My hopes for a DLC DK stage as it relates to King K. Rool.

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Oct 2, 2019
Gang-Plank Galleon
There’s still a crazy chance out there that another DK character will come as DLC; it would most likely be Dixie Kong. If that ever happens, a DLC stage from the DK series may come with her fighter pack too.

There’s only 4 DK stages in Ultimate (perhaps even 5 if you count New Donk City, even if it was in Super Mario Odyssey, the city is named after DK and has streets named after various DK characters such as K. Rool Avenue).

I have really wanted Gang-Plank Galleon for a long time, it’s not only the ship of King K. Rool and the Kremlings, but the ship also appeared in DKC and it’s sequel DKC 2 as well as DK Land and DK Land 2. It was the final world in DKC and the first world in DKC 2. It shares an importance to DK’s history. We were introduced to K. Rool as the final boss back when DKC released. Then when you play DKC 2, in the very first level which is on the ship Diddy Kong opens up the barrel containing Dixie Kong, and that’s how we were introduced to her back when DKC 2 was first released. Not only is Gang-Plank Galleon the stage where the Kongs and Kremlings famously held their battles, but also it makes sense for Dixie to be revealed as DLC along with that stage because the player first sees her on that ship in her first appearance to the Donkey Kong franchise. Having Gang-Plank Galleon would also benefit King K. Rool as he would finally get his ship in the game and it would make sense to have his theme song as the main music track for the stage.

This is my ideal fighter pack I am hoping for. Crazy things have happened before.

There are other possible DLC DK stages that would be cool too like the Flying Crock, Kremcroc Industries stage, Krazy Kremland, or Bramble Blast. The DLC stage could be possibly from Tropical Freeze which would be nice but I prefer if it were from a DKC game from the classic Rareware era, especially if it’s Gang-Plank Galleon.

Perhaps they can do a DLC DK stage where numerous DK characters cameo, including ones from the Rareware era. It’s pretty much like how they got the numerous KoF characters to cameo on the KoF stage.

If they do get numerous DK characters to cameo on a DLC DK stage, I hope General Klump and his nipples can make it past the CERO censors. XD
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