MW Melee Circuit #2: POE2 results


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Jan 12, 2008
50 Terranite? Really?
POE 2 results:

Doubles had 23 teams enter.
Singles had 51 people enter.

1: Kels + Khepri (Kels + Khepri) $220.80
2: Darkrain + Dmac (Darkrain + Dmac) $110.40
3: Jiano + Sliq (Jiano + Sliq) $36.80
4: Cosmo + Soap (Cosmo + Soap) ACTUALLY COSMO/ NES NOOB ROFL!
5: Myztek + PikaChad (Myztek + PikaChad)
5: Phatgamer + DYC (Phatgamer + DYC)
7: Dekuschrub + Erroldactyl (Dekuschrub + Erroldactyl)
7: Tom R. + Matt R. (Tom R. + Matt R.)
9: ViperBoy + Tink (ViperBoy + Tink)
9: Vro + KSO (Vro + KSO)
9: Rezo + Efpy (Rezo + Efpy)
9: BigD + Juke (BigD + Juke)
13: Ihavespaceballs + Iamthemicrowve (Ihavespaceballs + Iamthemicrowave)
13: Paper Markis + Jace (Paper Markis + Jace)
13: MasterWGS + Chip (MasterWGS + Chip)
13: Z + Cups (Z + Cups)

1: Kels $367.20
2: Sliq $183.60
3: Khepri $61.20
4: Matt R.
5: Viperboy
5: PikaChad
7: Darkrain
7: NES Noob
9: dmac
9: Cosmo
9: IHaveSpaceBalls
9: Tom R.
13: Z
13: Phatgamer
13: Dekuschrub
13: Jiano
17: Tink
17: Vro
17: IllBoyZeus
17: Soap
17: Rezo
17: Juke
17: KSO
17: Myztek
25: DippinDots
25: Erroldactyl
25: DYC
25: Souroush
25: MasterWGS
25: BigD
25: Lemon
25: Efpy (JFro)

Doubles Brackets:

Singles Brackets:

I'll update circuit points in the main thread.
I'll also post my shoutouts in a bit =P

Video thread:


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Sep 10, 2007
Central IL
GGs to everyone I played, had a great time. I choked HARD in pools. Yet ANOTHER ****ing ganon knocks me out juweour89ywe98fgwe89fyh9
Viperboy--your falcon impressed me, a lot. gg's man.
Zjiin--we never played.
Tink--I had a LOT of fun playing you (and your bull**** doc). You're hellllla good and your chill as hell man, can't wait to see you at more tournies.
Microwave--lol. You're the man.
BunBun--man we play really badly together but it was fun, and we're still the loudest team, and that counts for something, right? big ups for all the TO ****, everyone appreciates it!
Peef-<3 for hosting this tourny
Samurai/Guy-<3 my local crew
Darkrain-HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD!??? Thanks for all the friendlies, man. Sorry about doubles--you and Dmac played hella well, it just looks like it was kels' day
Zues, GG's man. You're better than I thought and you were pretty chill. I imagine everything will be awkward for awhile but it's w.e. You're more technical than I thought, too, but I still think I'm more technical :p I will say that you are far more consistent with your tech than I am though. You got my respect now bro
Khepri--**** you!!! If I wouldn't have choked against you I'd have made it out of pools :p but gg's man, you're fun as hell to play and playing against you again showed me how much better I've gotten since SMYM9. Congrats on doubles + singles, and playing doubles with you was a lot of fun. You are a straight up beast
whoever teamed with lvl9 gannon-you are ****ing hilarious dude. I had fun playing you, we'll have to get some friendlies in. Sorry I didn't catch your name. Oddly enough, you were in the doubles pool of death, too. Next time try lvl8 luigi, that dudes got some serious combos
nes n00b-nice falcon
KSO-I ****ing HATE fox dittos, but no johns. GGs in pools. Had fun playing with you
Whoever took me to brinstar in pools--you are a *******. but gg's man it was fun =)
Everybody who I might have forgotten, sorry. I had a blast. GG's to all


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Jun 25, 2008
(On their way, dual mic commentated. Let me tell you they are GOOD. Sliq's destruction of the entire midwest (minus Kels) was absolutely unbelievable. I can't wait till we get them up. Sliq had one of those "Wombo Combo" moments in a doubles match. You will see what I mean.)


