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Jul 25, 2017
Hello Smashboards users! I'm new to this site and I thought I should start out by making a balanced Melee mod for the people in this community. If you're just here for the mod, you can find the character files down below. Use the Crazy Hand program to load the character files into your game. I recommend patching the files on the newest version of the 20XX Training pack (4.07++), because that's what I tested them on. Plus, more features. However, the game does crash every so often.

Now, if you want to know what actually got changed in this mod, I'll give a rough overview of what is in it for each character. Let it be known that pretty much every aerial had their landing lag cut in half (or less). This means that many aerials now automatically L-cancel. Not all changes are listed below. This is only an overview. Be sure to read the changes of the previous versions. It has most of all the changes.

  • Golden angle- A 25-40 degree angle (the one vanilla sheik's fair uses)
  • Money angle- A 0 degree angle (like the one vanilla Fox's shine has)
Character changes from v.1.0 to Balanced Melee v1.1

  • Bowser: Not much, but a new taunt
  • C. Falcon: Dash attack gives him a projectile, also down b has a projectile.
  • DK: Removed dash attack infinite, that's about it.
  • Doc: Not much.
  • Falco: No ice on dair sourspot and a sweet new taunt
  • Fox: Vanilla shine and he has less landing lag on his aerials.
  • G&W: Shield is still large, but not huge anymore.
  • Ganon: Less air mobility, up tilt breaks shield.
  • ICs: Nothing really new here.
  • Jiggs: Much better rest than before. Rest in v1.0 was absolute trash.
  • Kirby: Spotdodge gives you a random food item (Just because why not?), Smash 64 up tilt hitbox.
  • Link: Back throw spawns in an Octorok (Press Z to use it), also he says "EHH" a lot more. Longer wavedash and better recovery.
  • Luigi: Smash 4 down b, taunt spike has fixed knockback, up b goes higher.
  • Mario: Smash 4 dair, down b helps in recovery
  • Marth: Counter puts foes to sleep, side b goes just a bit higher. Dancing blade dunk is a spike now.
  • Mewtwo: Dair is nerfed a bit and he now has a good spotdodge.
  • Ness: Upsmash has the bat sound effect when sweetspotted (The sweetspot being the yoyo glitch). Dair has the "OK" sound effect, bigger dash grab range
  • Peach: Not much.
  • Pichu: Slower air speed
  • Pikachu: Up b goes higher, down b is faster, up air is electric.
  • Roy: Not much
  • Samus: Up throw gives you a mine item to place on the stage.
  • Shiek: Not much
  • Yoshi: Dash grab doesn't suck as much
  • Young Link: Arrows more powerful
  • NEWCOMER- Female Wireframe: Down tilt used to start combos, fast and powerful down smash, dair spikes, strong aerials, back throw gives you a mine item to place on the stage, dair has a sweetspot.
  • NEWCOMER- Male Wireframe: HUGE disjointed dair hitbox, fair acts like knee, up tilt has the Money Angle, forward throw is a kill throw, fast, down tilt has the Golden Angle, up tilt is also very strong.
  • Zelda: Better combo game, dair and down tilt spikes.

DOWNLOAD LINKS (.dat files) Patch notes and other stuff is on this site.

v.1.1 (Current version)
v.1.0 (The one where DK has an infinite)

Videos will be added to this playlist that show the characters in all their glory. Let me know what you think of the characters.

