Mii Brawler Ledge Trap + IMO Optimal Moveset


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Nov 28, 2005
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Pretty simple stuff, but something I thought should be more clearly defined for future potential Brawlers.

The build relies heavily on 1222, though technically works with just 122X

As for why:

First off, Shotput is pretty much mandatory. The other neutral specials are just plain useless.

Similar with Burning dropkick. Which just has so many uses. Great for edgeguarding, recovering, returning to neutral, and actually shares optimal positioning with shotput.

And again, Helicopter Kick pairs beautifully with Shotput. As Shotput punishes low recoveries, whereas Helicopter kick punishes high ones. And again, shares optimal positioning with shotput.

Finally, Feint Jump. Which largely remedies the poor recovery of Helikick. But also gives us a decent anti-zoner tool, and ledge return mix-up. Which will be very necessary due to the trap's nature that I'll go into now:

===The Trap===

Again, Very Basic and simple, but effective trap.

The ideal positioning is one which lets Shotput just barely not bounce on the ledge. (Around ledge roll point) Letting it cover 2-frames, low recoveries, and the actual ledge hangs of opponents after they've grabbed ledge. (And ledge roll and certain rising options)

This forces opponents to take their options more immediately. And largely discourages ledge drop/rising options due to just how much shotput covers. It doesn't kill, but it's low committal enough to be thrown out often, and then mixed up from.

From this positioning, our other two specials cover the other options PERFECTLY.

Helicopter Kick covers Roll, and Get-up Attack on Reaction (And certain aggressive rising aerials OOS) As well as Ledge Jump. But it'd have to be a read.

Now, to punish ledge jump like this is a pretty big risk since you need to drift to grab ledge on failure. But this is why Dropkick and Feint Kick to better mix up our ledge returns are necessary.

Dropkick cancels our ledge jump momentum, and drifts back to ledge if it hits shield. Making it extremely safe, and hits SUPER deep on stage.

The only answer to it is to stuff out it's startup, which feint kick can either avoid, or punish.

It's honestly one of the best ledge return options in the game, which mitigates the cost of losing stage control by trying to Helicopter Kick Ledge Jumps.

As for Standard: Dropkick beautifully works from this exact position as an on-reaction punish.

It's safe* on shield (Even the fastest characters can only dash grab) and kills at higher percent.

Though due to how late it kills, you will need to mix things up a bit, depending on percent.

Dash shield can let you usmash oos on reaction.(And cover get-up attack, rising options, etc) Though I like Dash Downsmash Charge due to killing earlier, being easier to time, and covering roll.

So overall, it definitely feels like Brawler's most consistent, potent killing option. Everything else is kinda janky, or just kills too late. (Soaring Axe Kick)
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