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Metronome and Training Regiment Thread


Smash Rookie
Mar 8, 2014
I was experimenting with a metronome on my SansaClip+ and I've came to estimated values for the fastest I can reasonably input certain ATs and attacks with Sheik for speed training. I thought other people may find them useful.

Wavedashing: 180bpm
Up Tilt: 136bpm
Forward Tilt: 132bpm
Down Tilt: 127bpm
ACFair: 110bpm
Jab: 138bpm
NeedleCancel: 126bpm (± 2 beats)

If you try these out, please leave a reply if you think they should be increased or decreased or if you have some more values to add.

Other discussion, post some of your own training regiments for Sheik.


Smash Lord
Feb 22, 2014
Bellevue, WA
The traditional means of determining how quickly you can push inputs for different actions is to look up frame data. There are 60 frames per second in Melee/PM (true for all but S4 3DS I think, but that's irrelevant). I haven't actually checked to see how accurate your findings were, but you can use PM Sheik's frame data thread if you wish to.

That said, while it may not be the most effective in finding these values (frame data is found by hacking into the game and copying it straight from what the coding tells us the values are), using a metronome to practice inputs with short frame windows would probably be the most reliable method I've heard of. I'll probably give this a go huhu.

It's a bit unrelated, but iirc KirbyKaze suggested implementing another aspect of music practice into tech practice before lol.
(the repetition of sequences of tech, imitating the rudimentary practice needed for learning a difficult song...bar-by-bar, section-by-section, until you've worked your way through learning the whole thing. I'd link it, but I don't remember what he titled it as >___> anyhow, point is....#MusiciansMasterRace)
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