Mister Eric and DC Signed By Haven eSports!

Any readers that frequently watch the Xanadu streams each week will probably be familiar with Mister Eric. His strong R.O.B. play has caught the attention of Haven eSports and will now be playing for the organization! He joins DC who was also recently signed on for his commentary skills as Smash representatives on the team. They created a small highlight video to go along with Mister Eric's announcement, check it out!

To give them congratulations or keep up on their newly sponsored work be sure to follow Mister Eric and DC on Twitter. For future updates on Haven eSports be sure to check them out on Twitter as well. To keep up on all Smash players being signed be sure to keep an eye on Smashboards for future news content!


o ....,.,... o HELL YEAH MISTER ERIC
|| ([ ^u^] ||
| | _//
. ¯ | | ¯
. / ¯_¯\
. VvV
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This is the first time I hear of him, but after watching that highlight reel, he has an amazing ROB. Good luck to him!

Now I know I must watch out for the gyro setups, I never saw them before and they seem scary.
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