BunBun- Thanks so much for helping me run this thing. You taught me alot about how it all should be run (including the importance of paper record!). The lessons and methods you taught me will surely stick with me for the rest of my TOing career. PS: Will you TO with me at POE3?

Viperboy- You got me into Melee. If you wouldn't have invited me to SMYM9 I would have went so some Brawl tournament instead, and I would be hyped about C4 Galore, haha. Good thing I am not. I love my new community and new (to me) game. Thank's so much, and I will ALWAYS root for you, remember that bro. PS: You better rep that Shamwow at every tournament you attend.

Sliq- My new second favorite player. You have been to alot of tournaments that I have ever since MSOP-Brawl, and you have always been a solid source of entertainment. Too bad you couldn't commentate on this stuff because you were ****ting all over the tournament's favorites. DYC, Z, Tink, dmac, Darkrain, Viperboy, Matt R, Kephri?!? What a bracket eh? If you don't mind me saying, you kinda showed up as a "decent" player. Now, if you play like you did, you are a Darkrain-caliber Midwestern powerhouse. I'm glad some major break-outing happened at my tournament. Without that performance it might have been a bit like every other one. Keep it up Mango V2.1. You are always welcome to stay at my place again when everyone decides to leave early(grr). I will always root for you too, as long as you don't face Viperboy, LOL. Don't forget, eventually they will be calling me "PEEF...The Amazing Darkrain-Beater"

Kels- Eh, not my favorite playstyle but you won, right? Take care of the POE Trophy. Next time do everyone a favor and lose.

Darkrain- I enjoyed the conversations. Be sure to make POE3, and perhaps don't lose to Matt R...first round. You are of course the funnest falcon to watch. I can't wait for you to beat Jeff at Genesis. Bring it home for us!

Souroush- I haven't heard your part of the commentary yet, but I'm guessing it will be interesting. Thanks for talking into the mic.

Deku- You would be my friend if we went to the same school. Thats all I know.

Matt R- I must say I didn't expect some of the upsets you caused, but solid play at POE2. Your semi-miraculous final-match loss to Viperboy was perhaps the most amazing match I have ever seen up to that point.

dmac- Go ahead, tell Darkrain hes a fool! Hahaha.

Spaceballs and the Midsouth- Thank's for making the journey, I hope I made it worth it. Solid play guys, I watched your friendlies alot, haha.

Cosmo- So much for that movie! Haha. You're always welcome to stay again if you want. Beat Kels some more plz.

KSO- It was nice to meet you and play your Falcon. You were deff a funny character that I will enjoy seeing at future tournaments.

Zjiin- Let's hope the crowd-cam idea works out. Thanks for bringing recording equip. Sorry things worked out so sadly for you and your team. 3 way tie puts you out of the bracket. Next time man. When people like you don't make it out of pools I realize I have SO MUCH LONGER to go.

Tink- You bring a breath of...fresh air? No...what was that smell...LOL. I have never seen you do well at a tournament since MSOP- Brawl. I hear you are a beast but I have yet to see such. POE3 man, POE3.

Samurai- Thanks for recording all of the video. The pressure is on you to split all of that stuff up quick. We might send our stuff to Zjiin to put it all together. Either way, just let me know when u are done and we can get these vids up.

Everyone else- Thanks for coming and making my first Melee hosting a blast. Every one of you proved to me that this is the community I want to be in. I hope you all will come to POE3 and bring friends. I think we will have a solid Annual/Semi-annual thing going. Agreed?

Master WGS

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Oct 25, 2004
Canal Winchester, OH
Any really good vids taken at this thing? Oh, and out of curiosity/for clarity's sake, can you update the OP with the actual number of entrants total for the tourney?

