Meta Knight changes for "Giving Smash Bros Some Love"


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Oct 22, 2017
Hi, I'm a modder in this community and I am currently working on a project called the "Giving Smash Bros Some Love: A Community Balance Project" and am currently working on Meta Knight. The whole point of this mod is to tweak characters to what the community wants and publish it.

I have ideas on what I want to do with Meta Knight, but I would like to first ask for the general thoughts of the people here. My main idea is to change this character so where his gameplay isn't so linear. Fishing for a dash attack in the neutral at any given opportunity gets stale after a while and to fix this I would personally like to change what his kit revolves around. Seeing as this would be controversial I would like the opinions of everyone here.

My idea is in no way to nerf him, instead, I am looking to expand his kit into something where his approach options are not as linear, as well as buffing other options to make up for the fact that his dash attack won't be his primary way for securing kills.
Jul 15, 2015
Make his Usmash be able to hit short characters. If you walk up to any short character and you Usmash, it whiffs. sometimes in even medium sized characters. fix that.

Make second hit of Up-B connect more consistently by decreasing the aerial versions knock-back growth on the first hit a little.

If you side-b, the move ends and you didn't hit the side of the stage, MK cant grab the ledge for about 40-50 frames. make it so he can grab ledge.

Finally, make the top of MKs head have a hitbox when he uairs, so Uairing too late doesnt become a constant issue.

This in my opinion is how MK should be completed without his metagame changing too drastically.
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