anything for a stage (the chapter you meet her I'll probably make for Chrom, very emotional time for him)

In Smash Wii U. I had two Robin stages. One I tried to replicate the tactical grid gameplay of Fire Emblem, it was terrible. I deleted it and replaced it with a stage based on when he meets Morgan. A stage I was quite happy with and am tempted to remake with new details.

Maybe something Validar related for one I'll use like the dragon table, or another confrontation with Validar. I find him way more integral to Robin then Tharja. (who I killed in my first play through because I didn't know how to recruit characters.)
Feb 8, 2014
That's 10 characters done so I hope mods don't mind a little extra.

I thought maybe every 10 characters, I'd rank the stage I've currently made


R.O.B. is highest because I was able to do something truly unique and different to what I've done before. And I believe unique compared to what anyone had done before. Add on top 8 player compatibility. It's incredible. The image does not give it credit. It is fully unique. I even created a second more stable option guaranteed not to have any falling blocks, but I also kept the original because I feel occasional falling blocks adds too the authenticity)
Updated version 46YXHM6T

Daisy and her Cruiser is second because of how much detail I was able to add while also keeping it 8-player. Sarasaland in the background, rocking boat. Windy water. Simple but nice.

Bowser is lower because it's very static, but after I made what I did, I didn't feel it needed any more, it's very simple stage, but all the extra detail you can add now makes instantly recognizable. Concept is very similar to my last Bowser's castle stage but now it's way more fun.

Dark Samus is next because while very lacking in detail, it's what I want and implements a new idea. It order to truly separate the two halves, I put the middle ice on a fast rising rail and the two main platforms on slow moving rails to close the gap. I would have liked more but I felt 8 player was very important.

Rosalina I now realize isn't that accurate to the actual observatory, the top half anyway, but it should be an easy fix and the platforms that you fight on I'm happy with. Still not bad for my second stage, and should be an easy fix.

Mario was my first stage, it features a simple gimmick of back and forth movement, not bad. No background details though. The "swimming" in Daisy's stage I tried to implement here but couldn't due to the moving gimmick.

Dr. Mario is more contemporary (I think?) it's more inspired by the concept of the connect 4 to eliminate viruses. No real background elements so it looks more like a Smash 4 or even Brawl stage. But it would still be impossible to make this stage in either

Luigi, the main idea was to have it split apart to reveal the inside, and I based it on the tower of the 3rd game. Probably gonna rework it. Too much going on and the layout I just sort of made up as I went. Too big so not enough room for detail. Stage builder is not good for vertical stages.

Roy is bland and boring and incredibly lacking in detail, definitely needs more attention.

Lucina is what happens when I free draw, conceptually it's what I want, kinda. It's meant to be Grima attacking a ruined castle from behind. But Grima looks terrible. The stage looks nothing like a ruined castle. And the fireball feels nothing like and attack by a dragon. I can honestly say I prefer the stage I made in Smash Wii U.

Not sure who I'll do next, would like to finish off Mario, even if Peach is gonna be interesting to figure. I usually do Peach's Castle (which isn't ideal, since you know, It's already there) I'm thinking Rainbow and Mushrooms.

Let me know which is your favourite so far, I live off feedback positive or negative.