Anyways, shoutouts time.

KSO/Microwave - Pretty sure you guys were who we played friendlies with right when we got there. Me (Marth) and Chippy (G&W/Doc/Falcon/Ness/Falco/Whatever else he felt like at the time) loved the matches, and it was a great way to start the weekend

Guy/Samurai - You guys worked well together as a team. Guy, your Sheik is a pain, stick with her and ignore your Icees. They were okay, but Sheik REALLY seemed better. Samurai, that Pikachu of yours is some scary stuff. I know I ***** in Marth dittos, but you're REALLY good. I suggest sticking with Pika for a majority of your matches, including against my Marth.

DippnDots - We gotta play more. You're like, what, twenty minutes away from me and my friends?

Viperboy - Next time, I can handle the shouting if you want. You smoke, so don't hurt your throat when I spent years yelling at people in band.

Deku - DAYUM your Marth rapes. I really wanna play more with you to hopefully pick up on some of your awesomeness.

Zjiin - I REALLY don't know how I pulled out those wins in pools. Probably just luck. Gotta play you again sometime.

NES Noob - You're quite the cool cat. Wish we played more when I was more awake to be witty with you.

DarkRain - You're the best Falcon. I have no doubts now.

Viperboy - If Chip and I hadn't JUST gotten back from McDonald's, totally would've taken you up on the IHOP thing.

Tink - lol Doctor Mario

Sliq/Jiano - Team Friendlies were fun. Really hope to see you guys at more tourneys, as you're hilarious.

Khepri - And here I almost challenged you to a MM. Jeez, you is too good.

SpaceBalls - That Samus is quite the scary space-*****. Oh, and your analysis on Gurren Lagann is absolutely accurate.

Guy I played a bunch of times (you used Falco) - I think you knew Dippn. If this is true, we must play more as well.

GGs to everyone I played, and I hope to see ALL of you at Middle of Ohio VI. C'mon, what else COULD you be doing?


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Sep 27, 2006
Cbus, Ohio
Spaceballs: Seriously dude, hell hath no fury like your samus

WGS: I dont think we got to play much, we must remedy this ;...;

KSO: Good **** in pools dude, I still feel bad about winning on brinstar >_>

Khepri: Thanks for all the friendlies man, I hope I wasn't boring ya

Zjinn: Your icies made me SLIP UP (tough crowd). I can't remember exactly what but I'm pretty sure you owned me with the blizzard more than a couple times

to everyone i played against: I LEARNED SO MUCH from this tournament, thanks guys. Maybe someday i'll be able to teach you a thing or two :D


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Jan 13, 2006
I got distracted during the finals because Kels looks exactly like Ameer and I thought I was in some sort of parallel dimension.


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Jan 13, 2006
Here is Ameer with some moderate photoshopping:


Alos, the joke is Ameer skipped a Melee tournament a while back to go to a Yugioh tournament. What a fro.

down b lol


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Jun 25, 2008
Kels. You watched Sliq play. That is why nobody wanted you to win.

PS: Check out Kels88's sig.

Where is the trophy being displayed? Better be somewhere good.


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Sep 4, 2006
St. Louis MO
fun tourney...

sry if i was rude to ppl i lost to hahah. i had very close sets with everyone.

also I like phatgamer that is all.

jeff all dai son

Ray Chun

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Nov 2, 2008
kels, you beat everyone who could possibly root for you. this ain't the nba where you got big ***** cheerleaders for your team. good job on teams too. khepri and kels=too good

I like how Matt's become a darkrain counter. LOL. i wonder how matt would do against SS.

damian, zicore, and tink need to man up. i expect better.


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Dec 9, 2004
Charleston Illinois
great games to all, had a wonderful time, everything was smooth and congrats to all those with top placings, especially kels/khepri in singles and doubles, great job to both of you

peef - awesome venue choice and the tourney ran very well. im sure i don't speak alone when i say i'd come back for another POE. glad to hear you're enjoying your new family (i use this term when speaking of the smash community becuase we're not just a community anymore, we're all friends). thanks for the ShamWOW, its officially my new smash mascot.

