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Modesto & Tracy or anywhere in centralvalley or west valley smash scene


Smash Apprentice
Jan 12, 2019
Modesto CA
This thread is for anybody who is living in the central valley and looking for smash tournaments nearby there are a few tournament listings that i can help you out with at Modesto there is Terrashock Gaming monthlies where they will be hosted at the Mchenrybowl and the tournament is Fair fights! and they are on there 45th installment.

There is also a fairly new tournament series titled Fully charged which they are on there 5th installment is an event hosted every 2 weeks and it is hosted at the play live nation in Tracy. I hope to make this a thread where people can not only discuss this but also show other tournaments around in this area.


Smash Rookie
Sep 12, 2019
Hey we just opened a gaming lounge in Los Banos and we host weekly local Smash Ultimate tournaments Saturdays at 5pm. We are getting 5 complete GameCube consoles this week, so we are planning on starting Melee tournaments as well!
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