Previous Versions

Character changes from vanilla melee to Balanced Melee v1.0
  • Bowser- Faster and has more spikes and meteors. Upsmash does 30% and more knockback, longer dashdance.
  • Captain Falcon- Much bigger wall jump and has normal landing lag on all of his aerials, which makes SHFFL easier.
  • Donkey Kong- Dash attack puts opponents to sleep, down smash spikes, up tilt has a meteor hitbox (just because), bair is stronger, side b does heavy shield damage, up b goes much higher, faster air mobility.
  • Dr. Mario- Pills have electric effect, side b aids recovery better, generally better due to little landing lag, able to string fairs together, down b better in the air.
  • Falco- Dair has an ice effect on sourspot and an electric effect on sweetspot, up b has an ice effect while launching, lasers have dark effect.
  • Fox- Fair meteors to extend combos, side b has a phantom hitbox on ground, jabs have the shine sound effect, up and back air have new sound effects.
  • Mr. Game & Watch- Down smash spikes, his shield is huge, he runs faster, dair always spikes, bair has increased damage, frying pan (neutral b) has downward knockback, Judge 1 has the sleep effect.
  • Ganondorf- Bair has less damage, up b has 103 frames of landing lag but more knockback, he is also faster in the air, neutral B breaks shield, up throw can chain grab.
  • Ice Climbers (Popo)- Fair spikes and so does dair (I think), forward and down smash are terrible, and he kinda just sucks without Nana.
  • Ice Climbers (Nana)- Taller, heavier, had increased knockback on forward and down smash, has zero landing lag of any kind on her aerials, forward and down tilt do no damage or knockback to discourage wobbling, generally easier to desync, dair has ice effect.
  • Jigglypuff- Nerfed rest to make it closer to Smash 4 (But it is still really good tho), bair has electric effect, dair spikes.
  • Kirby- Heavier, faster in the air, has MUCH better recovery, up b goes higher, final cutter stays out longer and spikes, dair spikes.
  • Link- Zair and bomb sends foes at the 25 degree "golden angle", better air speed, items get thrown at double speed, f tilt spikes, boomerang goes much farther, bombs break shield.
  • Luigi- Dair always spikes, nair has a golden angle hitbox, as well as some other things that I forgot.
  • Mario- Just imagine Smash 4 Mario could wavedash and had minimal landing lag. Also down b is a semi-spike.
  • Marth- Fair has zero landing lag, better recovery, extended dashdance.
  • Mewtwo- Faster in the air, heavier, has amazing yet predictable recovery, dair is extremely powerful and hard to land, nair is faster.
  • Ness- Has a better recovery and air speed, dair spikes, down b has the properties of fox's shine, down tilt has half the knockback.
  • Peach- Side b goes farther, better air speed, 2/3 the normal float time, Peach now can pull Hearts, Fans, and Goombas from her down b (press z in midair to drop the item or z while holding a direction to throw it.
  • Pichu- Dair and down b spikes, faster air speed, no longer takes as much self damage.
  • Pikachu- Not much except he's faster in the air and down tilt spikes.
  • Roy- Fair has no landing lag, dair is a powerful spike, much better recovery, his neutral special can be charged longer for max damage.
  • Samus- Back throw sends foes forward, forward throw sends foes backward, smash missile does heavy shield damage, up b goes farther.
  • Sheik- Needles do good shield damage, chain is faster, also up b goes farther.
  • Yoshi- Side b helps with recovery, eggs have the golden angle hitbox.
  • Young Link- Better up b, dair always spikes, up air sends at a weird sideways angle.
  • Zelda- Up b spikes, neutral b has the properties of shine, bair and fair have no sourspot, dair spikes.
I have also found that the following characters can go over Hyrule Castle 64 in the 20xx (4.07++) mod from ledge to ledge without touching the floor.

  • Luigi (With misfire)
  • Peach (Without goomba assist)
  • DK
  • Ness
  • Kirby (Without using side b or up b)
  • Link
  • Young Link
  • Pichu
  • Jigglypuff
  • Mewtwo
  • Roy (Yeah, it's weird)

P.S.: There are no tiers. Everyone is nearly perfectly balanced.
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Jul 25, 2017
Update coming soon with buffs to characters like Mario, Luigi (who now has his smash 4 down b), Captain Falcon, and Zelda.


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May 14, 2017
lol perfectly yea right

This is not balance in my opinion, I think you just gave a bunch of characters random **** and expected it to be balanced with out fully play testing it like really marths counter puts them to sleep like wtf. This is not balanced at all. If anyone is looking for a real balance mod look elsewhere as this is just a bunch of random **** thrown together
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May 14, 2017
in my prevoius comment i was unfair towards this mod and have decided to write a more detailed review this mod is not balanced but is really fun and worth the download also this was his first balance mod he has learned and has made a better one

since i dont know how to delete comments just going to leave it here
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