Radovich brothers and the champaign crew - great to see all of you, as always. had good matches with all of you, great job in teams deku, you guys pretty much shut us down.
Tom, great job in our singles pools, they were really fun matches, your falcon is always fun to play
Matt, i have to say that was the most ridiculous ending to a set that i've ever seen in my tournament career. it was truely heads up for the last 5 seconds of the 3rd game, and really fun all the way up until then. can't wait to play you guys again.

tink/chicago crew - again, fun times to all, thanks for coming and for staying at my place last night. had some good times, though i wasn't exactly on top of my game at the end. oh, and tink, your doc is an *******.

kels and kephri, again congrats on your placings for both singles and doubles, keep up the good work guys.

darkrain/crew - i didn't relize how many attendants you brought to the tournament until we were doing pools and attempting to do crew seperations. good shiz you guys, always great to see the western part of the midwest represent.

oh, and darkrain, i feel you had my number in singles, but don't worry about it, though we didn't play, you ***** the **** outta me in friendlies pre-tourney, haha.

peace ya'll


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Jan 20, 2009
Springfield, IL
Peef/bunbun/viperboy/sorry if I missed you- TY for running an awesome tournament.

Master/chip - it was nice playing with you guys and especially nice playing with people who could joke around, I will definitely start using "she said that" Chip, your game and watch is legit if I haven't told you like 10 times at the tourney. WGS, yea, your marth was pretty much unstoppable for me, and once I heard you were in my pool I was like ****.

IHSB - nice controller, pink lights are the way to go IMO. And it was nice talkin to ya.

tomacawk/guy - we had quite an adventure on the way there.

Kels - I'm glad I got to play some friendlies with someone as good as you. If/when we play again, I WILL beat you in pika dittos. Gratz on singles, gratz on doubles, and gratz on warming up with a pika main, a yoshi main, and a first time tourney attendee(none of us even close to your level of skill) for and hour or so and still playing like a pro.

Everyone waiting on the videos, I'm sorry but I have a bunch of homework to do tonight, but I promise, some vids will be synced and put up tomorrow(unless my lap top gets stolen/dropped/ran over or watever(knock on wood))


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Jan 13, 2006
Whatever. No Johns

And why does it seem like no one wanted me to win this?
That's weird, the serious business train is here a little bit earlier than expected...



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Jul 6, 2006
Bug City
Raychun, I didn't enter. No money.

GG's to anyone I played in friendlies. Darkrain is too good. Kels cheats. Viperboy's was top tier. Car ride in back seat was bottom tier.


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Nov 4, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
awesome tournament, peef. good **** dude. (and bun bun :p)
I had a lot of fun. Need more sleep next time 0___o. that was painful.

GGs to all. Shoutouts for people I remember at the moment ( still tired from getting back at 5:30am and having to go to work at 10:30am johns :()

Vro - u kno u mah boy. ur getting too good man...I can't keep up with you
Joe - ur sheik is getting 222good 0___o can't stop that ****
Zicore - good friendlies dude, sucks that you couldn't enter 0__o
Jesse - didn't get to play you, but it was fun powering up with you
Tink - you fcking wayne
zjiin - dammit i forgot to get our money match in before we left again -_-
cosmo - ur awesome. It's always fun to see you at tournaments
Cykofox - sorry we didn't get to play some friendlies, but at least I got to play you in teams
Darkrain - 222good man. your falcon is as beastly as I expected. Good ****.
tomacawk - I hate fox dittos too man. good pools matches and team friendlies dude
illboyzeus - haha dude your marth destroyed my fox in that one match we had before darkrain showed me how to gentlemen 0___o lolll. doubles matches were fun dude
Dippndots - good friendlies man, you have a solid ganon. fcking brinstar man lOLL
khepri - fallllllcooooonnnnn!!!! you are always a blast to play against, even though you are a lot better than me. good **** getting 3rd in singles and 1st in doubles.
Kels - I hope you didn't take any of my trash talking seriously. you seemed like you were mad at me for a while 0___o lolllll good **** winning everything LOL
errodactyl - ur peach is dum
deku - ur fox and marth are really good. I will try and do better against you next time :p
jiano - DK on pokefloats?? lollll squirtle gimps harder than battlefield LOLL. i still can't believe you had such a good comeback that match. good ****.
wig - haha I will lose the next time we play guitar hero because I probably won't play at all from now until then which means I will get so much worse LOL. but we will see i might still money match you again
ray chun - you scrub come to tournaments
kso great wobs!!!

