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Beige Mage

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May 10, 2017
Savannah, GA
What would you choose if you could copy and paste every attack in your Mii fighter's repertoire? I'm talking tilts, smashes, specials, grabs... the works! Bonus points for specifying other stats like fall speed.

Dash Attack: Palutena
Jab: Robin
F Tilt: Meta Knight
Up Tilt: Jiggly Puff
Down Tilt: Joker
F Smash: Mega Man
Up Smash: Mario
Down Smash: K Rool
Neutral Air: ROB
F Air: Luigi
Up Air: Mii Gunner
Down Air: Cloud
Neutral Spcl: Kirby
Side Spcl: Banjo
Up Spcl: Bowser Jr.
Down Spcl: Bayonetta
Grab: Samus
Pummel: Peach
F Throw: Falco
Back Throw: Ness
Up Throw: Charizard
Down Throw: K Rool
Side Taunt: Meta Knight
Up Taunt: Bayonetta
Down Taunt: Zelda
Final Smash: Inkling


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Feb 24, 2019
Battle Ground, WA
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Every attack? That's a lot to think about. I've thought of this in the past and how cool it would be, a lot like Emerl in Sonic Battle, but I haven't put the time into a move by move breakdown.

Off the top of my head...

N Special: :ultzelda:'s shield
S Special: :ultbowser:'s claw (though Flame Choke is really tempting :ultganondorf:)
U Special: :ultzelda:'s telefrag
D Special: :ultdaisy:'s turnips

Maybe I'll come back and think on this some more later.


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Nov 11, 2016
Here is mine

Dash Attack: :ultvillager:
Jab: :ultpikachu:
F Tilt: :ultgnw:
Up Tilt: :ultivysaur:
Down Tilt: :ultkingdedede:
F Smash: :ultpichu:
Up Smash: :ultsnake:
Down Smash: :ultmegaman:
Neutral Air: :ultpikachu:
F Air: :ultzelda:
Up Air: :ultlink:
Down Air: :ultbayonetta:
Neutral Spcl: :ultzelda:
Side Spcl: :ultike:
Up Spcl: :ultsnake:
Down Spcl: :ultpichu:
Grab: :ultlink:
Pummel: :ultrosalina:
F Throw: :ultpeach:
Back Throw: :ultsquirtle:
Up Throw: :ultjigglypuff:
Down Throw: :ultsnake:
Side Taunt: :ultshulk:
Up Taunt: :ulttoonlink:
Down Taunt: :ultyounglink:
Final Smash: :ultmegaman:


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Nov 27, 2014
New Orleans
Jab: :ultchrom:
Forward tilt: :ultrichter:
Down tilt: :ultcloud:
Up tilt: :ultfox:
Forward smash: :ultmario:
Down smash: :ultrosalina:
Up smash: :ultdoc:
Neutral air: :ultchrom:
Forward air: :ultrichter:
Down air: :ultmario:
Back air: :ultcloud:
Up air: :ultivysaur:
Pummel: :ultlucario:
Forward throw: :ultbowser:
Down throw: :ultmario:
Back throw: :ultincineroar:
Up throw: :ultmewtwo:

Neutral special: :ultdoc: - Having a projectile that could combo into any normal or aerial is just too good to pass up.

Side special: :ultroy: - A damage-racking tool that can be used in various situations and kill at like, 80%? Yes, please.

Down special: :ultrichter: - Nothing needs to be said about Holy Water that hasn’t already been said.

Up special: :ultpikachu: - You’ll never get gimped and you get to turn your brain off and use it offensively. Sounds like a nice deal to me.

Run speed: :ultsonic: - Self-explanatory.
Walk speed: :ultmarth: - Equally self-explanatory.
Air mobility: :ultjigglypuff: - See above.
Falling speed: :ultjoker: - Joker’s falling speed feels pretty good. Not so fast that it hinders recovery but not so slow that it makes it hard to land.
Jump height: :ultfalco: - Doesn’t get any better than Falco when it comes to jumping. Unless Luigi jumps higher?
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