Anyone I missed, sorry...

good **** to everyone.

Ray Chun

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Nov 2, 2008
Raychun, I didn't enter. No money.

GG's to anyone I played in friendlies. Darkrain is too good. Kels cheats. Viperboy's was top tier. Car ride in back seat was bottom tier.
dang, my bad dude.


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Jan 28, 2005
You need to change your location to something that
*high five* to everyone at this shiet. Especially Sliq who payed for my teams entry and carried us to 3rd. Even though I did have to read that obnoxiously long chapter to him, which resulted in my throat getting owned.

DK is too fun to use. I found out that taking a Falcon to MK2 is a terrible idea(damn you Khepri and Marth1).


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Feb 5, 2008
Chicago, Illinois
yo lovage theres vids of sliq beating everybody lol

this was a great time, thanks PEEF for holding this and driving us for food and giving us housing!

tinkkkkk cmon bring it back!!!

zeus wow lol good stuff

sliq thanks for the ride and for the entertaining journey through losers bracket

pikachad good stuff man 5th place with pika! :pikachu2: ill ban corneria next time lol

matt, phatgamer, souroush: ggs in pools

handorin: truly epic team, i applaud you

darkrain: ggs

juke: man i always play you in tournament. it got pretty **** close this time, i got a lucky dsmash tipper lol

bigd: good talkin to ya

jiano: story time! (zjiin do you have this? upload it asap)

kels & khepri: chicagooo

nes noob: nice teamin


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Jun 25, 2008
Souroush has fantastic commentary. BunBun and It was OK. Ive got all the matches combined and organized and ready to be sent to whoever is putting it with the video.

Souroush + Sliq = Best midwestern commentary combo possible.



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Jun 9, 2003
St, Joseph, MO
anyone that heard me say that there wasn't going to be another ks tourney ignore that, somethings in the works, details within the week!

good tourney. more midwest should have come :(


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Feb 15, 2006
Brazil, SouThSidE!
Sorry I couldn't make this. I really wanted to play but knowing my luck, had i shown up, I wouldn't even have made it out of pools by losing a three way tie. Or worse yet, be put in a pool with Khepri and Kels again.

[real shoutouts later][:(]


Nov 10, 2005
Southaven, Mississippi
Souroush has fantastic commentary. BunBun and It was OK. Ive got all the matches combined and organized and ready to be sent to whoever is putting it with the video.

Souroush + Sliq = Best midwestern commentary combo possible.

I did some commentary, I've never done commentary though so apologies if it was terrible =P


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Jun 24, 2008
Burbank, IL
kels - i think it was unfair that you were blaming me for driving the longer way back considering you were the one who told me to take a left earlier on. either way, thanks for the ride, I appreciate it very much. if I get my car before MoH I might drive there so hit me up.

zeus - you're funny and chilled out. hopefully we can team again sometime in the future when i'm better.

kehpri - mexicans **** smash. modern day isai.

crazy dude with sheik, luigi - lol nice friendlies. hopefully i can play you sometime in the future.

jace - I like your falcon, plus you use blue.

dekuskrub - no one ***** me harder in matches than you.

nes noob - see above.

sliq - you were looking very slik at this tourny. im sorry kels, but i secretly wanted his link to beat you. i like upsets, plus link is sex.
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